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Letter to the USofA, by Doug Cook

Obama took pride in displaying the Soviet Flag in college; his politics have not changed since.
Obama took pride in displaying the Soviet Flag in college; his politics have not changed since.

(Dec. 15, 2009)  —  To my patriotic sisters and brothers, and others whom it may concern:

The old saying that “ain’t nothing so bad, it ain’t good for something” holds  a lot of truth.  In regards to the people that are attempting undermine the free world, rob our country of its wealth, usurp the eminence of our land, bury our liberty’s and prosperity under a mountain of  unconstitutional law and regulation; the traiters are in effect digging their own grave. All the effects which their efforts are causing, are having such an adverse effect on freedom living people, as to cause their eventual demise.

Roughly 308 million, good people live in the good old USofA. By all accounts, at least half this number consists of patriotic conservative minded citizens. In approximation this figures out to 150 million Patriots, this surely is quite a lot of people by any reckoning.

As a people, we are daily fed a diet of  rancid spin from a Dinosaur press. We have Wolves in sheep skins operating in both houses of legislature and halls of justice, attempting to spin events beyond a point of no return.   Power Brokers and insidiously wealthy Elites operate behind a cloak of mercenary sycophants. The operatives in a scheme to transform the USofA into a private playground and piggy-bank, to control the masses, they are  very few in numbers.

This apparatchik is increasingly ineffective in quelling the uprising of people who have had enough of the direction our country has been heading in. It is evident that the ground-swell of  a people’s revolt  is becoming one big bad-ass steamroller;  it is heading right for the source of this misery and darkness.  The steamroller is named Redress, it has a big scary sharks mouth with lots of teeth painted on the front. The coming time of reckoning is fast approaching.

A cautionary note to those who wish to usurp; in no uncertain terms you can’t kill a dream. You can’t kill Freedom or Dignity. Regarding Liberty, well you better watch your necks you treasonous communist scum, Liberty has your names and faces and it is coming for you.

This steamroller cannot be stopped. It has the mighty mass of all the generations of descendants of our founding fathers, steering and stomping on the gas pedal. This Leviathan gathers momentum and inertia at an ever increasing exponential rate, proportional to the evil it aims to rid from the world.

For you all out there all smug and smart, about your ideals and agenda of power and greed, you watermelon enviro-mental-lists, fakers and pretenders:  your time is coming, your number is up, your come-uppence is coming due. Make no mistake, you all can’t hold a candle to the good and light in the people of this great land. By whatever means necessary redress and retribution of wrongs and usurpation of our charters and constitution of laws is a reality. Power grabbers and robber barons, your days are history.

All you usurpers and elite’s, you have no idea how fed up and angry we the people are of your crimes and felonies!  Nor of how aroused and weary by your trespasses on God and Prosperity, on self-determination and national self-worth we have become!

The flags of many a nation signify little; but the American Flag is a banner of liberty to the world.
The flags of many a nation signify little; but the American Flag is a banner of liberty to the world.

By taking advantage of our good nature and good will, you have corrupted justice and broken the trust placed in your hands by our nation.  You have taken us for granted; but not for long!  Your going to pay this piper and drummer of Liberty and Freedom. Pay-back, it is going to be. We the People may seem small to you, but you have forgotten how large and righteous our power truly is.

Revolution is building, it is in the form of true and rightful redress. One way or the other, it will be revolution and overthrow of the chains of tyranny.

Red as the blood of those who give all for what matters most, white as the purest light of angels of God, Plain as day blue sky that holds the stars of destiny. Freedom Liberty and Prosperity are the mighty warriors who will smite the enablers and carrion of  greed and power from our righteous midst.

Rise up my brothers and sisters! rise up for what you know to be right.!Let your courage and dignity be your guiding light. Lead one another by guiding everlasting principles.

Rise up as one as a nation. As patriots and family, brothers and sisters, as one nation. Rise up in greatness of prosperity of the spirit, of Liberty and of Love of ones home and country.

May your Christmas be Joyful, full of love and warmth of the heart, blessed with many friends and family.   And so humbly,  may God Bless the United States Of America and the great People of it.

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