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LETTER TO THE EDITOR:  Obama is a fraud, a traitor and a criminal deviant!

In response to the guest editorial, on Dec. 19th, by Neil Sankey, entitled:  And they always told us to Question Authority!

December 21, 2009

Dear Editor,

Thank you Mr. Sankey!

With news that Obama and his "Democratic Party" adherents will push through Deathcare, against the will of 61% of the American people, the rage on the streets against Obama is palpable. (Poster carried at the 9-12 Tea Party Protest, in Washington. D.C.).

You have proven yourself a patriot. We must be “ever vigilant.”  After 13 months of daily blogging, research and observations, I am convinced that Barack Hussein Obama is a fraud, a traitor and a criminal deviant.

He is a radical Muslim supremacist who has associated with and continues to associate with some of the world’s worse criminals. Obama is the “Don” of the “Muslim Mafia”. All world despots have a point at which their respective reigns of terror starts. Obama is overtly anti-American. He supports communistic, socialists, islamo-nazi attempts to undermine democracy.  Obama should have been arrested many months ago.

I, myself, do not mince words.I have spoken my mind about Obama, holding nothing back, filing various charges against him, participating in citizen’s grand juries.I have written hundreds of thousands of words on Topix, Newsvine, Fox Nation, Buffalo News and any other blog or news media commentary that I could get involved in. I have written online at Australia TO and Pravda. Obama is disqualified to be the President of the United States.

There must be a very large cabal of co-conspirators protecting him from arrest or from facing the music. This is a conspiracy of epic proportions. The United States has been usurped. I was “Conceived in liberty.” I want the blessings of liberty for our posterity as did our founders. The founding brothers wanted something special.  One nation under God. Every generation is obligated to and entrusted with doing their part to defend, even to death, what many have already done over the last 233 years, sacrificed their lives and blood and “Sacred duty.”

Obama may be popular but so was Hitler. Obama, at this time is being restricted a bit by the intense public scrutiny that is being placed on him by people like Mr. Sankey. Obama continues to have his anti-American agenda, however, it is being somewhat stifled and controlled by public scrutiny and pressure.  As time passes and Obama becomes more insulated, by his “in his pocket” media and hired criminal “czars,” his actions will become more flagrant and offensive.

The key to stop this is to nip it in the bud. Eric Holder MUST appoint a special prosecutor to try Obama upon the charges already filed against him.  Namely, treason and federal election fraud. Along with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others, Obama MUST be arrested and tried. He is a usurper. He is a criminal deviant miscreant traitor to all we hold dear as Americans. I am sure that the race card will be played. That is a gimmick, a political correctness ploy. The fact remains that, regardless of whether Obama is Black, White (or Green, for that matter), he is a criminal fraud and traitor.

Here , at this point in history, December 21, 2009, those of us who live now MUST take our responsibilities to preserve the republic, very seriously. I will continue to fight Obama in everything he does. Whether what he does is positive (actually improving our lot in life) or negative, Obama is NOT qualified or authorized to sign any bills or “do” anything in the capacity of President of the United States.

Action MUST be taken. Obama is a Machiavellian prevaricator. He is a facade behind which his cabalist puppeteers control him. We are at a turning point. We will NOT have a New World Order or a giving up of sovereignty, as Obama leads us to, IF we fight back. We must get off our collective arses and we must give up any apathetic desires to live and let live or to see what happens if we do nothing. “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  I have collected close to ten thousand links and articles regarding Obama. The majority of them point to the fact that Obama is NOT who he claims he is.  And, he certainly is NOT the President of the United States.


Robert C. Laity
Founder and President

Society for the Preservation of Democracy and Human Rights
43 Mosher Drive
Tonawanda, NY 14150-5217
(716) 693-1630

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  1. Kamala Harris is now in the spotlight as the nation’s most current usurper and fraud. Stay tuned for the findings in U.S., ex rel, Robert C. Laity v. Purported Vice-President Kamala Devi Harris, USSCt. Case # 20-1503. It will be going to conference on May 27, 2021.

  2. Ten year later, Obama is still walking around free. That is bad for our nation. The 2020 elections are in the wing and we still have ineligible candidates running for OUR Presidency. I am outraged! Arrest Obama now. Obama is a usurper, fraud traitor and spy. The evidence has been gathered in the last ten years since I wrote the above letter. It is an immutable and incontrovertible fact that Obama usurped the Presidency by fraud with the help of Nancy Pelosi. McCain was also ineligible. The 2008,2012,2016 elections had fraudulent candidates running. They were Obama, McCain, Cruz,Rubio and Jindal. Now in 2020, it is happening again. Now we have Harris and Gabbard attempting to commit the same crimes that Obama committed in 2008 and 2012, a crime he THINKS he got away with. This is of national security import and those public officials and authorities who deny this and do nothing are guilty of nonfeasance in office and complicity with treason and espionage.

  3. Roy Moore isn’t a coward, yet he’s not a practicing judge anymore. However, maybe he knows some judges that are not cowards and love this country.

  4. I agree with all of you, he needs to be arrested and tried for treason along with all his other co-conspirators. How to do it, and who will lead an actual physical charge on DC is the question. There is so much fear out there it reminds me of the past when people said “better red than dead” which is bull. I am willing to die for this country any time, anywhere. So who will lead us and where is the one honest judge?

  5. The Law of Nations…..The natives or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As a society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, this child naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.

    The U.S. Constitution. To define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations.

  6. And what about all those politicians that signed up on Orly’s Facebook? What are they doing? Are they going to help her and try to get the country back on track? NO!!!! It’s nonsense….prove me wrong, I’d LOVE to be wrong!!!!


    Mr. Charlton replies: Live Oak, if you use Face Book and know you way around it, could you please send me a list of all those politicians who signed up as Orly’s friends, as I would like to work on a mailing list to the few politicians who might still believe in liberty.

    1. Mr. Charlton,
      I would never use Facebook, and I don’t know my way around it at all. I’ve never even used a cell phone. I refuse! lol. You can find all that info though on Orly’s website in the archives….just scroll to the bottom of the page and click where it says “keep looking” . It’s all there.

  7. Mr.Laity, I’ve been fighting this thing since last October when no one was listening. We are going to have a second revolution; it’s way overdue. I will NEVER EVER give up. It’s not in my vocabulary, however my fellow Americans are way too complacent. I’m fed up with all the talking and the wringing of hands. We should go to DC….the entire country…and stay there in the streets and DEMAND Kenya Boy show his vital papers, DEMAND Holder to step out of the way. They are all corrupt. Do you think they’re going to do their jobs? He’s covering for the Black Panthers and they’re STILL funding ACORN. It will never be over until we do this ourselves. The entire government is corrupt…you can count the patriots on one hand and McCain isn’t one of them.

  8. I’m all for it Mr. Laity, but Holder won’t do a thing. He has the same mentality and world view as Kenya Boy. EVERYTHING is corrupt….the judiciary, especially the Supreme Court; Roberts is a spineless yellow coward ….the Congress, etc. etc. They should all be arrested imho.
    .We have to do this ourselves.

  9. Is There Any Judge Who Isn’t A Coward?

    Chicago politics is operating true to form. There is nothing about America, our culture, our traditions, our Christian/Judeo based social principles that are sacred to these looting, bullying thugs who come from a 6th class background. This is the price America is paying for its stupidity in choosing to ignore all the red flags about this fake when they were being raised in 2008. This is the price lame stream media is making us pay for their biased, lying astral puke journalism.

    They (the media, supreme court, most of the judges who threw out the eligibility cases based upon “standing”, all of Congress when they failed to demand eligibility proof January 8, 2009, the electoral college, and the rest of the pack who pretended Obama was legitimate) KNEW THEY WERE GUILTY THE FIRST TIME THEY CHOSE TO IGNORE THE CHALLENGE OF BARRY SOTOERO’S ELIGIBILITY.

    My question is by how much more crime, treason, and looting does America have to be victimized by this illegal government before we finally take action to stop this. Is Pastor Manning right when he says the Communism take over is almost complete? Are there no people of power who still love America enough to organize the rest of the patriotic citizens who are crying in agony over these abuses to arrest Barry and Evita Obama?
    What about Cheney, Rumsfeld, and many powerful others? Can they not find one–just one–judge to take the legal steps necessary to give the Marines the authority to arrest this gang?