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by John Charlton

Lou Dobbs on CNN(Nov. 26, 2009) — There is an internet rumor going about that Lou Dobbs, potential presidential candidate in 2012, and former CNN news anchor, is not a natural born citizen.

The author of the rumor is an anonymous commenter, quoting an “academic.”

To be a natural born citien of the United States of America, one must be born in the United States of two parents who were citizens of the United States at the time of one’s birth. (see the 4 Supreme Court Cases which define what a natural born citizen is).

This is not the first time that Dobbs’ lineage has been under fire.  Ever since his comment on live television on Wed., January 16, 2008, that he did not care who his grandparents where, genealogists have wondered at his ancestry.

One Obama supporter even put out a fake Dobbs birth certificate, replete with missing filing number and an asterisk on the place of birth, with a footnote indicating he was born in Mexico.

Internet site with reliable information, however, confirm that Louis Dobbs was born in Childress, Texas, in 1945; the son of Frank Dobbs and Lydia Mae Hensley.

According to a 2005 post at Rootweb, his father Frank Dobbs was born on the now fateful date of September 11, 1906, at Altoga, Collin Country, Texas, and died on October 19, 1968.  He married Lydia Mae Hensley on November 17, 1928.

An archived file from USGenWeb, from the year 2000, which contained Index data from the Texas Office of Vital Statistics,  confirms that Louis Carl Dobbs was born in 1945 in Childress county, Texas, as one of the 288 children born that year.  The vital event bears a date of September 24, 1945, and indicates the child was a boy.

The allegation that Lou Dobbs mother was British and that therefore he is not a natural born citizen seems unfounded.

The surname Hensley originates in Great Britain, but families with this surname have lived in Texas for more than a century.  In fact there is a Charles Golden Hensley, who was killed in London, Texas, in 1892, whose mother was named Lydia.  Seeing that women’s names often pass down from their mothers, Dobbs mother could have been a near relation to Charles Hensley. The name “Mae” also appears associated with the Hensley families in Texas, according to another post at Geneology.com.

It seems in all likelihood that the rumor is baseless.

Those with access to Ancestry.com might be able to find more information, as there is a page on the Hensley family there.

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  1. Lou Dobbs ancestry: Father, Frank Dobbs, b. 1906, TX, Mother, Lydia Mae Hensley, b. 1911, Missouri. (census shows her parents, father b. United States, Mother b. Missouri. Frank Dobbs parents: Stephen Dobbs, b. 1864 Tennessee, his parents, Father, James Dobbs b. Tennessee, Mother, Mary Ann Epperson, b. Virginia.

  2. Yes, apparently Obama still has document forgers on his team. He is the worst excuse for a man I have ever seen. He had to cheat, lie, steal, smear and threaten his way into the White House. It is very telling that people who support him are still putting out fake documents. It shows they will stop at nothing to keep Obama on his throne where he doesn’t belong.

    I saw the article on WND last night about Lou Dobbs. I have now read it and am very disappointed. Only politics can make people cave the way he has. If he really believed that illegal aliens should be deported, why else would he have done an about-face? Sounds as if he does want to run for president, but he certainly won’t get my vote. At first I thought he’d definitely be a constitutional candidate, but evidently someone has bought him off.

  3. Obama supporters are hardly the ones to be pointing the finger at anyone else for not being a natural-born citizen, especially because one parent might not have been a citizen at the time of his birth. That is Obama’s exact problem, yet he sits in the White House usurping the presidency and his supporters continue their blind loyalty to him!

    Their attempt to smear Dobbs makes no sense when Obama is not eligible for the very same reason. That shows that even Obots know about the requirement that both parents be citizens BEFORE the birth of the child on U.S. soil in order for that child to be an NBC.

    Very disingenuous of them, and dishonest, to boot.

  4. Suddenly it just hit me. Just how closely the usurper problem and the global warming scam dovetail each other.

    The so-called scientists refused to share the data. Sound familiar to the birth cert problem?

    Then they ridicule anyone who won’t accept their “secret” results. What a coincidence, eh?

    Straight from the alinsky playbook, I believe.

  5. The Obots you may have noted DO have a grand proclivity of putting out fake documents.

    It’s some sort of a sickness with them! About anyone they try to destroy or – in the case of Obama – to protect. They merely create the fake documents to meet the problem at hand. The fact that these are forgeries and illegal never is given a thought.

    Let’s hope that when Obama is tried in a real court of law that some of his dyed in the wool Obot liars will be dragged in also!