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Lord Monckton’s dire warnings are explained in our previous report.

Other Links to YouTube videos by or featuring Lord Monckton can be found through this link.

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  1. Thankyou Lord Monckton for speaking out !!! The climate change issue is the first platform to World Government and we who see the big picture must shout from the rooftops and smash the complacency of the general populous wherever possible . Countries MUST remain independant and answerable for their achievemnets or lack of and out of social responsibility provide for the poor , women and children ,disadvantaged in their communities as all first world countries are already doing !!
    We must fight the GOOD fight for freedom of speech and the individual >.

  2. Obama said the same thing about going to Copenhagen for the Chicago Olympic bid. He was definitely NOT going! He was sending Michelle in his place. He was too busy. Too many things to do (like playing basketball, golf, and drinking beer with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.). Then suddenly AT THE LAST MINUTE Obama swoops down to save the day and Mayor Daley is all aglee, until their Chicago Olympic bid is not only not successful, it is the first to be eliminated. So do not hold too much stock in anything Obama says. As we have already learned, he does not mean what he says, and does not say what he means.

  3. Obama says he’s not going to Copenhagen, but I don’t trust him. I think he’s saying that so we all let down our guard and are less prepared to stop him.

  4. Glenn Beck had stated, “he wanted to have Lord Monckton on Fox, with John Bolton”. Hopefully, this will come to pass, as I believe Lord Monckton is in New York and Washington D.C. for conferances with officials this week. China and India have officially declined to particiapate in the U.N. Conferance. No surprize, there. The administration is hedging away, but with Obama in about Coopenhagen at the time of the conferance, theirs no doubt they’ll be trying to cut a deal with Obama. Closed door?