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by John Charlton

Obama's campaign never delivered on his mantra: the same old boys are getting the money.
Obama's campaign never delivered on his mantra: the same old boys are getting the money.

(Dec. 5, 2009) — You could spend a lot more time culling through the lists of those who were hired by the Obama Campaign for America in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

But the list contains a few curious and interesting names of payees, which, when investigated just a little more shows a highly networked and interbred group of wealth and powerful men.  The files are found in the Federal Election Commissions 3rd Quarter report for 2009. Let’s just browse through a few entries, to spark the curiosity of citizen researchers.

Note, first of all that the Obama Campaign is preparing for the Primaries of 2012.

FEC Committee ID #: C00431445

This report contains activity for a Primary Election

Report type: October Quarterly

Second, some of the significant hires are:

Panther Express: $1,789.95

Founded in 2005, Panther Express, funded by Greylock Partners, a venture capital firm which invests heavily in Israel, which has a vested interest in Facebook.  Panther Express recently merged with CDN Networks, which itself was funded by Oak Investment Partners in 2007.  Oak Investment Partners invested $25 million in Dec. of 2008 in the Huffington Post.

Huffingtonpost.com: $ 5,000.00

Which has received capital from Oak Investment Partners and Greycroft Partners, the investment firm of the Jewish investor Alan Patricof.

Perkins Coie, LLP   $314,018.06

Perhaps one of the most politically connected law firms, Wikipedia says of Perkins Coie:

The firm is counsel of record for the Democratic National Committee, and other political clients include nearly all Democratic members of the United States Congress, as well as several Presidential campaigns, including those of John Kerry and Barack Obama.

Notable living alumni of the firm include, among others, current White House Counsel Robert Bauer, current Attorney General of Washington State Rob McKenna and the firm’s first female partner, Margaret McKeown, who currently serves as a judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, as does former Perkins Coie partner, Ronald M. Gould.

Wait, isn’t Judge David O. Carter’s court under the jurisdiction of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals? So not only does Perkins Coie have a clerk in Carter’s court, it has 2 justices to overturn any favorable ruling he might make.  Talk about political heat.  That probably explains the appointment of Velamoor.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committe itself payed Perkins Coie $879,691.00 for the 2008 campaign cycle.  That’s a lot of laywers to get elected.

GMMB Inc.: $ 10,290.56

This company does political consulting, and is so connected Wikipedia does not even dare to name it. Has received nearly $100,000.00 from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for media advertising for the 2010 elections.

The MIS Department, Inc.: $ 17,994.87

Whatever services this company renders the Obama Campaign for America, their client is more than thankful for the donations received from their staff, such as Rajeeve Chopra, who has donated $3,000.00 to them. Talk about quid pro quo maximo.

The Ohio State University:  $ 0.00

This payment listed by the Obama Campaign has a mystery and a story about it, for sure.  For when lawyers feel it necessary to list a payment of $0 you know they have guilty consciences about something much bigger. Certainly you cannot buy much education for $0.00. And that is a statement in of itself about the Obama regime.

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