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by a concerned citizen

CT State Capitol
State Capitol Building, Connecticut

The outrageous budget passed by the Connecticut legislature last month is crippling families, small businesses and corporations to the point where we are now unable to survive.

The loss of jobs brought on by companies leaving the state because of high taxation has left Connecticut a wasteland which does not even remotely resemble the small but prosperous state in which I grew up 40 years ago.  The massive increases on professional licenses, the imposition of higher and higher property taxes, and the legislature’s ever-present pet projects and social programs cannot be sustained.

It is impossible for anyone, whether a business owner or employee, to keep up with the burdensome taxes, fees, and costs associated with living in this state, which has become a mecca for those dependent on government handouts. Like the federal government, this state is now beyond broke:  it is in so much debt that it can never realistically be repaid.

Is this what our Founding Fathers envisioned for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”?  Taxes so high and oppressive that people cannot even afford to buy food?  Storefronts empty, rents unpaid, untenable debt and misery?

We the people have been lazy and neglectful when it comes to choosing our state and federal representatives.  We have elected power-hungry people who made big promises, and we thought they would give us all free stuff.  It always sounds enticing, but the reality is that everyone loses. Our representatives have used the power we have given them to tax us into poverty.  We are therefore guilty of having brought about our own demise.

Soon, when everyone is unemployed and reduced to simply surviving, there will be no more tax dollars going to Hartford.  Maybe it’s time.  Starve government, and it won’t get any bigger; in fact, it might just get smaller.  Isn’t that what the Founders intended?

We are at a crossroads in this state and this country. Government has become like King George III.  It’s time to have a big tea party and tell them what to do with their taxes.

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  1. California is the same way! The state is bankrupt. The Fed. gvmt (EPA) also shut off the water to the farmers on the west side of the valley and unemployment is at 40% or more. Farmers have lost their homes, farms, nearly everything because EPA claims a tiny fish (the delta smelt) is in danger. IT ISN’T, but the valley that once fed the world is looking like a dust bowl, thanks to gvmt intervention. Let’s throw them all out and have “Do Overs!” Get back to our roots, using the constitution instead of shredding it.

  2. How’s that”Change” working for Connecticut? Any body in a RED state should not complain! RED states are the cause of all the rest of us suffering today because the majority voted for the Usurper. I voted for the AMERICAN as Connecticut should have. Thanks a lot!