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by John Charlton

(Nov. 12, 2009) — Attorney Orly Taitz, esq., who has always had more victory and always received a fairer hearing in the court of public opinion, has announced at her blog that she is determine to mount protests against the MSM which censors the news and squelches information on Obama’s ineligiblity to serve as President of the United States.

Dr. Orly Taitz being interviewed at the Rally
Dr. Orly Taitz being interviewed at the Rally

In her comments at her blog, she writes:  “Additionally we need to continue exposing the media and holding them accountable via  Obama illegitimacy rallies in front of National and local media outlets.  I am sure O’Reilly and his staff didn’t enjoy today’s rally.

“We also need to expose the corruption of Wikipedia. They publish unbelievable garbage and gather each and every insult about the patriots, while not  publishing any negative opinions about members of the Obama regime.  Do they have headquarters? Who is the president and the CEO? Who sits on their board? All of them should be held accountable.

“I need your input where should we hold the next rally. Is it wikipedia, MSNBC, CNN or the alphabet channels which are under the gag order. What about the fairness doctrine? Shouldn’t CNN, MSNBC and others hire at least one honest reporter to provide fairness and balance to all the massive lying? Now, with Lou Dobbs leaving shouldn’t CNN hire   someone like me to provide balance? I wouldn’t bet much on that.”

The NY Rally was occasioned by a scathing piece on FOX News, the Bill O’Reilly show, in which O’Reilly and 2 uninformed guests tore into Dr. Taitz and ridiculed those questioning the eligibiliy of Barack Hussein Obama.

Among the participants at the Rally were the Rev. Manning, a famous preacher from Harlem, whose Internet videos have made him a nationally acclaimed figure for his frankness in outing Obama as a fraud and political exploiter of African-Americans and their greivances.

c/o Lorri
Rally participant cuts to the heart of the issue

Taitz reported the positive response the Rally received: “Since the rally was on Veterans day with the parade going on just one block away and since it is close to the Time square, a very large number of people stopped to listen and they took pictures of our signs. Many have asked me about the social security numbers, Natural Born Citizen issues.

“There were no distractors, the policemen were very sympathetic. Whether O’Reilly will put me on the air, remains to be seen. After all, our corrupt main stream media put Obama in the White House by refusing to report on eligibility issue, hard to believe they will change now.”

“We have a Constitution, but it cannot fight for itself, you need to stand up and fight for it!!!”, she exhorted.

While it has been a canard since the election that Obama’s opponents are racists, the facts are just not true.  A good number of African-Americans recognize and are comming to recognize that Obama has cruely and heartlessly exploited their aspirations for equality and justice, to serve his Marxist agenda.  This photo speaks, most eloquently of them all, on this issue:

c/o Lorri
Rev. Manning and church followers, protest O'Reillys bias

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  1. great article today at canadafreepress on eligibility

    as i’ve stated here before, O’reilly is a great interviewer, which is why his show is so popular, but his opinions are worth less than nothing, some even being downright ridiculous

    a colb that doesn’t prove barry was born in hawaii, and has never been authenticated by the state of hawaii, plus he is a dual citizen………and we can’t find anyone in gov’t or media who will investigate. even worse, they defend.

    but when it came to questioning mccain’s eligibility, the nytimes quoted jill pryor, who said, “It is certainly not a frivolous issue.”

    there you have it.

    we have to come to the realization that the dethroning of the usurper is not going to happen if we have to play by the rules the enemy has established