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Editorial Harry Hunter

At its core, Islam is a cult of mind control, not a religion which worships the God who gave man free will and liberty.
At its core, Islam is a cult of mind control, not a religion which worships the God who gave man free will and liberty.

(Dec. 5, 2009)  —  In his speech at West Point on Tuesday, Barack  Hussein Obama announced that the United States will begin pulling out of Afghanistan in July of 2011.  Whatever wiggle room some may find in that bold initiative, it looks like a plan of surrender to me, despite the head-fake charade of a surge next year.

Now Afghan President Hamid Karzai is eager to make peace with Taliban leader Mullah Omar, according to an Associated Press report by AP writer Kathy Gannon in the Dec. 3  PawtucketTimes.com.  Karzai says he will do “Whatever it takes to bring peace.”  The report appeared at  AP’s online site.

Offering to do “whatever it takes” is not much of a negotiating position from which to bargain with Osama bin Laden’s main protector and partner in crime.   Actually, making peace with fundamentalist Islam is quite simple; all you have to do is submit to it.    And there will never be peace with true-believer Islamists without that submission.

The word Islam means “submission,” and Islam is by its own teachings inherently and forever hostile toward those who are not submitted to it.   In his West Point speech Obama just could not pass up the opportunity to once again praise Islam as a “great religion.”   But in reality it is an aggressive, warlike, domineering political ideology dressed in the robes of religion.

Wafa Sultan, a Muslim woman who knows whereof she speaks, explains a lot just by the title of her book:  A God Who Hates.  In reviewing that book at Amazon.com, David Cashin referred to “the coercive violence endemic to the Muslim world” and concluded, “The problem of the Muslim world is Islam . . . period.”

In one respect Islam is great—it is great in the havoc it wreaks upon the world—and Obama and Karzai are being deceptively naive, or plain stupid, if they think peace with Islam comes cheap.  My guess is that Karzai is hoping against hope to save his own neck.   Perhaps Barack Hussein Obama is partial to Islam because his father’s side of the family is Muslim and because he himself was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia.

Maybe Obama is still Muslim at heart.  He has said the United States is not a Christian nation any more, but he himself claims to be Christian.  To the extent that claim is based on his decades-long membership in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s America-hating, black-liberation church in Chicago, one might be excused for wondering if this is just another Obama fraud.

It looks like Obama and Karzai really intend to turn Afghanistan back over to the loving care of  those fundamentalist devotees of the Black Stone—the Taliban/al Qaeda types—who take their criminal religion seriously enough to act on it in the most barbaric, brutal, and ruthless ways.  Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden can start packing their carpetbags now and begin planning their victory parade.  Despite the distraction of an upcoming show-surge, the United States is preparing to submit to the extremists in Afghanistan.

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