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by John Charlton

Pyrex Test Tube from Lack Charles Manufacturing Co.
Pyrex Test Tube from Lake Charles Manufacturing Co.

(Nov. 1, 2009) —  Accusations that the Obama regime are using the emergence of the H1N1 virus to create a crisis to exploit for merely political ends, are confirmed by a survey of foreign governments and their responses to the alleged “pandemic.”

In Italy, for example, where the pro-capitalist party, “Popolo di Libertà” of Mario Berlusconi, the Minister of Health declared that the H1N1 flu is less dangerous than the common cold: citing 100 deaths out of 400,000 known infections, compared to the 35,000 deaths last year from the seasonal flu.

This sentiment is echoed by the Minister for Health in the province of Lombardy (Milan), whose website discounts the mania created around the emergence of the virus, in this frank statement (translated from the Italian original by The Post & Email):

Why has this new flu generated alarm in the entire international community?

The state of alarm of the World Health Organization after the first cases of “swine flu” was required because of the fact of the emergence of a new virus, one of those which appear every 30-40 years and which could have  characteristics different from the seasonal flu.  In this case it feared that the new virus would have a high-diffusion rate and a greater morality rate.  This initial preoccupation has generated a panic and contributed to a distorted perception of the gravity of the virus, classifying it at level 6, that of a “pandemic” — that is affecting the entire world — but it appears less dangerous than the normal flu.

In France, a leading medical expert has denounced the pro-socialist government there for joining in with the WHO flu scare-mongering campaign.  In an interview in early September with the Journal du Dimanche Journal du Dimanche, Bernard Dubré Director of Urology at the Hopsital of Cochin, a member of the National Board of Medial Ethics in France, said (translation by The Post & Email):

This flu is not dangerous.  We have found that it is, perhaps, a little less dangerous than the seasonal flu.  Now we need to understand the purpose of the game being played.  While François Fillon, the Prime Minister, foresees “several million Frenchmen” infected from September onwards and warns of the “risk of slowing the economy this flu will remain merely a common cold.

Everything that the government is doing is merely to frighten us.  This type of influenza was expected and has cause much fear . . . with everyone thinking of the outbreak of the H5N1 bird flu virus, which was very dangerous to human beings, with a level of mortality of 60-65%, even though it was not contagious because of the difficulties of inter-species cross-overs.  We were afraid of a redistribution of genes which could make this virus more virulent and contagious. It was the luck of the draw, and we got a lucky ticket:  H1N1.  We were expecting a Jack of spades, but got a Queen of Hearts.

In Japan, The Japan Times is reporting yesterday, that with 1.14 million cases of infection there have only been 34 mortalities. Prefectural governments are not too concerned, with stockpiled dosages of vaccines in the range only of 3,000 to 5,000 does, each for a nation of more than 100 million.

But in Canada, where socialism is seen as patriotism, the chief public health officer, Dr. David Butler-Jones on the contray, wants the entire nation vaccinated against H1N1, according to an Oct. 15th report in the Montreal Gazette.

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  1. The caveat to this story is of course what’s going on in Ukraine. This outbreak is most troubling on many fronts. It is a more virulent strain than the one this story focuses on. The symptoms of the more than 40,000 people infected in that country allegedly are similar to the Spanish flu of 1918. Some sites are even connecting the incident earlier this year in California with Dr. Joseph Moshe, a Microbiologist, who blew the whistle on Baxter’s plan to use this as a bio-weapon.
    Mr. Charlton replies: Can you give any links about this new strain? Haven’t seen any.

  2. Excellent article, John.

    Interesting isn’t it….if you want to know what’s really going on in this country you have to look outside of this country. They (press/news agencies) are not bound by the dictates of the “powers that be” on this soil so they’re much reliable.

  3. Kind of makes all those accusations that conservatives are always fearmongers, and play to peoples fear almost laughable, doesn’t it. I accused a liberal (oh, I should say progressive, I guess) recently after being called a fear monger, just this way…not only the h1n1, but hey, look at global warming! They’ve been using that to stir up peoples fears for years!

    But we conservatives are the fear mongers. Right. LOL