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by John Charlton

(Nov. 4, 2009) — With the Czech President Václav Klaus‘ signature, yesterday, the Lisbon Treaty was ratified and Europe began a new and uncertain future of centralized control by a secularist power elite.

The Jerusalem Post covered the signing:

Klaus, who has been highly skeptical of increasing the EU’s powers, signed the Lisbon Treaty at the Prague Castle at 3 p.m. (1400 GMT), hours after his nation’s Constitutional Court ruled that the document was in line with the country’s constitution.

Klaus has been tirelessly attacking the document, claiming it would hand too much power to European Union institutions in Brussels. He was awaiting the Brno-based court’s ruling before deciding whether to endorse it.

“I expected the decision of the Constitutional Court and respect it,” Klaus told reporters Tuesday afternoon, but added he vehemently disagrees with the verdict.

“The Czech Republic will cease to be a sovereign state,” once the treaty enters into force, he said.

Klaus had held out signing, on the grounds that the Charter of Human Rights to be imposed by the Treaty would enable Germans whose property was confiscated by the Czech government in 1945, to entertain court action to regain it, putting in doubt the title to millions of acres of land on the German-Czech border, in the region once known as the Sudetenland, so highly prized by Adolf Hitler that he forcibly annexed it to Germany in 1938.

The Times of London is reporting that Klaus’ signature was a lot less than half-hearted.

Mr Klaus would have liked to await the arrival of an anti-Lisbon Conservative government in Britain, but he told David Cameron that he could not delay much longer. The last hurdle was crossed yesterday morning when the Czech constitutional court in Brno ruled that the treaty “as a whole” was compatible with the Czech constitution and Mr Klaus kept his promise to sign the documents.

He appeared to concede defeat last month, telling the daily Lidove Noviny: “The train is already moving so quickly, and it is so far away that it might not be possible to stop or return.” He signed without ceremony and made it plain that he was more interested in his forthcoming trip to the United States for a climate change conference. Mr Klaus has written a book that casts doubt on whether global warming is due to human behaviour.

The Times of London is also reporting the immediate steps which will now follow, regarding the Treaty’s implementation:

The next important decision will be the choice, this month, of the full-time but largely symbolic president and a powerful “foreign minister” with a mandate to give the union muscle beyond its frontier. Ratification will speed up the horse trading, which includes jobs in the new Commission under its President, José Manuel Barroso. Now, any leader of an EU country who is not Tony Blair, a faded early favourite, and who comes from one of the lesser member states, is tipped to be president of the European Council.

The political elite were decidedly self-convinced of their cause, at news of Klaus’ signature, writes the Times’ reporters:

The ratification was welcomed by Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Prime Minister of Sweden, which holds the EU’s rotating presidency: “The Union has been waiting for this for a long time. It has been a process over many years to get a better functioning Europe with a stronger voice in the world — more democratic, more efficient.”

The reality is, however, that the Lisbon Treaty however was not imposed democratically; in fact only in Ireland was there a referendum; citizens throughout Europe were not allowed to vote whether their governments would approve or not approve the treaty.  So it remains an undemocratic institution.

Graeme Gibson, a commenter at the London Times online, expressed the view of many Brits:

Why would England, with all that God has given her over so many centuries, want to join with Europe?

England is unique, her people different in all the world.
Is there some kind of conspiracy within England…to sell out England.

Europe storming the gates, other religions subverting within.
England will have to be very careful. Once its gone…its gone forever.

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  1. The question is for Israel, will it sign on Copenhagen Treaty and effect the UN’s version of the Lisbon Treaty writ worldwide?
    In the UN Arab Countries and their anti-american allies in China, Russia and Iran could use the voting system to pass a resolution with legal force among the member countries through the Copenhagen Treaty ( COP15) to enforce a trade embargo or withdraw recognition of the Israeli State.

    Two of the key operators in bringing the EU into being as regional government aping the USA and the original German Customs Unions are the concepts of Neo-Functionalism and Intergovernmentalism based on creating a transnational bureaucracy to oversee coal and steel ‘common markets’, in this case in the M.E. transborder water supplies, in other economic integration to effect trade, legislative and political merger. In our case the global common market is carbon.
    As the EU case study illustrates in its history.

    The last line of defence is the National Senate.

  2. Oh, but it can’t happen here, can it? Of course it can. Those who have craftily forged a weapon out of the weather intend to wield that Climate Change weapon against us until we yield our sovereignty to centralized authorities who know so much better than we how to manage the world.

    Climate control legislation is already working its way through Congress, and the Copenhagen Treaty coming coming next month is for the U.S. the working equivalent of the Lisbon Treaty. Will we be so foolish as to follow England and Ireland over the cliff?