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by John Charlton

(Oct. 25, 2009) — The nightmare has begun:  Obama has initiated the process to seize absolute power and make himself dictator for life.  Such are the possibilities allowed for by legal consequences of his declaration of a National Emergency for the H1N1 flu, yesterday, Oct. 24, 2009.

So writes Marion Valentine a concerned citizen who has studied the laws on National Emergencies:

From the day he took office, Obama and his puppet masters have been building a shadow Government with all power vested in them. The Czars he has appointed, who were not vetted and approved by Congress nor elected, now have the authority to control every aspect of American commerce.

I challenge you to look at the Executive Orders that have been signed over the last 30 years and are still in place. Also carefully read the provisions of the Violent Crime Control Act. They are listed here America In Peril and I include a partial list below.

You will see that with the Executive Orders already in place, combined with the provisions of the Violent Crime Control Act, with the stroke of a pen Obama can suspend the Constitution, the Judiciary, Elections and in effect declare himself president for life.

The next step In the wannabe dictator’s plan is to declare Martial Law, confiscate all privately owned firearms, round up all dissenters and move them to detention centers. Also there will be detention centers for those who have the H1N1 virus.

The author explains how this can be:

A series of Executive Orders, internal governmental departmental laws, unpassed by Congress, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 and the Violent Crime Control Act of 1991, provides additional powers to the President of the United States, allowing the suspension of the Constitution and Constitutional rights of Americans during a “drug crisis”. It provides for the construction of detention camps, seizure of property, and military control of populated areas, has whittled down Constitutional law substantially. These new Executive Orders and Congressional Acts allow for the construction of concentration camps, suspension of rights and the ability of the President to declare Martial Law in the event of a drug crisis. Congress will have no power to prevent the Martial Law declaration and can only review the process six months after Martial Law has been declared. . . .

Then Valentine explains how these powers might now be used by Obama:

The power provided by these “laws” allows suspension of the Constitution and the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights during any civil disturbances, major demonstrations and strikes and allows the military to implement government ordered movements of civilian populations at state and regional levels, the arrest of certain unidentified segments of the population, and the imposition of Martial Law.

The entire article can be read at the Canadian Free Press’ Website.

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  1. Dear Mr. Charlton,

    As I wrote in my first comment to this article, I was trying to get your attention. Maybe I got it – just a little bit? I’m interested to use this communication to you in order to try to move forward what I described in the comment #1 to this article (in that comment also are mentioned 2 other comments on your site). If you agree with the foolproof (in my view) proof of Obama’s Ineligibility placed in the letter to Glenn Beck (only Constitution and The Oath of Allegiance are used for that proof; it takes less that 5 min to read it), may I ask you to use it:

    “Everybody who agrees with this foolproof… proof can use it as his/her own proof. Please just use it!”

    You can rewrite (much better than me – my English is ESL) or rearrange the tool that I submitted: a short flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!”, a longer one, and the proof of Obama’s Ineligibility (that placed in the letter to Glenn Beck). You can place a counter of a success of this campaign on your site – would it news worthy to observe how this thing will be developed??? Let me suggest one more thing: let’s imagine that every person who clicks on that counter will also donate $1 (or even 10c) on development of such a campaign – I don’t think that it’s a too heavy burden in order to try to uphold Constitution.

    I repeat what I wrote in that unpublished comment (I didn’t save it): I don’t believe in any success by writing letters to members of Congress, to media, to courts. Everything like that was done and has showed the total uselessness. Only WE THE PEOPLE can try to begin to solve the Consitutional problem of Obama’s Ineligibility through wide awareness (despite media) and by proper voting already in 2010. And if we can’t do it we well deserve our future…


    Mr. Charlton says: This is a great idea, but The Post & Email is to be a news site, not a political action site: any organization of that kind can do this. We’re going to stick to covering the news, not engaging directly in political activism. If someone does what you propose, we’ll cover it as news and direct our readers to it, for sure.

  2. Hi UK Fan,

    Thanks for kind words.

    I think my participation on another site isn’t necessary. Everything was written and explained in my previous post (including links on a short flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!”, a longer flyer (with the same title) and a letter to Glenn Beck (with a foolproof proof of Obama’s Ineligibility – sorry, there is an errata in that last word in one place of my previous post).

    “Everybody who agrees with this foolproof… proof can use it as his/her own proof. Please just use it!”

    Or this thing works through participation of others by simple formula

    1 + 3 + 3×3 + 3x3x3 + …

    or it dies (because there is no participation).

    P.S. I found a counter on your site:
    A counter:

    You can use this one (or similar) if for any reason a counter by registering at http://www.restoretheconstitutionalrrepublic.com doesn’t fit you.

    I’d be happy to find out that you could move this thing on your site.

    I repeat that I don’t believe in a success by writing letters to members of Congress, to media, to courts. Only WE THE PEOPLE can do it through a wide awareness about Obama’s Ineligibility and proper voting in 2010. Or if we can’t, we well deserve our future…

  3. Hey btw,
    Great Post. I too have been trying to get the word out. Even today I post stories on politics.com and have some supporters on the site. I have written my US Senator several times as well as sending e-mails to reporters on Fox News, Rush, Quinn & Rose and a few others. Sometimes it helps, other times it falls on DEAD ears but I keep on trying. I invite you to join politics.com and help me spread the word there also. Good luck in your quest.

  4. Dear Mr. Charlton,

    I (among many others I believe) took a notice about DECLARATION OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY FOR H1N1 FLU and possible consequences of it for all Americans. It’s time to ACT now (while and if we still have some time). I need to tell you that I absolutely don’t believe in any successful results of actions through courts. If somebody had any doubts about that they (doubts) have to be gone after this publication:


    I believe that only WE THE PEOPLE can begin to solve the Constitutional problem (of Mr. Obama’s Eneligibility to be POTUS) already during Elections 2010. I tried to do what I could in that direction on RestoreTheConstitutionalRepublic.com and (alas!) I failed.
    Now I’m trying to get your attention.

    I placed a couple of comments on your blog regarding Mr. Obama’s Ineligibility to be POTUS according Constitution:



    If you agree with their content, may I ask you to spend about 5 min to read the following flyer “To Fellow American Citizen!” (including all inner links):

    http://restoretheconstitutionalrepublic.com/forum/index.php?topic=3189.msg16894#msg16894 ?

    By idea that flyer was supposed to be “self exploding” in order to:
    1) give short information (despite media) to WE THE PEOPLE about the Constitutional problem of Obama’s Ineligibility to be POTUS and use this information during Elections 2010;

    2) measure a success of such actions by asking to register at http://www.RestoreTheConstitutionalrRepublic.com where there is a counter of membership’s number.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t initiate any considerable actions through RestoreTheConstitutionalrRepublic (although I have tried real hard).

    So if you find the idea of that flyer reasonable, feel free to edit it in any way you see it and please use it. Maybe you can arrange that counter on your site?
    P.S. As it’s written in the inmost link of that flyer
    (http://www.restoretheconstitutionalrepublic.com/forum/index.php?topic=2783.msg12853#msg12853 )
    regarding the proof of Obama’s Ineligibility to be POTUS according Constitution:

    “Everybody who agrees with this foolproof… proof can use it as his/her own proof. Please just use it!”

    P.P.S. If you need some changes from me in this material, you have my eamil address.