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News Analysis by John Charlton

(Nov. 13, 2009) — Today is Obama’s unlucky day,  and the overwhelming wave of public outcry at his mishandling of the Ft. Hood Massacre has led him to run for cover, using Iranian and al-Qaeda agents for self-defense.

YahooNews, a we’ll-print-anything-to-run-cover-for-obama news outlet, is pushing 2 reports this morning to this effect.

In the first report, “AP Source: Gitmo 9/11 suspects to NY for trial”, Devlin Barrett of the AP informs the world that Obama will move several Al-Qaida terrorists to New York City, and put them on trial in a civilian court.  This information was leaked to the AP, by someone in Eric Holder’s department. Barrett says that Holder will make an announcement this morning.

In the second report featured by YahooNews, “Obama orders review of possible Fort Hood signs” two AP reporters, indicate that Obama has ordered an investigation of why warning signs of Hasan’s proclivities were ignored.

Then to avert anger over this Sunni Muslim who committed the massacre for purely religious motives, Obama has given the Justice Department the go-ahead to seize 5 Shiite Mosques and a NYC Skyscraper tied to Iranian intelligence and terrorism-promotion activities in the U.S.A..  The Jerusalem Post reprints the AP report on this move.

Seeing that Obama worshiped in a Sunni Mosque as a boy, and seeing that his whole family is Sunni, according to his sister Maya, this attempted seizure will only inflame the Islamic world with internecine strife.

Though other news outlets, such as CBS,  are reporting these events, the Associated Press, after the gaff last month of being associated with a report which named Obama as Kenyan-Born, has evidently considered it their duty to be extra-devout in running cover for Obama on the Islamic issue.

What’s really being defend here, though, is not National Security, but rather Obama’s rapidly declining poll numbers.

To belittle the horrific nature of the Ft. Hood Massacre, to deny its association with the authentic nature of Islam, and to play games with issues of National Security to defend your political image, all indicate that Obama, having usurped the Presidency for his own power and glory, uses his pretense of authority for his own power and glory.

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  1. My opinion is that Obama is reviewing the Ft. Hood incident so that he can ascertain where the terrorists went wrong inorder to further their cause by changing their strategies. Pigs blood on all of them!

  2. sorry excuse for a human being. we have just about given the country away,and i wonder how long we will be allowed to raise an American flag.