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by John Charlton

(Nov. 7, 2009) — Seven Democratic politicians from Hardin County abandoned their party on Thursday and switched to the GOP. Texas Representative Chuck Hopson, D-Jacksonville, has also announced that he will run for re-election as a Republican.

The Beaumont Enterprise is also reporting that 43 other Democrats have abandoned the party in Texas, and joined the Grand Old Party, according to Urban Grounds.

The Texas Tribune is reporting that David Farabee (D-Witchita Falls) also abandoned his party this spring and went Republican.

Gromer Jeffers, Jr., at Trail Blazer’s Blog, (The Dallas News) had this to say about Hopson:

State Rep. Chuck Hopson, saying his East Texas district does not reflect the views of President Barack Obama, bolted the Democratic Party.

“I believe in democracy and respect its process,” Hopson said in a news release. “I will be running as a Republican in 2010 and will campaign hard to win the Republican primary and general elections.”

Hopson, a pharmacist, has represented Texas House District 11 since 2001. The district includes, Cherokee, Houston, Panola and Rusk Counties. Last year John McCain beat Obama in that district with 71 percent of the vote.

Ross Ramsey of the Texas Tribune downplayed the move made by Hopson and Farabee:

Hopson’s is the second Democratic seat to fall; David Farabee of Wichita Falls said earlier this year that he won’t seek reelection. Both seats are in strongly Republican turf, and they’re much easier for incumbent Democrats than for new ones. Losing the two seats, before the election cycle is really underway, is a huge setback for Democrats who hope to take a majority in the House. Right now, there are 76 Republicans and 74 Democrats there.

Both Farabee and Hopson are so-called “WD-40s” — white Democrats over 40 — who’ve demonstrated an ability to hang onto their seats while Democrats around them are falling to Republicans.

Hopson, in fact, occupies the most Republican Texas House seat held by a Democrat — a legislative district where the average statewide Republican beats the average statewide Democrat by 33.4 percentage points. (Farabee’s is the second-most Republican, with an index of 32.6). The two were among the GOP’s top targets as it tries to bolster its narrow majority in the House and win another term for House Speaker Joe Straus III.

As for the “Magnificent Seven”, the news comes from the Texas GOP website:

Austin – The Republican Party of Texas is pleased to welcome several Democratic officeholders who switched parties today and became Republicans. Today in Hardin County, seven Democrats announced that they are switching parties to become Republicans.  The new Republicans include Sheriff Ed Cain, County Judge Billy Caraway and Precinct 4 Commissioner Bobby Franklin.  And at noon Tuesday in Palo Pinto County, Precinct 5 Justice of the Peace Bobby Hart switched his party affiliation and became a Republican.  Three other Palo Pinto County Democratic officeholders indicated a strong interest in switching parties.  The Republican Party of Texas has been working to build Republican strength at the local level, by working with county parties, recruiting candidates for the GOP primary and by recruiting conservative Democrats to switch parties.

“The wave of Republican strength continues to build,” said Republican Party of Texas Chairman Cathie Adams. “Americans are simply fed up with the Washington Democrats’ failing leftwing policies and government power grabs.  The elections in Virginia and New Jersey Tuesday prove that Republicans are gaining momentum as the voters tell Democrats ‘Enough is enough!.’  We welcome these newly minted Republicans and anyone else who will stand with us for more freedom, lower taxes and smaller government.”

There are more party switches to come, as more conservative Texas Democrats make the choice to become Republicans. Dozens of Democrats across Texas are known to be considering switching or are already in the process of doing so.  There is no similar movement of Republican officeholders leaving the Party.

UPDATE: The full list of new Republicans includes:

County Judge Billy Caraway
Sheriff Ed Cain
County Attorney Rebecca Walton
Commissioner Bobby Franklin
Justice of the Peace Butch Cummings
Justice of the Peace Kent Walker
Constable Wayne McDaniel

One of them was quoted at today’s event: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party left me.”

While the move might have some significance in Texas, the Republican National Committee remains squarely behind the NWO agenda of the Obama regime, supporting fully his ineligibility for office and his Marxist agenda, inasmuch as they could easily move to remove him, if they wanted to.  That they don’t move to remove him as ineligible, shows that they are merely interested in a theatre of pretense, a sort of 5th column action, whereby they suck up and disarm American Citizens who would want to oppose Obama’s dictatorship, while giving the daily papers and TV channels a good show.

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  1. Most interesting to see. It reminds me of 1993-94 when then Democrats Nathan Deal of Georgia (who is inquiring as to Obama’s eligibility), Ralph Hall of Texas and Dick Shelby of Alabama (all 3 still in Congress today), among a few others no longer in Congress, who switched while HillaryCare was being perpetuated. It’s puzzling why no Congressional Democrats have switched this year under a similar but infinitely worse Marxist takeover of America. Conservative Democrats like Gene Taylor & Travis Childers of Mississippi, Bobby Bright & Parker Griffith of Alabama, Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Collin Peterson of Minnesota and about 8-10 others would do much better with the GOP than with the Obot party. My guess is that they are afraid to do so. But the bottom line is this – there is no room in the Democratic Party for conservatives at any level.

    Now wouldn’t be it great for Sheriff Cain, as a result of his switch, to “raise Cain” and pursue an indictment on Obama as his first task as a Republican sheriff? If only!