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by John Charlton

(Oct. 31, 2009) — Dr. Edwin Vieira proposed in July that American citizens aghast at the Marxist take over in Washington, D.C., should focus their efforts on Constitutional reform through emphasis of State sovereignty in two crucial areas.

His proposal takes this form:

The basis steps in the strategy are straightforward:

1. Identify a State in which a sizeable segment of the population will support—yea, will demand—two measures:

(a) regaining the Power of the Purse through the introduction of an alternative-currency system based on silver and gold; and
(b) regaining the Power of the Sword through revitalization of “the Militia of the several States” in that State.

2. Draft comprehensive legislation for this purpose exactly as it needs to be enacted—thus embodying fully and precisely what We the People themselves demand, not some crumbs that legislators deign to throw to them.

3. Find patriotic, courageous, and sagacious legislators to introduce the bill and shepherd it through the legislative process.

4. Mobilize a mass of grass-roots activists, not only from that State but also from all over the country, to lobby for the legislation. Because the first State is the starting-point for reform throughout America, every patriot in every State has a vital interest in seeing the reform legislation enacted there.

5. If the bill does not pass, in the very next election remove from office as many as possible of those legislators who voted against it, replacing them with new legislators pledged to carry the reform to completion—legislators drawn from among We the People themselves, not from the ranks of professional politicians. The crucial, if not the only, issue in the election must be the candidates’ support for the reform legislation.

6. Return to step 3, and reiterate this process until the bill finally passes and is signed into law.

Since the success of any effort consists partly in understanding the obstacles that lie in its path, lets consider these point by point.

1. Identify a State that will take back the Power of the Purse & Sword

We have already seen Wyoming and Kentucky take a step toward this in their approval of legislation which would allow gun manufacturing in state, for sale in state only; without the regulation of Federal gun laws.  The rationale for this legislation is that the States are sovereign, and therefore have the right to regulate their own internal commerce, independently of all federal intrusion.

This concept is the same for regaling the power of the Purse and Sword.

Let’s consider each, separately, for starters:

How to regain the Power of the Purse

The U.S. Constitution lays down that only currency in gold or silver shall be legal tender.  This is a fundamental rule for financial independence and market stability, because bankers cannot control the money supply and use their banking charters to invent new fiat-money out of thin air, by loaning more money than they have.

When the economy is based on Gold or Silver this is not possible, to a certain extent; that is, if the actual currently is gold and silver.

However, the current money supply in the U.S.A. far exceeds the value of all the gold and silver mined today in the entire world.  So the first solution, is the money supply solution.

The modern economy requires banks; loans, mortgages, money.  The problem in American is that there is a overvaluation of costs for financial services because there is speculation in these financial products.  The first solution therefore is to end speculation in commodities and financial products, and to establish a State Bank for each sovereign State.

One ends speculation in commodities by passing a law which forbids the sale or purchase of commodity futures by any individual other than the consumer of those commodities.  Thus no one can buy a pork future, other than meat processing industries or companies; no one can by an oil future but refineries; no one can but a gold or silver future but jewelry companies and others which use the metals.

Second one ends the speculation in financial commodities by requiring mortgages to remain with the banks which issue them; and by establishing laws which prevent out-of-state influence, purchase or ownership of instate banks.  All perfectly legal.

Third one outlaws a banks authority to loan more money that it has; and establish a State Bank which is controlled by elected, not appointed officials.

Fourth one guarantees the integrity of state elections by outlawing the spending of any monies raised out of state for instate elections or federal elections in state.  This will prevent foreign influence in the elections, and thus assist the result that the ones elected to supervise the State Bank will serve the people.

Fifth, such a bank must have transparent reporting, open accounts and pubic audits, reporting every quarter to the people of the state: all financial relations between the State bank and private banks in state or out-of-state must be publically reported as well.  No secrete deals, an equal playing field for all who seek a loan.

States that are leading gold and silver producers, and which might be likely to restore their own State currencies are Idaho, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

However all the Silver mined in the U.S.A. is only worth about half a billion dollars; while the money supply — the amount of cash and money changing hands every day — in the U.S.A. is estimated to be about 700 Billion in cash, and another 17 Trillion on account in banks, or invested, or in electronic form.

So you can see that a gold or silver based currency today, while feasible, must understand that the term of the unit of currency is fixed to the price of gold or silver, not that gold or silver would be exclusively used, because if it were, there would not be enough money to go around.

The State Bank would have exclusive authority to mint and stamp the State Currency, and see to it that the local private banks are adequately supplied with currency for their daily activities.

[I add this as my own suggestion:  that the Bill should include a statement of the necessity of powers to protect the State’s sovereignty, among which powers is the exclusive right to collect State and Federal Taxes; any Federal Taxes collected, after fulfiling Federal Mandates and accepting that part of it as determined by the funding allocated to the State by Congress, will be passed on to Washington. That will ensure the proper balance between the States the  Federal Government. — It will also greatly increase the State’s control over its own budget, which is an essential right of state sovereignty.  Not to mention every citizen will be glad to give IRS the boot from their state!]

How to regain the Power of the Sword

This is a lot easier to resolve.  It requires simply a bill in the State legislature, approved by the Governor, allowing each town or country to establish a volunteer Militia unit(s).  Let civic pride lead the way in competing with other towns: let ex-U.S. Military be the officers and key members.  Let it be strictly volunteer, with the state offering no funding at first.  That way legislators cannot balk at the funding.  Make these State Militias capable of assisting local law enforcement during natural disasters and crises.  Have scheduled training exercises, and establish State Militia military bases, in ex U.S. Federal Military bases.  The State could appoint a Chiefs of Staff and have Army, Navy, and Air Force contingents, much like the U.S. Armed forces do.

2. Draft complete Legislation

As can be seen from many years of experience, you cannot get a decent bill through a state legislature if you let the legislators play games with it.  Therefore there has to be formed a think-tank to work out the exact text of the Bills to re-establish these 2 powers: so that they are not subject to meddling or gutting by special interest lobbyist who will surely descend with NWO money stuffed into their briefcases, to peel away legislative support.

Such a think tank should include legal scholars, political activists and learned citizens which are not party affiliated: for if you bring a party zealot to the table, what you discuss in the morning will be faxed at noon to the halls of power of the NWO elite.  Of course, Dr. Vieira could be asked to be a consultant to such a think-tank.  Concerned citizens can study their state constitution and laws: and in a short time, if they read these completely assist with the preparation: but it will take a full-time effort of patriots, sacrificing their private lives for the good of the state, to achieve this in the time necessary — for it is short.  Those with training in the law should be sought out, and their counsel followed, to avoid problems which would kill the bill later one, say if it is appealed to the State Supreme Court.

3. Find patriotic, courageous, and sagacious legislators

This will be the hard part, because there are few of these already in office.  However, if you ask them some simple questions, you can easily find out if they are such men:

Q1. “Which do you put first, the interest and welfare of the citizens of this State, or that of those who funded your campaign?” —  Make sure you have a video camera running when they are questioned, and broad cast their answers.

Q2. “If the Federal Government sent troops to march on our State, to whom would you give your allegiance, to our State or to the Federal Government?”

Q3. “To whom does this State belong: to its citizens, or to the politicians?”

Q4. “Do you think the people have the right to sentence any state politician to death, if he betrays their State’s sovereignty?”

Q5. “Do you believe this State is sovereign, just as much as any sovereign nation, in all things but foreign affairs?”

The answers are obvious to these questions.  By their responses you will know which politicians in your state can be trusted.

In addition, getting the bill passed with take concerted effort.

Citizens need to set up 24/7 watch on all legislators and the Governor and expose any NWO influence peddling.

A specific but general enough warning from the people against this, should also be made:  threaten every legislator with investigating every detail of their activities, if they should vote against these 2 bills.  Identify the legislators or politicians who are opposed and have concerned citizens follow them like paparazzi, to catch them in any illegal activity in which they might partake.

That might sound dirty, but its a fight to the death for liberty, and it is not immoral to  influence a legislator through just and non-violent means to do the right thing.

4. Mobilize a mass of grass-roots activists to lobby for the legislation.

Found PACs nation-wide to raise money now for this initiative. There is no reason for you to not found a pac; it only takes 30 minutes to file; and a visit to your bank.

Network these together through blogs which advocate this legislative reform. Found a lobbying group in each state’s capital to receive funds and put into effect 24/7 lobbying:  flood the opposition out.  Staff lobbying group with the most loyal patriots: speak frankly and patriotically; be patient and courteous.

Target one or two states for the first go around.

Lobby: take legislators out to lunch, dinner, etc., anything that is legal to show them they will benefit from passing this bill.  Run ads on TV, in the newspapers, on Radio: explain the Bills and expose opponents’ arguments as phony.

Mail flyers, go house-to-house; have phone-call campaigns; get civil organizations involved, such as firemen, policemen, vets, rotaries, churches etc..

Explain the benefits.  Emphasize the fruits and profit in liberty and auto-sufficiency.  Explain the evil effects of foreign and out-of-state influence, etc..

As for point 5 and 6, these can easily be achieved if points 1-4, and especially 4 are implemented well.

Final Note

The Supreme Court of the United States and District Federal Courts have no more authority to craft precedents to diminish State’s rights or sovereignty, than they have to use precedents instead of the Constitution to determine cases. The States therefore should do well to establish a law against treason; such that if any Federal Judge or Supreme Court justice attacks their rights in the courts; that the State is empowered by its own laws to arrest, detain, try and imprison or execute such judicial criminals.  Such a law would make errant justices and judges think twice before perverting justice before their benches, even if they are out of state.

These Federal laws and precedents cannot constitutionally limit State sovereignty; because the Constitution recognizes the sovereignty of the several States.  We have to get away from the notion that Federal Courts are infallible; they bind only matters regarding to Federal Law; they have no power over the States in the exercise of their rights and sovereignty.

If the Federal Courts attempt this, the entire State from Governor down to begger on the street, should ignore it.

If there is, thus, admitted a certain sort of individualism of the States vis-a-vis the Federal Government, there will always be 50 entitites which oppose any attempt to use the Federal government to impose tyranny on America.

Indeed, if even 1 State re-established it’s militia: it would have a larger military in the U.S.A. than the Federal Government!  As such, the barganing tables would be turned around, when the States negotiated with D.C.. And that’s the way our Founding Fathers meant it to be!


The Post & Email published a follow-up report about the re-establishment of State Militias here.

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  1. One more thing…..

    heard an interview Sunday with the author of a book covering the subject of money – minting, definition of what is lawful money etc…It was very enlightening. Have a look/listen at the site of the book and tell me what you think. We should spread this far and wide.

    Dr. Ron P MacDonald & R Rowen – “They Own It All, Including You By Means of Toxic Currency”


    Mr. Charlton replies: Is this author the source of the theory?

    If you have never studied property law or its history, you probably don’t know that ownership of property is never a strict deed; it always requires recognition of some political power, since that is the very nature of every legal title; without a government there is only possession in fact, enforced with you own shotgun. But with a government there is recognition and a title; its a old custom of Roman Law, that there is no absolute title to land, its all usufruct in a sense, because if you die and stop using it, and you have no heirs, the state allowed another who took use of it, to have title to it. Squatter’s rights is a handme down concept.

    That is why this author is merely an alarmist in one sense; because no one but God has absolute title to propterty.

  2. John,

    how, if at all, do you see the (now 4) lawsuits filed in the DC fed courts contending the US of Am is doing business as a private corporation effecting this movement?

    I’m trying to get up to speed on the fact (if it is indeed true) there are 2 constitutions and 2 United States of Am. Admittedly, I’m lagging behind.

    Now back to your article.
    Mr. Charlton replies: I think they entirely misinterpret the notion of a “legal fiction”; a legal fiction is merely a short hand way of saying a lot with a few words. In the bankrupcy section of the Federal Code, it says the U.S. will be treated as a corporation, as a way of saying that instead of inventing more rules and laws, in debt collection proceedings the U.S. will be treated as if it were a corporation. This is not a statutory designation that it is a corporation.

    It’s that simple: that’s why I am skeptical.

  3. Just a couple of observations:

    “So you can see that a gold or silver based currency today, while feasible, must understand that the term of the unit of currency is fixed to the price of gold or silver, not that gold or silver would be exclusively used, because if it were, there would not be enough money to go around.

    The State Bank would have exclusive authority to mint and stamp the State Currency, and see to it that the local private banks are adequately supplied with currency for their daily activities.”

    There is a logic paradox regarding the concept of having a ‘gold or silver based currency’ and then valuating the metal in terms of the currency… It is a bad idea as it encourages manipulation of the economy by speculators to constantly change the ratio of the metal to the currency for their profit and power. This is exactly what has always been done through out history, and is the reason why this system has been advocated by those who control the financial systems.

    Mr. Charlton replies: That’s not what I said; I meant what you suggested, a certificate-based currently like the U.S. Dollar used to be; redeamable in the metal. As for the rest of your comment; water-boarding politicians might get high ratings on TV, but I don’t think it is an effective lobbying method, let alone an oath-based test!

  4. Ask a candidate how many states there are….Obama would disqualify himself!

    Does anybody else think Carter’s response was written by somebody else? It seems totally different style from earlier. I am not that knowledgeable….sure would like to know who is Carter’s boss, gives him raises, what are his possible promotions, and who he really reports to and who really put Siddharth there. Poor Carter, he was either tricked or is part of the trickery. Time will tell.

  5. This is a fabulous article in response to Dr. Vieira’s “purse and sword” idea. The Committees of Safety (www.committeesofsafety.org) have this as their goal. The article takes this goal one step farther and tells everyone how to implement it. Thank you!

  6. This is good except the part about speculation being outlawed. Sound fiscal and monetary policies are what dampen speculation. Speculation is a necessary activity to both more efficiently allocate resources and to keep out-of-control gov’t policies in check. All bubbles are dependent on excess money and credit. The proper way to inhibit the formation of bubbles is soundess in fiscal and monetary policy. If gov’ts enact stupid measures, speculators are how the market informs the citizenry what has happened. What we want to do is limit gov’t, not citizens.
    Mr. Charlton replies: I have spoken and read some on this, and I see no evidence to prove that speculation on commodities has any role in the economy other than creating a means of investing in paper.

    But when restricted to consumers, the futures market becomes a useful tool to offset costs and helps manufacturers and consumers.

    A case in point: when the big world investors, fearing the bank bust, in the summer of 2008 speculated on oil it nearly ruined the world economy; that bubble was caused by private investors; most bubbles are caused by speculators, whether the tulip bulb bubble in Holland in the 18th century (the first on record) or oil; when a mania hits private investors are apt to speculate.

    If there are laws against non-consumers from buying commodity futures; then the economy functions more efficiently for everyone. Keep investiment money in real things and you will have more prosperity, because they capital will work for all, rather than being used in usurious practices. This is just common sense. Of course I do not include stocks, or bonds, which by their nature are speculative; this being essential to the capital markets for corporations which need funds.

    If I am wrong, I’ll glady take correction:but have seen no reasonable arguments to the contrary.