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by John Charlton

(Dec. 8, 2009) — “America”! A word wonderful in its origin, and beautiful in its utterance.  America! Land of my birth and of my forefathers! Unique in the history of the world according to the manner of her conception, unique as a consequence in her conception of liberty.

We who take pride in the name, “Americans,” have by the very fact that we spend our lives enjoying the prosperous consequences of the liberty that flourishes under that name, little experience or know first hand the uniqueness of our history, of our laws, and of our concepts of human liberty, government, justice and law.

Moreover, America has experienced a most violent assault on all that she is and represents to the world.  An assault that is not so much one perpetrated by politicians who adhere to foreign powers, or who have loyalties to foreign nations, but who espouse ideas which are “foreign” to America and all that makes her bright, beautiful and unique in history.

In this latter sense, I do not mean “foreign” as to refer to ideas which come from other nations, but “foreign” to refer to ideas which are external and contrary to the fundamental ideas, values, and principles upon which this nation was founded.

America was a revolutionary idea, conceived in a just rebellion against monarchical tyranny, and brought to birth by the courageous and noble self-sacrifice of a generation of Americans unique in our history, and who shine  still as role models for all the generations which follow.

America is not like any other nation.  And we Americans are not boasting or exaggerating when we say this.  It is not for nothing that more than a hundred million souls emigrated from their own lands of birth and claimed America as their own.  This was the greatest mass migration of human beings in the history of the planet, and the vast majority chose our nation above all other nations, to be their home.

This was not merely the consequence of demographics, of history, or of economics, it was the free choice of peoples who innately recognized that by the laws of nature they were free and had a right to seek to live free.

This liberty and this desire for liberty was very much unlike the ideas that sponsored revolution in other nascent democracies of the decades which followed 1776 A.D..

America is not France, for example.  The American Revolution was not anything like the French Revolution.  Our revolution was not motivated by hatred for the upper-class or out of hatred for the clergy.

In the American revolution rich and poor, protestants, Anglicans, catholics and Jews fought side-by-side against the objective tyranny of a distant parliament, which, with the urging of a British monarch, sought to deprive the colonists of their natural rights as free peoples and human beings.  In the French Revolution, class hatred let to a reign of terror when anyone would be executed under the mere accusation of being an “enemy of the people.”  In the American Revolution our forefathers were scrupulously observant of the rules of war and the rights of prisoners and of the accused.

Ours was a revolution undertaken by men of virtue and principle.  France’s revolution was undertaken by opportunistic, greedy and power-hungry instigators, who exploited the oppression of the poor for their own personal gain.  In our revolution many of those who merited the laurels of victory lost everything, and gained nothing in this world but the honor of a good name.

The American revolution was not anything like the Italian revolution, or Risorgimento.  That was led by one monarchical state (the Kingdom of Sardinia) with the assistance of the French Republic and a group of Marxist bandits (Garibaldi’s Red Shirts), against the lawful and peaceful kingdoms and principalities of the Italian peninsula.  And these were only overcome because in their poverty they had not prepared for a modern war.  There was no popular support for the revolution in Italy, and the people never considered it “their” revolution.  Those who profited from it were highly connected members of the intelligentsia, of the business class and the more radical members of the aristocracy.  That revolution was heavily influence by Freemasonry and anticlerical ideas.

Nor was the American revolution anything like the revolutions of Russia or China, which were planned and set loose upon an unsuspecting nation by Marxists who had plotted for generations, and that with the sole goal of replacing corrupt rulers with themselves.  Those revolutionaries like Lenin and Mao, in the name of helping the people, brutalized them further, and indoctrinated them in ideas of a political philosophy which came from the moral dregs of western Europe.  As such the Russian and Chinese revolutions were perpetrated by foreigners, imposed foreign and destructive ideas, and sought merely to exploit the suffering of the poor.  As such their leaders were men without ethics and morals, opportunistic without limits.  And it is no wonder, that in both cases they were financed by foreigners.

No, the American Revolution is unique in history, and it has given our nation the moral basis, the historic opportunity, and a constitution and notion of law, liberty and justice which were purely idealistic.  Our Founding Fathers sought to found a republic of the kind which never had yet existed in the world.  One in which “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” would be the foundation of the society; one in which government, both state and federal, was subservient to the people and existed to promote that.

America is the “World turned upside down,” a fact symbolically realized in the music played for the surrender of the British troops at Yorktown, but actually incarnate in the Preamble to our Constitution, “We the People to form a more perfect union…”.

Ours is a nation by the people, for the people and of the people.  But this time honored saying was never intended  in the sense that ours is a nation ruled by the lasciviousness of perverts, for the licentiousness of the greedy, and without regard for the natural rights of human persons from conception to the grave.

American has, from before the Second World War, been infiltrated by Socialists and Marxists, who hate the very nature of our society, just as much as promoters of Islam, for both are united in seeking to undermine the very laws of the Creator and the liberty which is the context of those laws.

Our nation was founded on truth, by men who in the order of morality were princes of character, even though according to the reckoning of wealth, were rich and poor alike. Christian principles and Christian faith were the guiding light of the American Revolution.  With the assistance of writers like Emmerich de Vattel, our Founding Fathers crafted a new nation, beholden to a different and revolutionary concept of government, precisely because the very nature of our society would be one in which the essential character and liberty of every human individual would be the a priori principle in every law.

That, in the name of “democracy” one or more parties in this great nation, which is America, want to impose a “change” in which rich must pay for poor, and poor can exploit the rich, or in which elitists who reject in principle the State founded upon Nature, which our forefathers gave us, so as to install themselves as oligarchs in a Socialist or Marxist Tyranny:  this is the great tragedy of the last 13 months; and this is the great threat to the existence of this nation.

America is a beautiful lady, but when roused to ire and wrath, she has all the capacity to become a raging giant, executing vengeance upon her enemies.  When the forces opposed to Christ, to Nature, and to human liberty unite against Americans, we have the most solemn duty to renew the spirit and deeds of the American Revolution, so as to preserve the uniqueness of our national heritage for all times.

We shall never surrender this heritage! We shall fight, and we shall win the day,!  Because we fight for a noble cause against a cabal of opportunists, who have no god but their own frivolities.

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  1. Thank you. This should be read by every high school senior and every officer-elect.

    From birth, America has been synonymous with liberty.
    The marxist-progressive left march toward totalitarianism.
    Islam condemns freedom, forbids equality and denies sovereignty.

    There is much cancer in DC today; with treatment and new blood, we shall endure.