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News Analysis by John Charlton

(Nov. 7, 2009) — It’s obvious to the entire nation what happened at Ft. Hood:  a lone Muslim, doctor, shot and killed 12 fellow soldiers and injured 30 others; he began this massacre with the Islamic shout, “Allah Akbar!” — traditionally used to open holy wars or “jihads” in Arabic.

But the Main Stream Media don’t want you to connect those dots.  Let’s review briefly the online-press and filter out the mind control techniques at work.

Search Google for “Fort Hood Shooting” and you get this result as of early this morning:

Results from Google News on Fort Hood shooting

Fort Hood Shooting Spurs Re-Examination of Stress on Soldiers‎ –

President Barack Obama talked with Defense Secretary Robert Gates about military morale hours after the Fort Hood shooting, White House spokesman Robert … Bloomberg

That’s right, it’s all about overstressed soldiers! Remember all those stressed out American Christians, who took a gun and killed 12 of their own and injured another 30, shouting “Deus vult!” or some other similar cry from the Crusades?

You don’t, do you? That’s because it never happened!  And that is because it has nothing to do with stress, and everything to do with Islam.

Notice that last link in the Google results.  It goes to an unsigned article by The Spectrum (edited by a Gannet employee), which attempts to make you think of a mentally disturbed fellow who shot up an Air Force base in 1994 in Washington State.  No religious shouts, however, were reported at that massacre.

The next entry on the Google results goes to a story dated July 20, which is unreachable.

The third entry is Wikipedia, the online social game known as a Free Encyclopedia:

Fort Hood shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Fort Hood shooting occurred on November 5, 2009, at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, the largest American military base in the world.

You have to go clear half-way down that page until Wikipedia even condescends to identify the shooter as a Muslim:  what are they afraid of, the truth?

But first they want you to know that he received mental help and was persecuted for his Islamic faith! Yes, this is rich:

Hasan was promoted from Captain to Major in May 2009.[30][31] Before being transferred to Fort Hood in July 2009, Hasan had received a poor performance evaluation.[23] While an intern at Walter Reed, Hasan received counseling and extra supervision.[32]

According to Hasan’s aunt, Noel Hasan of Falls Church, Virginia, he had sought for several years to receive a discharge, due to harassment relating to his Islamic faith.[33] An army spokesman could not confirm the aunt’s statement,[34] and the deputy director of American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs released a statement calling the report “inconsistent” with their records.[35]

In the rest of the article they down play that he was a radical Muslim; which is an attempt at journalism which cuts both ways, because if he was not a radical, then all Muslims should be suspect.

Further down the results page, you find no major American news outlet; two progressive sites (Politico and Huffington Post) who give their own spin and a link to The Guardian of London, which only has a side bar identifying the shooter as a U.S. Army psychiatrist, and notifying you that “American Muslims are taking the blame”, an opinion piece by a Muslim to explain that the fault is really your prejudice against Islam, so give us more power and respect!

Yes, Wajahat Ali, the author of that side-bar story, says the following incredible words:

After an American soldier’s tragic outburst of violence at Fort Hood, Texas – the army’s largest US post, with some 40,000 troops – dominates the headlines, a fear-mongering hysteria concerning his supposed religious motivations is taking priority over questions regarding his mental health.

Although the facts, and clues about motive, are still being uncovered, we know that the alleged shooter, 39-year-old Major Nidal Malik Hasan, is an American-born medical doctor and licensed psychiatrist, who also happens to be a Muslim born to Palestinian immigrant parents.

When Hasan’s Arabic name was revealed as the alleged shooter, the blogosphere and message boards lit up with the predictable assortment of anonymous bigoted bile vilifying Islam and questioning the loyalty of American Muslims.

In other words, don’t you dare connect this Palestinian practicing Muslim with his Palestinian Muslim background!

The evidentiary fact, however, is indisputable.  We are seeing the same tactic in the Media since shortly after 9/11.  Muslims attack Americans, and the explanation is always that it was someone we ought not identify with Islam who attacked Americans.

What Google, the Guardian and Wikipedia are up to is the same game:  thought control, with the view of washing from your mind any rational or sensible connections between cause and effect, the Islamic “religion” which preaches the extermination of its enemies, and its adherents who put its deadly doctrine into practice; followed always by its defenders who use the violence of their fellow “brothers” in the faith, to advocate the advance of Islamic Law and control.

The obvious conclusion is this:  the Main Stream Media has made a political alliance with the Islamic world, to run cover for the Muslim agenda which is to conquer the West.  Every offense of Muslims will be excused, ignored or covered up.  It’s like the MSM’s alliance with the sodomitic agenda: you will hear of normal folk attacking gays, but never of gays attacking normal people.

But no, they tell us, it’s normal people who are bigots, and their bigotry is the only cause of violence from the other side of the fence! While the facts are rather that the violence and intention to destroy the other side, is wholly on the other side of the fence.

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