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News analysis by Doug Cook

The Planet Earth, c/o JPL

(Dec. 1, 2009) —  A truth is what anyone desires it to be if there is no alternative source of verification. Logically this is not truth but a claim. This is the case in regards to claims of global warming. Take Al Gores movie documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. It is a work of claims. A claim is not facts presented; it is a statement of view.

Where’s The Beef?

Global Warming? Open the sandwich of global warming and there is no beef between the buns. It is like infamous Blues Brothers Joliet Jake  and Elwood Blues (John Belushi, Dan Akroyd), song about a rubber biscuit. The intent of this editorial is to provide meat to a convenient “truth” surrounding the presentation of claims of Anthropogenic Global Warming. As in the claims that global warming is man-made. Revelations of suspected manipulation, and questionable data gathering by Scientists working in the global warming science field have led to claims that the claims of man made global warming are just that, claims. For an excellent read on fact checking climate data see New Zealand Climate Science Coalition’s Climate Conversation Group paper.

Claims Are Not Facts

No amount of claiming or rationale in support of a claim makes a claim a truth or a fact. If one chooses to believe a claim as true it does not make this claim a fact. The fact of the matter is that a truth logically requires fact or facts in order for a claim to be the truth.

Truth Is Relative

A Truth is related to some fact or facts. A truth is also relative to a claim of fact or facts. As a matter of fact, presented below, are a series of graphs that are claimed to show global temperatures over various time scales gathered from various geological locations by various scientific methods. Somewhere in these graphs possibly lie true indications of the history of variations of the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere over a period of the earth’s history. It is to the reader to draw her or his conclusions. You are welcome to make your own claims as to whether there lie’s within this information truth or facts. The point of this Editorial is to question what logic based on this information, scientists used to make claims of Anthropogenic Global Warming. The truth for me is that I claim that the claims by scientists claiming global warming is man made is not true and is not based on facts. As a matter of fact I claim that the claims of man made global warming claimed to be true claimed by other scientists are created by the convenient distortion of claimed facts by other scientists.

Claims Of Facts Hide The Truth Of Convenient Claims

In the graphs below showing claimed atmospheric temperature over periods of time lie many claimed facts. How these claimed facts are used to determine what is causing the claim of man made global warming is the most important fact. I believe that the truth is that no one has the facts to determine, and or that no one knows in fact if there is global warming or cooling taking place in Earths atmosphere. And, I claim that scientists claiming global warming is man-made have conveniently left out information gathered about atmospheric temperatures to conveniently change information that shows atmospheric temperature over time. My claim based on all these claims listed above is that scientists do not have truthful factual right to claim global warming is man made.

Graphs And Information Obtained From The National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Website

Climate variations during the past 150,000 years depicted in the figure below shows past air temperatures, carbon dioxide concentrations, and methane concentrations inferred from the ice core from the Russian Vostok station on the Antarctic icecap. This figure is often taken (e.g. in various IPCC Scientific Assessment reports) as a general indicator of global variations over the past 150 thousand years. (Note: This authors italic/underline)

Looking at this graph below, start at 2000 years and look to today, (present-0).


Graph 1: Dust concentration, climatic air temperature, and concentration of carbon dioxide and methane from measurements of trapped air in the Vostok ice core, plotted against time before present. (from the Australian Antarctic Division web site, Hobart, Australia — The original sources of the information are Petit et al (1990) and Lorius et al (1993)),

Question; How could the claim of man made global warming be true if the incline in temperature, carbon dioxide and methane as indicated begin 2000 years ago?

As claimed by scientists, Al Gore and various people, government and non-government institutions, CO2 from man made carbon emissions from the burning fossil fuels is the cause of claimed global warming. I am not a scientist, nor am I an official in any capacity in any institution. I claim that 2000 years ago there was not 1 human on earth burning enough fossil fuels to cause a rise in the earths atmospheric temperature. Looking at the information contained in this graph of the rise and fall of atmospheric temperature over 150,000 years of the Earths history, I believe these changes are of natural origin. I cannot say if the graph is factual or truthful, as I have no way to determine this. This is the same graph scientists used in creating the 2nd graph below.

Editor’s Note:  The graph of CO2 levels for the past 20K years, shows one thing:  there are cyclical movements which dwarf any in the last 1000 years; movements whose cyclical nature may have a lot to do with solar activity, since there is no other large-scale cyclically-fluctuating energy sources in Nature effecting the biosphere as much as the sun.

Graph #2

Graph #2 depicts rise in temperatures from 1860 to today. Whether this graph was developed from facts or truths I cannot verify; this fact is just too convenient. My question is, why in this graph is the history of temperatures started from 1860 and not from at least 2000 years ago; this is the history of the earth we are talking about. A graph showing trends in this level of detail over 2000 year history would give a much better indication of what has been happening to global atmospheric temperatures.  Another fact I can lay claim to, is that in every graph I can find throughout the scientific community, that is used to claim a rise in atmospheric temperature, in graphs claiming “Human Caused Global Warming,” not one depicts atmospheric temperatures starting back far enough to show the complete historical line in temperature rise. I claim the reason for this lack of showing a complete truth, is due to people who are not honest, are lying and have something to hide.

I believe they are avoiding laying claim to an inconvenient truth.

Just as Al Gore has.

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