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by John Charlton

(Nov. 3, 2009) — It just goes to show you.  The Main Stream Media can ignore 1.7 million Tea Partiers in D.C.. And so can the politicians in Washington halls of power.  But neither can ignore the voters when the speak with a united voice.

That’s the message tonight, as polls close:  Democrats are swept from power nationwide as citizens of all political persuasions either vote or stay home to show that Obama’s party’s agenda is not what main stream American wants.

Let’s review the results.

In the New Jersey Governor’s race, YahooNews is reporting that Christie defeated Corazine by a significant margin, 5% — in a state which is controlled by the Democratic machine and no republic has won the Governor’s seat in a dozen years; in a race where Obama personally campaigned for John Corazine.  That’s a stunning victory for Christie, and a stunning defeat for Obama.

Christie’s ability to outspend Corazine by $23 million to $11 million was certainly a factor; especially since the democratic incumbent was unable to mobilize equivalent support from his own party affiliates, flush with monies from Obama’s social programs and outlays.

YahooNews reported the sentiment of the day in New Jersey:

Craig Royer, 46, of Woodbridge in central New Jersey, typified voters’ discontent.

“I’m tired of the Democrats,” Royer said. “I voted for Chris Christie because he’s not Jon Corzine.”

In Virginia the results were similar.

CBS/AP News is reporting that Bobm McDonnell, the Republican contender for Governor, defeated his democratic rival by wide margins.

Unofficial results showed McDonnell, a conservative and former state attorney general, with nearly two-thirds of the vote over Democrat R. Creigh Deeds. He will be the state’s first Republican governor in eight years.

Virginia is the state where African-Americans came out in droves to put Obama in the White House.  The reversal of fortunes, in Virginia, at the very doorsteps of the capital, is another stunning rebuke to the Obama regime.

UPI has confirmed McDonnell’s victory.  Even the Guardian, in London, is reporting McDonnell as carrying away the victory by 64% to 34%.

In the 10th Congressional race in California, the Secretary of State, with less than 30% of the precincts counted, is reporting that the Democrat John Garamendi has taken a 17% lead over his Republican rival, a sure sign of victory.  The CA-10 district race is no surprise, seeing that Sacramento is a Democratic stronghold, and the seat of the Democratically controlled state government.

Finally New York Doug Hoffman has lost his bid for the House seat in the NY-23rd district, on account of the fact that his Republican rival, Scozzafava endorsed his Democratic rival the day before!  The results, according to the AP dynamic polling stats, with 522 of 606 precincts counted, reports 49% for Bill Owens (D), 44% for Doug Hoffman (Conservative Party) and 5% for Scozzafava (R). Hoffman had strong showings in rural counties and with military voters, but Owens took the Canadian border and the large cities.

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