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by John Charlton

George Bush and Orrin Hatch

(Nov. 6, 2009) — The conspiracy to put a candidate in the White House who had foreign connections and allegiances from birth began long before the 2008 Election cycle.  But talk was purposefully intensified after the 2004 elections.

Orin Hatch had introduced a proposed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in July of 2003; and former President Bush had indicated Arnold Schwarzenegger’s presidential potential in late Nov. 2004, according to Alex Jones:

“On Monday, the 29 th of November, former President H. W. Bush gave Arnold Schwarzenegger the George Bush Award at his Presidential library and told the crowd, “in regard to him ever being president of the United States , my advice to you Aggies and to any of those doubters, don’t bet against Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Arnold responded by saying that he would like to see the Constitution amended so he could shoot for the top.”

It must be remembered that Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria Shriver is a Kennedy family member; and the late Ted Kennedy was the power behind Obama’s rise to prominence. Arnold appeared to be the trial balloon in a game played by both parties to subborn the U.S.A. to foreign interests.

But what is most revealing is what leading Main Stream Media outlets where putting out in 2004 against tampering with the requirements of office for the U.S. President.

Martin Kasindorf of USA Today, for example, wrote these words, which seem something more akin to Mario Apuzzo’s or Charles Kerchner’s arguments in their suit against Obama and Congress, that those of a Ted Turner publication:

The barrier to foreign-born citizens becoming president stems from fears that the Founding Fathers had during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. They were concerned that subversive enemies could force the fledgling republic back to foreign monarchical rule. Delegates didn’t want the United States to suffer the same fate as Poland, which in 1772 had been partitioned among Austria, Prussia and Russia after agents of those countries bribed Polish nobles to elect a disloyal king.

Yet politicians of both parties were in favor of altering the Constitution, even back then, according to Kasindorf:

The restriction on the foreign-born “has become an anachronism that is decidedly un-American,” Hatch said during the hearing in October. Akhil Amar, a professor of constitutional law at Yale Law School, agrees: “Today, to worry about foreign dukes and earls, it’s really a little paranoid.”

But Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., a Judiciary committee member, sees merit in the restriction. “I don’t think it is unfair to say the president of the United States should be a native-born citizen,” she said at the hearing. “Your allegiance is driven by your birth.”

And some were even using illogical argument to push the change:

“Some people are talking as if a Manchurian Candidate could emerge and take over,” says Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., referring to the Richard Condon novel and the two movies it inspired, in which communists brainwash an American to assassinate a presidential candidate.

Rohrabacher has introduced a House resolution that mirrors Hatch’s proposal in the Senate. “Remember, the Manchurian Candidate was an American,” Rohrabacher tells those who envision a foreign-born mole groomed for U.S. leadership.

Did Rohrabacher know something then, that we know now?  But Obama goes far beyond the antagonist in Condon’s novel, who only assassinated a president.  Obama who is not a natural born citizen, according to his own concession and the facts he declares about his origins, has usurped the presidency, taken over the Federal government illiegally, and as a known adherent of Marxism has put numerous Marxists in post of power in his regime.  Rohrabacher was, therefore, certainly prophetic.

And even the Heritage Foundation spoke openly about the problems of a Schwarzenegger run:

He has a point. Matthew Spalding, director of the Center for American Studies at the conservative-oriented Heritage Foundation, says the amendment’s prospects would “nosedive” if it were perceived to be designed to land Schwarzenegger in the Oval Office. “We don’t amend the Constitution to advance someone’s political career,” Spalding says.

Schwarzenegger faces an additional handicap, Spalding says: “You can’t have a United States president who is a dual citizen.”

But who talks about Obama’s British, Kenyan, and Indonesian citizenships today in the halls of power?

Kasindorf’s article played the same game with the law, however, that Obama’s supporters did in the 2008 election, interpreting as they did the natural born citizenship requirement of the U.S. Constitution, as if it were merely a requirement for native born citizenship.  The former requires 2 citizen parents and birth on U.S. soil; the later only birth on U.S. soil.

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  1. This deep “wound” to America’s National security has recently been exacerbated. Obama has but four more months in an Office that he was never eligible to be in in the first place. The Usurpation of the Presidency that occurred in 2008 and 2012 must be addressed. Barack Obama usurped the Presidency by fraud during time of war. Obama is guilty of treason, espionage, criminal impersonation of a public official, fraud and usurpation of the office of the Presidency. It is a moral imperative that he be brought to justice. Obama must be arrested and tried in the US District Court in DC. DC is where the crimes occurred. Obama is NOT entitled to be tried by the Impeachment process since he is NOT the legitimate President. See: “There is no ‘President’ Obama: http://www.thepostemail.com/09/17/2010/there-is-no-president-obama/ Obama was indicted by several citizen impanelled Common Law juries. The powers that be chose to ignore those indictments in derogation of the 5th Amendment “Presentment” provision. As I have explained in the past, in 1946 errant rule makers for the Federal Rules of Criminal Proccedure erroneously and unconstitutionally said that such “Presentment” hearings (citizen impanelled common law juries)were “Obsolete”. Prior to 1946 Common law juries were ubiquitously used to curtail government corruption evidenced by Judges and public officials. There is no doubt that the unconstitutional act to do away with such juries was to protect those corrupt officials.

  2. Good article. The Founding Fathers wanted future presidents with no foreign entanglements. The term natural born citizen was, as described by John Jay in his letter to George Washington, the “strong check” against foreign influence in our Commander in Chief.

    A natural born citizen, born in the US to citizen parents, has no foreign claims upon his/her birth. But even this was not good enough for the Founding Fathers — they added the 14-year residency requirement. Why? Because they knew that foreign influence can come from having lived in a foreign country.

  3. Dear mister Charlton,
    An addition to the above, showing for my eyes that Obama’s constitutional unfitness as president was known by his Chicago partners who also tried to figure out a way to by-pass it:

    …paper by Sarah Herlihy in 1996 for the Kent U Law Review; Herlihy is an associate at the Chicago firm of Kirkland & Ellis (donnors & fund risers for both Obama and Durbin) –

    … the Kentlaw.edu link bekllow is… guess what… broken –

    … however, the other link bellow leads to a better post which gives more details about Herlihy’s trial balloon – in order to get to the bottom of this, probably we need to go phisically through the Kent Law Review collection in a law school or elsewhere –

    … here’s the link:

    Best regards –

  4. “But Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., a Judiciary committee member, sees merit in the restriction. “I don’t think it is unfair to say the president of the United States should be a native-born citizen,” she said at the hearing. “Your allegiance is driven by your birth.”

    Has anyone called her on her last part of this statement, she is still a sitting Senator and should have to explain herself. She admits that the circumstances of birth drive your allegiances, and Obama has called himself a citizen of the world. Even factcheck admits he was British by birth.

    What part of this whole controversy don’t they think we get? They went for it to soon, the population has not been dumbed down enough. If they had waited another 10/15 years, in control of the education system. They would not have as many people asking the tough questions.

    My question is, in the next election are we going to be able to find enough people that truthfully believe in OUR Constitution, and will up hold their oaths? Or will we get more people in power that feel it is just an old piece of paper that holds no meaning?Or, are we living in a cowardly new world?

  5. John,

    Good job on laying out all this information. Well done. It is only a matter of time before the truth comes out one way or another. You and your site are doing a very good job in helping that day come to fruition.