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To our valued readers:

As you may know, The Post & Email is moving to its own website on December 1st.  Mr. John Charlton, the editor and founder has recruited 7 volunteers as citizen-journalists to assist in writing for the site, and we will work to roll out an entirely new paradigm for journalism, which will break the Main Stream Media’s blockade on truth.

You can read more about this at:


However, to do this, we ask just a small amount of support from our readers. For this reason we are conducting a Fundraiser.

For those of you who have already given. THANK YOU!  You can’t imagine what good your donations will do to help change journalism back to what it  is supposed to be, the free press.  We are certain that when you see the new site, you will be thrilled that now there is a new News organization, which though still in its infancy, can respond to the widespread propaganda-crisis in the media, which is populated by individuals who, plainly, refuse to think and speak.

So far $825 has been sent in, though this includes new donors.

If you have not yet made a donation, we ask you to consider helping us complete our Fundraising Goal of $1776 before Dec. 1st, by sending your donation to our POB:

The Post & Email
P.O. Box 302
Stafford Springs, CT 06076

So that our readers can understand our budget, I will break it down in round figures:


$800 for Web design and development

$200 for virtual server hosting and domain registration

$350 for incorporation filing and related services

$350 for additional filings and registrations due this year

$64 for POB rental

$12 for Envelopes and misc. office supplies.


$1776 — TOTAL needed

Since we have raised so far $825, you can see we have a long way to go to reach this patriotic number.


Your donation is an investment in the future of not only our company but also of this Nation.

Click here to read about the Changes to come at the Post & Email, to understand what effect your donation will have.

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