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by John Charlton

(Nov. 1, 2009) —  The time has come to found a new third party. This is not a sentiment or opinion of a journalist, but the results of a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, which found that 47% support such an idea.

While the other results of the poll suggest that they polled liberal, elite centers of the country, whose opinions are aligned with the Obama regime; the inclusion of this one statistic regarding a third party is all the more significant.  The true percentage of support, therefore, is probably much higher than 47%.

It shows that even among the politically correct and out-of-touch with the National crisis, there is recognition of the need to break free from the political control of the 2 party system.

How much of this is based on the growing tide of libertarianism, which is actually modeled on a secularism foreign to the American tradition, or merely a dissatisfaction with the same-old same-old in American politics.

However the level of dissatisfaction shows that Pacs which support third parties will have a very successful fundraising year, and be able to bring great influence on local elections in 2010.  Americans who espouse a pro-patriotic, pro-constitution or pro-state-sovereingty cause, through their own Pac, will be able to bring lots of money to bear supporting these causes, if they simply do a little fundraising and get the word out.

However, since local control seems to be an important issue, the creation of individual State parties, which are pro-local control seems likely to have an effect in such states where there is a political climate for a multi-party system.  Dough Hoffman of the Conservative Party in New York State is an example of this, as he now  expected to lead the polls against his democratic rival by wide margins, seeing that his Republican opponent has bowed out.

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