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THANK YOU! — The power of bloggers — Future Outlook, help us grow!

by John Charlton

(Oct. 20, 2009) — I owe a hearty thanks to all the readers of The Post & Email.

In my last letter I spoke about this new, News Site and my hopes for it.  I had asked you to help increase readership to 150,000 by the end of the month, and already that goal will be surpassed today.

Thank you!

As I said previously, a free republic requires a free press.  This is true because human nature in its present fallen state, cannot be held in check by laws alone, no matter how wise or prudent.

Without a Free Press corruption goes on unchecked, unexposed.

But a free press is not enough.

So I encourage each of you to become active citizens, not satisfied merely to read the news, but also to investigate and respond with civic action and responsibility.

As William Shirer, the famous journalist who penned, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, noted:  Germany in the 30’s fell under the rule of mad men, only because the sane allowed them to enter and hold office; when they ought rather to have put them in mental asylums.  Alas, the same has befallen America, simply because the average citizen left politics to the mad, to the conceited, and to the treacherous.

While I cannot predict the future of The Post & Email I ask you to help it grow its readership, by continuing to post links to its stories on blogs and in other forums, and spreading the word about the rebirth of the Free Press.

My hope is that readership will grow to 350,000 by the end of November.  With your help it can be a reality.

Second, professional journalists have nothing on common-citizens. Don’t forget that “journalist” comes from the French for a “writer of a journal” or daily report.  A “blogger” is simply the modern term for the same thing.

The advent of blogging has empowered the average citizen.  It has encouraged him to write, communicate, debate and ultimately think.

If we harness these talents we can give a rebirth to the Free Press, create our own News Sites and news agencies; and put to rout the communist infiltrated companies that feed us propaganda 24/7.

I therefore encourage readers to become citizen journalists, bloggers, and investigators.

We need to get the information out about the Communist take-over of the government; about Obama’s usurpation; about the conspiracy by the Republican and Democratic National Committees, the NWO financiers, and the international Socialists who want to remake American in their own distorted, perverted image.

Finally, The Post & Email wants to move to its own professional site and have a full e-newspaper format.  This is going to cost about $1500, plus legal fees for incorporation.  If you want to advertise at our future site and would like to pledge an advertiser contract, or if you would like to make a donation, please contact me by email.  Thanks.

(Please do not send funds by Paypal at this time.)

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