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by John Charlton

Ironically, the NYT report appears on a page, wherein an advertisement declares "The World is Changing! We are too", by Live Positively.

(Dec. 7, 2009) — The New York Times is reported yesterday that security measures at the upcoming Copenhagen Treaty summit include metal cages to secure prisoners like wild animals.

The barbaric practice has been condemned throughout the world in recent years by animal rights advocates for use in zoos.  But the same liberal elites have no qualms of conscience in considering and implementing its use on members of the general public who don’t buy into the liberal spin on Global Warming, and whose manner of protesting is considered to confrontational by Danish police.

This despite a recent poll that suggests as much as 59% of the American public believe Climatologists in favor of Global Warming are likely to lie in the preparation of their scientific reports, to support their pre-conceived prejudices.

We’ve seen the world change a great deal since the 60’s, when charges of prejudice and racism were the mantra of Democrats and progressives alike.  Now the mantras remain the same, but have become an excuse for the same leftist groups to practice those very abuses on their opposition.

Tom Zeller, Jr., writing for the New York Times, says of these cages:

Most short-term detainees will pass through the holding facility at the former Carlsberg beer depot, designed to process up to 1,000 people over a 24-hour period. Ida Thuesen, a spokeswoman for the human rights group Amnesty Denmark, called that plan inhumane.

“International standards require that people being arrested are not humiliated, that they should have room to lie down and sleep and go to the toilet,” she said. “These cages are not good enough.”

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