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by Doug Cook

(Dec. 8, 2009) —  The grass-roots patriotic organization known as “Grassfire Nation” is the hub of Internet based petitioning of our elected representatives on issues of the day.

Currently highest on the menu of Grassfires list of to-doe’s, is a petition drive goal of 750,000 plus signatures oagainst ObamaCare. The website of the organization describes this particular drive, thus:

Grassfire’s “Countdown Clock” To Hand-Delivery of 750,000+ Petitions Opposing ObamaCare Set for Midnight This Wednesday!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is accelerating his push to pass ObamaCare–using whatever tricks he can. In keeping with his stepped up approach, Grassfire Nation has launched their own “countdown” clock to the next hand-delivery of our petitions opposing ObamaCare. Help us rally an additional 75,000 citizens by midnight Wednesday in order to maximize our delivery impact.

You can read their petition and sign on, yourself, through this link.

Operating at a street-every-person level, Grassfire has implemented a web format using a simple strategy of promoting small responsible and accountable government through signed petition and direct fax.  According to publish numbers on the site, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people have joined the ranks at Grassfire; apparently placing millions of John Hancock’s to petitions, and letter faxes to select key representatives and congressmen.

By utilizing a format of petitions and time sensitive fax messages, one can participate in range of topics from Health care to Cap & Trade, a veritable soup to nuts menu of who’s who and whats happening in our legislative branch of government.

As its name portends, anyone can take part in the advertised “take action” efforts presented. The website is well organized, easy to navigate, the plain web format is clear, easy to read, and free of banners and pop-ups. The descriptions of the politics and issues are written to the point; a no nonsense approach that provides the prospective petitioner opportunity to decide for themselves what is most important.

Writing’s are condensed into the most vital aspects on each issue; no high and mighty assessments or opinions, just the meat of the matter.

Even if you the visitor and reader, choose not to participate in Grassfire’s online forum, you can gain informative knowledge and viewpoints in a wide spectrum of  hot button topics. Well worth ones time to visit and stay awhile. Something for everyone.

Most importantly, Grassfire Nation provides a venue to take  pro-active part in the democratic process.

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