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News Analysis by John Charlton

The International Socialist Review was concerned in 2008 that Obama would comprimise on their principles.
The International Socialist Review was concerned in 2008 that Obama would comprimise on their principles.

(Dec. 7, 2009) — The concern of common Americans that their federal government has been taken over by international socialists, was substantiated last week, when former Socialist Democratic Party leader, Daniel Finkelstein, wrote a short piece in the Times Online, mocking the Kerchner advertorial.

The barely noticeable comment has really nothing substantial in it, but who wrote it is a story in of itself.

Finkelstein is the grandson of one of the most famous anti-Nazi activists of the post WWI era in Germany: Alfred Wiener.  According to Wikipedia, Wiener, who earned an Iron Cross second class for his bravery in the First World War, was one of the leaders of the Central Association of German Citizens of Jewish Faith, CV, and in 1928 founded the  “Büro Wilhelmstrasse of the CV, which documented Nazi activities and issued anti-Nazi materials until 1933.”  Wiener fled Germany and after the war continued his efforts, ultimately founding the Wiener Libarary, in London, England, which today is part of “The Institute of Contemporary History and Wiener Library.”

Finkelstein evidently did not study upon his grandfather’s knee because his own piece of mockery is merely the giggle of an utterly uninformed and closed-minded socialist.

Finkelstein began his academic formation at the University of London, hot bed of Fabian socialism.  In 1961 he joined the Social Democratic Party, and became the chair of the Young Social Democrats in 1966, the British equivalent of the Students for a Democratic Society,the Marxist front for college students in America.

He was so far left, that when the Social Democrats proposed joining with the Liberal Party in England, he left politics and lead a group of young SDS members into the Conservative Party, where they worked tirelessly in undermining it with socialist principles, a change his supporters called the “modernization” of the party. He joined the Times of London in 2001.

True to his form, Finkelstein could not resist attacking the Kerchner Advertorial the very day after it appeared in Washington Times, in Washington, D.C., and the very day, on which The Post & Email reported a massive political action against that paper by Obama operatives in the capitol, around the country and in the media.

Finkelstein’s little barb is one more piece of evidence that Socialists around the world consider Barack Hussein Obama their leader, even when some of them who are Jewish part with more than 95% of voters in Israel,  who rightly recognize Obama as a security threat to the free world.

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  1. And might I also say to Charles Kerchner, sock-it-to-em! We must have pushed their buttons this time! Way to go. Somebody’s got their knickers in a knot, me thinks!

  2. We Jews do not consider Finkelstein to be a Jew. Just because it is in his blood, and just because Hitler would kill him because of that blood, does not mean that the Jewish people with brains consider him a Jew. Anymore than we consider, Emmuel or Axlerod a Jew. Their families sat in mourning long ago for them. I have no idea what happened to these men, but they are asses.