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by John Charlton

Obama's  psychological stability will being to crumble more and more, as fewer and fewer continue to listen to him.
Obama's psychological stability will begin to crumble more and more, as fewer and fewer continue to listen to him.

(Dec. 17, 2009) — The Post & Email featured an exposé on Obama’s politics of fraud today, wherein he claims one thing and works for the opposite agenda.

Last night during his interview on ABC with Gibson, Obama was up to his old tricks.  Desperate that his Health Care Bill might die in the Senate, he threw a childish tantrum, threatening the nation that if the Health Care Bill is not passed the Federal Government will “go  bankrupt”!

Not a word that the massive spending increases he has pushed through in 2009 early doubling the national debt; the Health Care Bill included.

Obama is desperate.  The Health Care Bill has nothing to do with preventing the increase of the Federal debt.  It has everything to do with causing it.

It likewise has nothing to do with solving the health care problem, it has everything to do with imposing his power upon every individual and creating a pretext to deny care and thus murder anyone in the country.

Noted doctors have come forward and said that with Obama Care life expectancy will fall for all Americans.  Rationed health care means death.  I can testify to it personally, since I had a good friend, who was an M.D., but who lived in Europe where medicine is rationed, die this year because they scheduled his heart check up 3 days too late!

Socialized medicine is nothing but state control over life and death, and it results in the deaths of 10’s of thousands annually in each country where it is imposed, out of sheer bureaucratic negligence.

Eric Zimmermin of TheHill.com reported Obama’s fraudulent politicization yesterday afternoon:

“[I]f we don’t do this, nobody argues with the fact that health care costs are going to consume the entire federal budget,” Obama told ABC’s Charlie Gibson in an interview airing tonight.

Healthcare costs are growing so rapidly that “the federal government will go bankrupt” i[f] drastic steps aren’t taken, he added.

“[Healthcare reform] actually provides us the best chance of starting to bend the cost curve on the government expenditures in Medicare and Medicaid,” Obama said.

The Truth behind Obama’s threat

The truth behind Obama’s infantile threat is that his regime is ready to go bankrupt, and if the Health Care Bill dies in the Senate, the powers that be will see to his immediate removal.

That Obama can be immediately removed is obvious to all who admit the truth of his ineligibility to be President.  Those backing Obama to push through a socialist or Marxist revolution (George Soros) won’t stand it for a moment if Obama politics of fraud loses its luster.

Unfortunately for Obama, he has no spine; since liars are by their very nature impatient folk.  His nerve broke, and the entire nation knows today that he is just a street-corner huckster, who’s been outed for what he is.

No one is listening anymore to his bull, therefore he has to shout and scream and threaten to get attention.

The Post & Email surmises that Obama’s desperation comes from the fact that Congressman Nathan Deal and his colleagues wrote him a letter asking for his original vital records, and that leading supporters who once believed all of his lies, now realize that he is in an untenable position if he fails to disclose them.

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  1. I guess what he is trying to say is if they don’t pass this so they can make major cuts denying the elderly medicare it will BK the US! Healthcare in general outside of medicaid and medicare has nothing to do with the federal government. That leaves medicare and medicaid which is already bankrupt!

    I say, if we don’t remove all these communists from office immediately the US will die!

  2. You know since Embalmacare is front-funded, he must need money NOW for his shell game, or it’s going to implode much quicker than even he thought. Frightful too bad it may mean Demarxists are voted OUT! Obama always thought of our money as Monopoly money anyway.

  3. A Call To Action:

    The Tea Party is now more popular than the Dems OR the GOP, but not combined, therefore it must not be allowed to split the GOP vote.
    ALL Patriots and Tea Party-ers must TAKE OVER the GOP and form a new version, the GO-TEA Party.

    Get active and remake the GOP into the GO-TEA, never again will we be assaulted with a marxist coup. Get involved in GOP and remake it, from the ground up. GO!

  4. Another excellent post and example of Obama’s narcissistic personality disorder.
    Mind not that the deficit has exploded under his illegal administration.
    His warped and twisted reality that unless we go deeper in debt we will be bankrupt.
    What a pathetic nightmare, Obama.

  5. Obama thinks you can take money from one sector of the economy and give it to another sector of the economy and that this constitutes growth in the economy.

    I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

  6. AAARGH!!
    First he ALREADY BANKRUPTED the US looting its treasuries of $15TRILLION
    then in a beyond audacious preemptive measure
    he claims not passing Embalmacare will bankrupt the US!!!
    TOO LATE !! This criminal fraud enemy of the USA has got to be REMOVED!!

  7. What a hypocrite and liar. First he accuses the Right of using scare tactics to drum up opposition to HCR then uses rather apocalyptic scare tactics of his own in attempt to reverse the growing dissent toward his policies. I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Obama has it backwards. If the government is not reduced to its rightful and constitutional place in a free republic, it is guaranteed that the government WILL go broke unless the State completely takes over the private sector. This is exactly what he wants to happen. Anyone who doubts that this is Obama’s true agenda needs to study the Cloward-Piven Strategy. That is the clandestine “hope and change” he promised. It is all about creating enough chaos to bring down the existing government and ushering in a new statist and socialistic one. If successful, Western Europe will start to look rather attractive by comparison.

    The pace at which he and his minions are turning the US into a banana republic is startling. God help us.