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by John Charlton

The DNC certification of Obama's candidacy, as signed by Nancy Pelosi, did not affirm that he was eligible for the office, as required in most states.
The DNC certification of Obama's candidacy, as signed by Nancy Pelosi, did not affirm that he was eligible for the office, as required in most states.

(Dec. 9, 2009) — The famous Blogger Radio host, known around the country as “Chalice Jackson,” appeared before the McHenry Country grand jury, demanding an investigation into the massive 2008 Election fraud in the State of Illinois.

According to the report by Jillian Duchnowiski of the Northwest Herald, Sharon Ann Meroni presented a petition in which sought to “to compel testimony to determine how this voter fraud was perpetrated against her, against the residents of McHenry County and of the great state of Illinois.”

In an obvious attempt to spin the news, Duchnowiski wrote:

Other challenges to Obama’s citizenship have failed in higher level courts. McHenry County prosecutors declined to comment Monday on how they might respond to Meroni’s request after Prather gave them 30 days to do so. The case is next due in court Jan. 31.

“We are reviewing her petition and researching the law and will respond accordingly,” said Nichole Owens, chief of the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Criminal Division.

A petition to a grand jury is not a civil action, and thus Duchnowiski’s citation of failed civil cases is most inappropriate.  Not only that but these cases did not involve, for the most part, questions whether Obama was a U.S. citizen, but more principally whether he was a natural born citizen of the United States.

However, voter fraud involves casting false ballots; the proper term for the basis of the petition should be “election fraud,” because election fraud refers to fraud in preparing the ballots or in admitting candidates to the ballot, or seeking such admission.

The Post & Email hopes to interview Mrs. Meroni this week, and will publish the interview on our front page.

For more information about the issues mentioned in this report see the tags on this article below the advertisement.

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  1. The language in the 2008 DNC Certification of Nomination is identical to the language contained in the 2000 and 2004 DNC certifications. The State of HI however requires the constitutionally qualified language so the DNC cert sent to HI Elections was amended to include it.

    What is strange is the HI Elections requires both the state and national party to submit a certification of nomination and the Hawaii Democratic Party certificate was radically altered when compared the HDP certificates for 2000 and 2004. The constitutionally qualified language was purposely deleted from the 2008 HDP certificate. In fact the HDP certificate makes no sense whatsoever. It states something to the effect that Obama was qualified simply because he won the HI caucus and DNC delegate majority.

    The big question in my mind is why did the HDP eliminate the “constitutionally qualified” language from its certification? Some speculate it is because William Gilardy, who was Ann’s divorce attorney for her divorce from Soetoro is an active member of the HDP and at one time served as its general counsel. In essence, what does Gilardy or other state party officials know that would prevent the HDP from stating Obama is “constitutionally qualified”?

    I am not sure why but it is a misnomer that the 2008 DNC certificate is somehow different than certificates for previous Democratic presidential candidates.

    Also, most state’s do not require any such language in the DNC certification. Otherwise it would be included in the DNC certificate across the board. HI is the only state I am aware of that has such a requirement. Many states just require the candidate to submit a sworn statement or affidavit that they are qualifed to serve in the office they are seeking.

    I have the relevant docs if interested.

    1. The blog http://jbjd.wordpress.com has the relevant documentation as well as varying state certification requirements that NP signed. There are four states that are known so far. Chalice makes a good start here, as every state relied on NP, and NP can’t prove and/or had no knowledge except fact check whether Obama was eligible. Find the fraud in Pelosi and Germond, as well as Howard Dean in Illinois, and you’ve got a very interesting election fraud case.

      Mr. Charlton replies: Many other states, than just 4, have laws which can be used to charge election fraud.

      NH for instance http://www.thepostemail.com/2009/09/18/basis-for-election-fraud-in-new-hampsire/

      Search your own state’s laws using the words “fraud”, “voter”, “election”, “nomination”, and “certification” and you will easily find which laws can be used in your state.

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