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by John Charlton

Monkton-Infowars(Dec. 1, 2009) — Lord Christopher Monckton, who warned America in September about the dangerous provisions of the so-called Copenhagen Treaty, has issued a stern call for world-wise anti-communist movement to oppose the machinations of Marxists who have infiltrated the United Nations and who are using the mantra of Climate Change to impose dictatorial control on all aspects of human life on the Globe.

Lord Monckton made his recent remarks during a video session at Alex Jones’ Infowars.

You can read Paul Joseph Watson’s report about the interview here, replete with videos.

The Post & Email has previously published a detailed analysis of the Copenhagen Treaty, and explained how its provisions aim for an international control of all nations, according to stated principles of Agenda 21, the radical Marxist agenda to destroy Western Civilization.

Read Part I of our analysis here, and Part II, here.

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