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by Neil Sankey, formerly of Scotland Yard

At one time voters elected men of proven reputation. Above, Chief Justice Frederick Vinson administers the oath of office to Dwight Eisenhower as President Harry Truman (far left) looks on, 1953 - United Press. (c/o. Library of Congress)

(Dec. 19, 2009) — For the past year and a half, I have worked endlessly for answers to questions that should have been voluntarily answered. Questions to which we, still, do not know the answers.

Just like this very day, we Americans seem, some reluctantly, to allow our Government to pass into law a Bill which no one has read and few have even seen, if in fact it even exists! —  Even though the Health Care Reform Bill will control everyone’s ability to provide health care for themselves and even their loved ones — Unbelievable!

I also found it unbelievable that, back then (in 2008), we were about to elect a man to the Office of President of The United States who was actively concealing from us who he really was!  I still find that incredible!, and we still have not learned. The hypnotized masses remain at least partially hypnotized, although there may yet be signs of intelligent life.

It was so apparent that we were being very badly misguided by our Mainstream Media, It was so obvious they were not going to do their job. It even became obvious that there were certain eligibility subjects that even the rightwing talk radio would not discuss, AND STILL WILL NOT!

I had to find out what was so taboo, and why.

They are all quick enough to tell us that we have “The Finest” Security Agencies…… “The Finest” FBI, CIA, POLICE, etc in the WORLD, yet here we were laying ourselves open to the ultimate subterfuge, and NO ONE WAS INVESTIGATING.

When I first started out on this quest in the last half of last year, there was much information out there to be found and plenty of places to look. Now, unfortunately, it is all scrubbed and corrupted beyond recognition. It is amazing what they have achieved, although certainly nothing to be proud of. Public records pages have been destroyed, articles hacked and erased, miles of blogs and even Public Record information has disappeared.  Bogus replacement pages have been inserted, diverters, root kits and viruses etc, it is horrendous. All in the cause of disrupting, confusing, or totally concealing THE TRUTH! Well I hope they are proud of what they have wrought upon us, it is getting worse daily.

Hawaii is a good example, had experienced investigators gone there early on they would have been able to lay hands on those records without much effort, and there would have been lots of corroborative evidence available from other, independent sources around the Island. Municipal records and documents would still have been findable and so would people willing to talk. Not so now, the “Goons” have been there and done an excellent job.

What I really cannot understand, and what causes me personally so much pain, is the total lack of, what’s the FBI motto? “FIDELITY, BRAVERY and INTEGRITY”??  Well where has that gone?

Amongst Government, State, Federal and even City “OFFICIALS”……….. Almost NO-ONE, has stood up and fought for the side of INTEGRITY. Those few that are brave enough to stand up have been ridiculed and derided mercilessly.

I just do not understand this, where is the “guts” of the CIA, FBI, all the Police Agencies, don’t they CARE about the People, the Constitution, the Country?

There ARE, UNDOUBTEDLY, many “OFFICIALS” out there who know the answers to our many questions, so why do they not come forward? Don’t they recall who really employs them?  There are many who could find the answers and use evidence properly for the purpose of prosecution of those guilty in this horrific charade. WHY DON’T THEY, no guts?…. I cannot believe that but it sure looks that way at the moment. They, our previously entrusted “Officials”, can hear, see and feel, daily, the harm being caused by this gang of Chicago Thugs and their Marxist cronies, the UNELECTED Czars.

WHY ARE WE / THEY ALLOWING THIS TO CONTINUE??…..are we really backing away from their thuggery? We shall all be very sorry if that is the case.

I am quite sure that there IS, or certainly should be, sufficient material in the past “Confidential Files” of that crowd to bring this all out in the open.

WHATS UP WITH YOU GUYS?  From the Chief Justice on down, maybe you should all take a half day and re-read the CONSTITUTION, then re-read your Oaths of Office that you respectively took, think about why you are there. Maybe look directly at your children as you do it.

It is NOT to protect Mr. Obama and his cronies personally that you are in a position of Authority.  YOU are there to protect THE CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES and the OFFICE of the (lawful) PRESIDENCY. Don’t you really want to know whether your President is at least ELIGIBLE to do the job, now that you have seen what he can do, don’t you at least think his eligibility and his motivation are relevant factors.

If there still exist doubts as to where loyalties should lie, I would recommend an article,  “WHAT OATHS MEANT TO THE FRAMERS’ GENERATION:” A Preliminary Sketch by Judge William Enfield Professor of Law in the University of Arkansas. (See a review online.)

It is very clear to me that it is well past time some of these “elevated officials” did their job, lowered their haughty countenances and listened to “We the People,” READ what we have sent you and ASK some questions without derisively dismissing us as ignorant peasants.  — WE ARE NOT! as you will, perhaps, find.

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  1. I have said for over a year, “wait for next shoe to drop”. Since then, there’s been so many “shoes dropping” that it’s no wonder that they’re throwing them at politicians.
    Anyhow, Soros is probably a key to it all. Sure, Obama wants to have some “notches in his gun belt” for the history books and that’s what “ObamaCare”, Global Warming, and “saving the economy” are to be for him, but I really don’t think Obama is any more than a puppet of Soros, Rockefeller, Brzinsky (spelled wrong), and the like that want a one-world government.
    I don’t know if they believe their rhetoric of a one-world government being like Star Trek where all the world’s problems are solved so we have nothing better than to play around in space or that they just want to rule the world, the ultimate power trip! If anybody is falling for this idea of a one-world government (even if they haven’t read prophecy about the anti-Christ), do they really think some guy or group of “elites” are wise enough to take care of individuals like me and you better than we can take care of ourselves? No, they’ll consider us the “masses” and treat us as cattle, to be USED for their whims.
    Yes, Obama (Obummer) and the way people have been mesmerized by him has been scary but I’m glad to see people pulling their heads out of the sand (or elsewhere) and maybe his narcissism won’t be able to handle his lack of doing anything worthwhile and somebody with power will get rid of him for us.

  2. Neil,

    Thank you for your insightful editorial. After reading it though, I must say that my hope of discovering the truth is beginning to diminish. You are in effect say that the records of O’s footprint have either been destroyed or are so compromised they are meaningless and any effort to obtain them is an excerise in futility. I must now question the veracity of the bits of information I have been able to obtain thus far.

    If this is true, the ramifications are huge. It means we have crossed the line between a free and democratic republic to a tyrannical dictatorship. The big problem is that it is happening right under our nose and the majority of the public is either in denial, does not care, or are openly supportive. Democracy, limited government, free markets? That was so yesterday. Senators Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu exemplify the new mantra “What’s in it for me?”

    Unless we unite in revolt, the 2010 election will be the tombstone for fair and open elections and a likelihood of a Presidential election in 2012 is iffy at best.

  3. Great article Mr. Sankey! Your questions have been my questions and probably the same for millions of Americans. My personal belief is that Obama would not have been elected if it hadn’t been for the covering up by the drive-by media, and the voter fraud committed by Acorn, as well as the thuggery used by SEIU should anyone ask the wrong kind of questions or say anything contrary about Obama (remember Joe the Plumber?). The media’s obvious negative reporting against McCain/Palin also contributed, I think.

    I also tend to believe that George Soros is one of the main characters behind Obama. Soros has wanted to take this country down for quite a while, and MoveOn.org raises its ugly head everytime a piece of legislation is being passed that isn’t radical enough for their tastes, such as the Healthcare bill now without the public option. Seeing how quickly this country is spiraling downwards, they must have been working years to put everything into place for the right opportunity when the ‘progressives’ finally got majority in government.

    What’s surprising is that all this has happened right under our noses and we didn’t see a thing. Most don’t follow politics. Until the campaign, I was also guilty of not being interested in politics. However, it didn’t take long to see that this ‘new guy’ in the arena was obviously scary, and I didn’t trust him. His lies were so blaringly blatant. Why didn’t others see that?

    Has anyone questioned how quickly all those thousands upon thousands of pages of bills were written? One doesn’t do that overnight, so you have a ask if they have been pre-written and hidden (maybe for years?) waiting for the right time to bring them out for vote? Who has been writing all this legislation?