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by John Charlton

(Nov. 19, 2009, 7:00 PM ET) — Nathan Barker of The Gouverner Times has reported a series of facts which seemingly support Dough Hoffman’s allegations that there was massive Election fraud in the special election for the NY-23 House seat:

1. The software used in the voting machines is made by a company controlled by the Venezuelan dictator, Chavez;

2. A virus was found in the machines used in one district, only days before the election;

3. Other districts were not informed of the existence of the virus;

4. The voting machines lack security for introduction of multiple ballots at a time,

5. And election officials lack expertise to determine whether the company’s fix of the problems was done in a manner which returned the voting machines’ capacity to tally impartially election-night results.

Barker reported nearly 3 hours ago that the voting machines used to tally the vote in the NY-23 Congressional district were found to have been infected by a virus only days before the election:

The computerized voting machines used by many voters in the 23rd district had a computer virus – tainting the results, not just from those machines known to have been infected, but casting doubt on the accuracy of counts retrieved from any of the machines.

Cathleen Rogers, the Democratic Elections Commissioner in Hamilton County stated that they discovered a problem with their voting machines the week prior to the election and that the “virus” was fixed by a Technical Support representative from Dominion, the manufacturer.  The Dominion/Sequoia Voting Systems representative “reprogrammed” their machines in time for them to use in the Nov. 3rd Special Election. None of the machines (from the same manufacturer) used in the other counties within the 23rd district were looked at nor were they recertified after the “reprogramming” that occurred in Hamilton County.

Read more at The Gouveneur Times.

Nathan Barker does some excellent reporting.  The Post & Email will analyse the coincidence of facts that he uncovered.

Who introduced the virus, and how?

Election officials in Hamilton County publically admit a virus was found in their machines.  Lacking any expertise to know the effects of this virus other than to note that it caused machines to visibly malfunction, they asked Dominion/Sequoia, a company whose software is developed in Venezuela by a company controlled by Chavez.

After the fix the machines were not certified.

However the nature and existence of this virus proves 1 fact.  Either someone connected an infected device to all of the infected machines in Hamilton County, or the virus was introduced by someone at Dominion/Sequoia. Until it is known how many machines were infected which possibility occurred is unknown.

It is not known either whether these machines have their software loaded locally, or through a network form the company.  Or whether they are all programmed at the company and then delivered to the districts.

If a large number of machines had this virus, it seems more likely that the problem originated at Dominion/Sequoia.

The nature of the virus opened up the door to Voter Fraud

Regardless of who introduced the virus, the nature of the virus allowed another possibility for tainting the election.

Since the voting machines were visibly malfunctioning in St. Lawrence County, election officials disregarded the electronic results and counted the paper ballots.  Since the machines can only read one ballot at a time electronically, if two or more were submitted one on top of the other, the electronic results and the paper ballot results would differ.  The nature of virus caused Election officials to discount the electronic tally, but that tally, without a virus, could have been used to determine that multiple ballots were introduced at one time to skew the vote count manually.

Multiple County problems & Court Order

That more than one county was experiencing problems seems more likely to indicate that the virus was introduced by someone with access at Dominion/Sequoia, because it would be physically very difficult to arrange the virus to be introduced manually at every voting station by someone unfamiliar to local election officials.

That New York State uses machines of the company Dominion/Sequoia is in response to a lawsuit brought, again, by the Democratic Party following the 2000 election, in which Democrats nationwide contested vote counts.  That election spurred Democrats to address the “problems” with the election that the lost.  In addition to urging states to use the Dominion/Sequoia company machines, afterthe 2000 election delegations of leading democrats began visiting Cuba and Venezuela to study how elections are conducted in those countries to learn how its done.

Finally, Baker reports that only 3% of all machines are inspected to see if electronic results and paper ballot results are identical, leaving doubt that any tally is the actual count of votes made by individual voters.

Election controlled by Democratic and Republican Parties

Finally, what Barker is not reporting is a more salient fact.  Both major parties controlled and oversaw the election tallying results, because in NY state election boards are comprised of only Republican and Democratic Party members.

Since Hoffman was a 3rd party candidate, how can any results counted under such a conflict-of -interest situation, be considered valid?

Some of the comments by Election officials, quoted in Barker’s article are just incredible.  If human errors of this kind are normal occurences, then there is either widespread incompetence which could allow for Election Fraud, or there is regular commission of Election Fraud.  There is no 3rd alternative.

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  1. This entire story line has been discredited. Let’s go after the real issues of voter intimidation, polling place violence and retribution, and pollworker training. People don’t tamper with the voting machines since that violates a number of laws with severe penalties. They do the three (and more) things above since there are no laws against them.

  2. Hand count all ballots ,jail anyone involved in corrupting the count.
    HAVA was a fraud…who benefited?
    Do the math, it cost over $50 per ballot…is that the best that can be achieved?

  3. I like the idea of showing picture IDs and leaving your thumbprint before you (registered citizen voter) get a paper ballot.

    Ballot counting is done by mechanical means only – no software controls at all. Machine tallies submitted to local registered citizen voter CPAs for reconciliation, results notarized by local registered citizen voter notary public auditing count.

    Counting machine jam? No worries.

    Human re-count of paper ballot by local registered citizen voters with QC stamp of the counter on every ballot, tallies submitted to local registered citizen voter CPAs for reconciliation, results notarized by local registered citizen voter notary auditing count.

    Mandatory felony convictions of five years for authorizing, allowing, witnessing, or performing fraudulent ballot counts.

    Non-citizen aliens not allowed in the voting process or counting process at any level.

  4. Computer voting machines are a big mistake. Much better to use marked paper ballots individually scanned.

    Since NY election boards include only Repubs and Dems, and since the Repub in this race withdrew and endorsed the Dem, this smells a lot like a Chicago election.

    It was not only the NY voting machines that were infected by a virus. As evidenced by leading Democrats going to Cuba and Venezuela to learn voting procedures, the Democrat party itself is infected by the bug of Marxism. It is a deadly virus that endangers us all.