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by John Charlton

(Oct. 20, 2009) — At 10:22 PM Last evening someone purporting to be William Blaine issued the following email:

Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 22:15:27 -0400
Subject: Obama Birth Proof
+ Cert.pdf

My client has asked me to share this with you and asks that you share it with as many patriots as possible so that it cannot be scrubbed from existence.

I trust you will know what to do with this.

Attached to this email was the following Certificate of Live Birth of Barack Hussein Obama, which contains no file number:

The Blaine Document, in PNG Format
The Blaine Document, in PNG Format

The Post & Email has not authenticated this document, which has several signs of  being a fraud. But as it will be news in coming days, it provides it for the utility of the readers. The above image is a PNG format, cropped from the original PDF. (Download the Image for enlargment and clearer visibility of details)  The PDF file indicates it was created by a Canon iR5065 scanner/printer, scanning a document which appears to have been a fax.  The form seems similar to others available on the web.

The witnesses on the Document are Madelyn Payne Dunham and Martin Blaine Enriscon (Erickson?). The registrar’s name is not discernable. In the opinion of The Post & Email the signatures of the first two witnesses are similar forms of handwriting.

Commander Charles Kerchner, issued this statement:

Atty Mario Apuzzo and I believe it is a forgery and a fraud  … probably done by some Obot to get our side scurrying around with it.

The biggest reason we think it is a fraud is because the Hawaiian statute cited in the lower right corner as the version with the “.8” amendment on the end, i.e., 338.17.8 did not exist in 1961. It was added to the statute in 1982. That jumped out at me right away.  338.17.8 did not apply to Obama in 1961 because it did not exist in the law books yet.  But the registration of out of state children was permitted in 1961 under older laws such as the one in 1911 and another in 1955, as I recall off the top of my head.

But since this doc is citing 338.17.8 it cannot be the initial or original birth registration document.

Charles Kerchner

Who’s who?

There is a William E. Blaine, esq., who practices law in Columbus, Ohio, according to LegalHelpmate.com.

Martin Blaine Enriscon (Enrision/Erickson?) appears to be the Doctor who delivered the child.  There is a Martin Erickson in Kailua, Hawaii, according to Whitepages.com.

The document is also self contradictory, since a Doctor cannot certify a live birth at a foreign hospital. He has to be present to do that.

The release of this PDF file seems therefore to be a publicity stunt and/or political statement.

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  1. 1. Well, first obvious thing to do is obtain a copy of Madelyn Dunham’s handwriting. Should be many handwriting samples for her floating around, especially at the bank she worked at for 20 yrs.

    2. IF the handwriting is the same, then this document clearly deserves further scrutiny. The signature of Medlyn is key.

    3. Who’s to say that Madelyn did NOT sign her name: “Madlyn” on this document? That alone obviously doesn’t render it a fraud.

    4. It’s pretty obvious that the 1st 2 signatures were written by the same person. Who?

    5. Not sure who Ericson is signing as. I don’t see that he is signing as a doctor. And, he merely says that: “I hereby certify that this child was born alive on the date and hour stated above.” Whoever Ericson is he COULD have been present for the birth even if in Kenya, right? Yah.

    6. It may well be a forgery BUT the SIGNATURE of Madlyn Dunham IS KEY.

  2. I too received this emailed COLB and concur that it certianly appears to be a forgery. Other things I note is they list the mothers race as caucasion, I believe back then it would have been white, no file number and nothing indicating it is a state of Hawai’i document.

    I chose not to post it on my site for these reasons and the reasons you specify above.

    Probably put out there by some Obama supporter.

  3. Just another in a LONG line of fakes from the ILLEGAL ALIEN FRAUD and LIER now residing in the US White House.

    The SLOPPY use of ink eradicator that spilled over onto the horizontal lines is almost child-like in it’s stupidity !

  4. It looks to me that the statute was added later – it doesn’t look like it lines up with the rest of the typing.

    Also it looks like the “other” box is checked next to Erickson’s name, not the doctor box.

  5. This is an OBVIOUS FAKE! They’ve mispelled Madelyn & signed Madlyn. Madlyn & Martin were written by the same person. The type style is wrong for the era. The type is clean, while the lines are worn.

    I would not waste your time on this one. The obots are busy, once again.