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by John Charlton

The Australian Magazine, The Monthy, featured Murdoch on the cover of its Nov. 2009 edition.
The Australian Magazine, The Monthy, featured Murdoch on the cover of its Nov. 2009 edition.

(Dec. 9, 2009) — The Main Stream Media has berated the opposition to the swine flu vaccine as conspiracy theorists and uninformed members of a fringe public.  But the truth of the matter is that the swine flue is being marketed with direct collaboration and cooperation by the son of one of the most powerful, media moguls in the world.

James Murdoch is the son of the Australian Billionaire, Rupert Murdoch.  The former was appointed, in May of this year, to the Board of Directors of Glaxo-Smith-Klein, one of the principle manufacturers for the swine flue vaccine, being sold to the United Kingdom.

According to TrueKnowledge.com, his father Rupert Murdoch owns  The News Corporation, The Wall Street Journal, and 20th Century Fox, the parent company of  the FOX News cable channel.

How about that for opposition news!

James Murdoch, his son, is also CEO of News International Ltd, according to a British watchdog site, know as The People’s United Community: tpuc.og.

Wikipedia’s summary of his resumé, indicates his global influence on news and information; James Murcdoch, it says,

currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive of News Corporation, Europe and Asia, overseeing assets such as News International (British newspapers), SKY Italia (satellite television), and STAR TV (satellite television in Asia).

He sits on the News Corporation Board of Directors and is a member of the Office of the Chairman. He is also non-executive chairman of British Sky Broadcasting, in which News Corporation has a controlling minority stake.

He was formerly an executive vice-president of News Corporation, the controlling shareholder of BSkyB, and served on the boards of directors of News Datacom and of News Corporation.

Wikipedia also says that James Murdoch, who will turn 37 next week, has an American wife connected with the Global Warming agenda:

James Murdoch has two children, Anneka (born in May 2003 in Hong Kong) and Walter (born 2006), with his American wife Kathryn Hufschmid, who works for the Clinton Climate Initiative, a charitable foundation set up by the former US president, Bill Clinton in 2006.

The apparent half-brother of Murdoch’s American wife, has not too high of an opinion of the ethics of Murdoch and his elitist class.  Writing at his blog in the summer of 2004, Eric Hufschmid says of James Murdoch:

If the Axis of Good were truly wonderful, talented people, they would at least be able to make a community for themselves to live in that is better than what the rest of us have. But they live in the same world they are messing up, they are hurting themselves and their children. They have to live in the same crummy cities that you and I live in, and they have to breathe the same polluted air. The also have to visit the same overcrowded tourist areas, and they have to be concerned about crime. For example, in an “exclusive interview” with James Murdoch:

I’m interviewing the younger Murdoch in his unglamorous corner office, with a view over the congested and ugly A4, in the satellite broadcaster’s sprawling west London campus.

The rich Murdoch prince has to work in the same ugly, disorganized, overcrowed city as the peasants who grow him food, clean his bathroom, and build his yachts. These rich people can start wars, cheat governments, and deceive sheeple, but they cannot make a nice city for themselves. I work in nicer environment than those billionaires (I work at home). So, just how talented are those billionaires?

Finally, while it has been speculated that the Murdoch family is Jewish for several decades, the origin of the name is associated with Norse and Scottish roots.

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