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by John Charlton

(Nov. 21, 2009, 12:30 PM EST) —  The world may be about to see hundreds of millions die of the same virus which killed more than 20 million in the waning months of the First World War.

The swine flu, the popular but erroneous name for the H1N1 virus strain which has spread round the world after appearing on the US-Mexican border, is mutating in a manner similar to known mutations of the killer 1918 Spanish Influenza, according to Recombinomics.com a website for the technical analysis and reporting of genome variations.

Recombinomics.com was founded by Dr. Henry L. Niman, who has studied the processes for natural mutational variations of viruses for more than 30 years.

Niman writes in his report, published just one hour ago:

The above description is from a paper analyzing receptor binding domain differences in sequences from the 1918 pandemic.  The New York variant had D225G, the same change found in lung tissues from fatal swine H1N1 sequences in Brazil, Ukraine, and Norway.  The above result clearly demonstrated a change in receptor specificity for D225G, which was present in A/New York/1/1918 and A/London/1/1919, demonstrating the same change I 1918 that has been described in 2009.  Although WHO stated that this change was “not significant” in the Ukraine samples, it was associated with the fatal cases and is cause for concern.  The concern was increased by the announcement from Norway indicating the same change was found in fatal H1N1 lung infections there also.

D225G is the location on the genome of the variation in the genetic code.  This mutation is not unexpected, since Baxter International, a pharmaceutical company from Chicago, and one closely associated with Barack Hussein Obama, was involved in a multi-year study of the 1918 Spanish Flu virus, which was “resurrected” for scientific study from the cadaver of a woman who died of the flu nearly 90 years ago.

The madness which would compel scientists to play with such a dangerous virus is incredible enough.  The madness of the Department of Defense which payed Baxter to weaponize the virus, is monstrous and inhuman.

It is widely speculated that the current swine flu which is sweeping the globe was released by Baxter International to promote the sale of its patent rights on their untested vaccine.  Vaccines for this virus have already killed dozens of individuals in England, and due to the inherent instability of the  genetic code of the virus, it may be doubted whether vaccination cures or merely spreads the dangerous genome further in the human population.

The most dangerous aspects of the current multi-country mutations is that 2 of them are Tamiflu resistent strains. That is, the only known anti-viral drug, Tamiflu does not stop or slow their progressive infection of the victim, ending in death.

If the vaccines prove ineffective, the progressive appearance and diffusion of this Tamiflu-resistent strain could spread like wild-fire and kill hundreds of millions of persons throughout the globe in the next year.

Health authorities emphasize that the cases of this new strain are only 5 and therefore there is no basis in supposing that the variant will spread.  Ironically if  a viral mutation is too lethal, it kills off its human victims before they can spread it to others.  Only if the variation is highly capable of spreading and moderately slow in its progression, does a virus with high mortality rates pose the potential of killing millions.

Let us pray to the Lord God Almighty to spare our families and nation of this apocalyptic fate.

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  1. When I saw the headline for this article I thought you were going to talk about the situation in the Ukraine and, as they label it over at the Daily Paul: ‘The Strange Case of Joseph Moshe’ (dailypaul.com/node/103966).

    The thing to be remembered in regards to this is that Dr. Moshe’s claim that Baxter was going to release a biological ‘bomb’ in the form of a flu vaccine on the Ukrainian people, was made in mid-August. He said it would take effect in October… which is exactly what some news reports claim has happened: over a million infected and hundreds dead.

    There is a video report at: youtube.com/watch?v=A66kx0KYFCA&annotation_id=annotation_2452&feature=iv, which shows news video of his arrest by FBI and LA SWAT teams – note the news commentator cheering them on to tase him – a man in his late sixties who is simply sitting in his car… His where abouts is still uncertain three months after his arrest…

    I have no idea about the veracity of any of this; but as you said: ‘The madness which would compel scientists to play with such a dangerous virus is incredible enough. The madness of the Department of Defense which payed Baxter to weaponize the virus, is monstrous and inhuman.’

    When you consider that our military is forced to take these ‘vaccinations’ then ‘monstrous’ doesn’t seem quite adequate to describe what might be going on.

  2. Many don’t wish to believe that man could be so evil, but many have shown that man-made viruses (& vaccines used as bioweapons) have been produced throughout history to control populations. Dr. Leonard Horowitz and others believe that it was vaccines that started many of the diseases we deal with today in all countries. Remember a few months ago on the outbreak of Polio in Africa caused by bad vaccines? Also see Jane Burgermeister (theflucase) who has tried to expose the use of live virus in H1N1 vaccines and warned several countries as well as filed a suit with the FBI. There are others who are also trying to get the news out about the dangers of vaccines as well…mainly because of the dangerous adjuvants that are added to the vaccines like squalene and mercury &/or aluminum that causes neurological disorders in many people. Check out the Gulf War syndrome caused by the anthrax vaccine used on our military. There is no cure.

    For more information on this particular mutation/plague that’s newly developed, please visit “Investigating Obama” website (scroll down a little way), and especially read the posts regarding Joseph Moshe as he tried to warn the USA about a particular live virus vaccine that was being developed and would be used in the Ukraine. He was arrested in Los Angeles in August while trying to get the word out to those in this country that this live vaccine/virus would be coming here. Either Mr Moshe knew, first hand, about it or he was prophetic because he was arrested 2 MONTHS BEFORE the outbreak of this deadly virus that hit the Ukraine with such devastating affects. Odd that it was government officials who arrested Mr Moshe. That rather incriminates Obama, or at least puts him in the know, I think. Some say that he has a connection to the Baxter/Navartis company who makes these vaccines, and I believe that the WHO (World Health Organization) is also involved.

    Going out on a limb here, but I also believe that the swine flu, started in Mexico pretty close to our border, was man-made. It was very odd that all other countries were warning about travel to Mexico at that time, but the USA kept their borders open, practically inviting close contact between both countries. It must have been really frustrating for Obama when the flu wasn’t as deadly as expected. He almost immediately started predicting that it would mutate and come back, even worse, in the Fall. Just my opinion, but I feel that when people were scared that the vaccine was going to be mandated (they were wising up) they didn’t want them, and the vaccines that were probably already prepared needed to be redone (cover-up to make new ones without the live virus?) and maybe that’s why there’s been a shortage of them? Several months ago, I saw an article that showed the H1N1 and H1N5 were patented a few years ago. Can anyone tell me why they would patent a vaccine before there is even an illness to treat? Trying to find the article again, I discovered it had been scrubbed from the net or I would have shared the link here.

    The 2nd round (Fall version) of swine flu has also been a dud in this country, but that didn’t stop Obama from calling a National Emergency (over approx. 400 deaths, less than regular flu each year). Now we have this plague-like virus circulating in other countries, worse than the other two. Something EVIL this way comes, I think. Have you heard about anyone suggesting no travel to these countries? No, I haven’t either.

    Sorry for running on. I’ve been following and reading everything I can find on this subject since the H1N1 first appeared just a couple of months after Obama takes office. Too coincidental in my opinion.

  3. The decision to reduce the world’s population from 6 billion to only 300 million was made many years ago, in the mid 1950’s as a matter of fact.

    It was decided that releasing virii plagues was the proper way to go on this reduction since the finger of blame couldn’t be pointed at anyone and the seriousness of the health issues would ensure cooperation with government authorities.

    yes, people, evil does exist and yes, it corrupts people until they are almost totally evil.

    I would suggest that you find a relationship with Almighty God who did provide an escape, in his Son, Jehoshua.

    Please read John 3:16 and Acts 4:12

    He is the only true friend that you will have.

  4. The only anti-viral DRUG… We have to be clear here and make the distinction of the word drug. There are a number of alternative options.

    The FDA was working months ago issuing demands to health food stores to pull some products from their shelves. They’ve also recently launched an aggressive campaign going after America’s favorite, Dr. Weil, and demanded he retract statements about some products he was touting being antidotes for this flu, as well as, preventive care.

    No, this does not bode well for us. Your efforts to spread the word are much appreciated. Heave knows the MSM hasn’t touched it.

    There should be no doubt for any of us what the intent was – reduction of the overall population.