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by John Charlton

(Oct. 22, 2009) — Since the Obama regime has made it absolutely clear that supreme and absolute power is their goal, the American voter should not be surprised at the goings-on in Washington, D.C..  Obama will target and destroy every opposition group, simply because he has to, if he wants to install himself as Dictator for life.

First it was the auto-industry: he effectively destroyed the investors in GM; the republicans in the Dealerships.  Then with the “Hate” laws he introduced legislation to give a pretext for rounding us up.

The 1.7 Million Tea Parties who descended to Washington, were ignored and their existence was denied by nearly all media outlets.

Now Obama plans to destroy the Health Insurance industry, because that will make all of us dependent upon whatever crumbs he hands out, for our health care; by means of a law which will give him power of life and death over each of us.

We are no longer living with a George Bush in the Whitehouse; we are being pushed and beaten down another road; one which the peoples of Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba, etc., were forced down, to be butchered and raped by godless Communists.

In response groups of Americans are forming and organizing efforts that take account for the new political reality into which we have entered.  The Post & Email will be featuring these, so that you the readers can get a better sense of how to defend yourselves against tyranny.

Rise Up For America responds

On organization which is responding to the grim reality of a Marxist Dictatorship, is Rise Up For America.

Rise Up For America announced yesterday a call for the mobilization of Americans nationwide to resist tyranny.  Their program, “Drive the Nail”, will recruit Military, Security Professionals, and the Voter, to form a “Three-legged Stool” or platform of resistence nationwide.

You can read more about it at this url: http://www.riseupforamerica.com/drivethenail.html where their new forum for this effort will shortly be unveiled.

Elsewhere on the same site is an excellent essay, the first two paragraphs of which are as follows:

Dictator Obama and Reaching the Point of No Return

By Sher Zieve  Sunday, October 18, 2009

As very few of our Congressional elected officials Democrats AND Republicans are taking any actions or exhibiting any desire to stop the Obama Dictatorship and We-the-People are now being completely left out of any and all legislation that directly affects us, I can only surmise that we as the Nation of the United states of America may have reached the point of no return in our rapidly forced descent into totalitarianism.

From the anti-American and anti-human recently-passed Congressional bills, I have also concluded that as these self-same elected officials no longer care what their constituents think our attempts to stop the insanity of government officials summarily stripping us of our own money and our Constitutionally guaranteed liberties via peaceful means may have now come to an end.  They haven’t worked.  In actuality, even our September 1.7 millions-person-march on Washington D.C. in opposition to ObamaCare and Cap and Tax barely elicited yawns from both the Executive and Legislative branches of government the ones the American people elected to office in the first place.  Instead, delivering yet another slap to the faces of the American people, Obama skipped town that day to be fawned over by a hand-picked crowd of his supporters in Minnesota.

The Post & Email encourages its readers to read the entire piece.

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