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by John Charlton

(Oct. 19, 2009) — The scrubbing of the internet to rewrite Obama’s birth story, perpetrated by Google’s Newspaper Archive and  numerous news sites such as the Honolulu Advertiser, is not something new; nor unique to the Obama Campaign; it’s the standard modus operandi of Communist infiltration in the U.S.A. whose roots go back nearly 70 years.

Just 2 years ago a scholar M. Stanton Evans, warned the citizens of the United States about the tactic of stealing history, in his book on Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Whether one agreed with or despised the politics of the late Senator McCarthy, one thing all should agree on is this: that the history of the events surrounding his anti-communist crusade should be preserved for posterity.


Yet, in 1993, under the Clinton Administration someone stole that history.

Evans documents this in his book in his book, Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His fight Against America’s Enemies. An extensive summary (nearly 20 pps long) of that book was published by Renew America, and written by Wes Vernon. It is available on the web via Citizens for a Constitutional Republic.  This article will excerpt from Vernon’s summary, which is, in itself, worth reading.

After mentioning the theft of historic documents from the national archive by Sandy Berger, to ostensibly white wash the record of Bill Clinton’s failure to protect the nation against Islamo-terrorism; Vernon summarizes the evidence brought forward by M. Stanton Evans:

One of the mysteriously “disappearing” documents was issued in the summer of 1946 by State Department official Samuel Klaus. He fingered Soviet agents and alleged Communist Party members — one of them Alger Hiss — in the Department. He also cited “suspects” and “sympathizers.”

Four years later, after Senator McCarthy had launched his campaign to expose the failure to oust Communists from State, he learned of the Klaus memo, and brought pressure to have it turned over to Senator Millard Tydings, the Maryland Democrat who was conducting hearings to examine McCarthy’s charges. Tydings received a copy. Thereafter it simply disappeared. There is in the Archives a cover letter of transmittal, but the memo itself is gone. Some cover-up artist pulled a Sandy Berger years before Sandy’s time.

And thus began Evans discovery of the theft of history; the results of the investigation Vernon subsequently summarizes:

When Evans looked for the memo in the files of Samuel Klaus, it was likewise missing. And here’s the real scary part: The Archives contained a notice that the file was withdrawn in March of 1993–43 years later.

That was in Evans’s book. In my two-hour interview with the author, he revealed he had learned since the book went to print that important files on the “McCarthy era” had been lifted as late as the year 2000–50 years later.

Much of the missing material had to do with the Tydings subcommittee which had been named by the Senate’s Democrat leadership — ostensibly to investigate McCarthy’s allegations of Communists in the State Department — but in reality to do a whitewash of the charges and instead discredit McCarthy.

Who in the year 2000 would be nosing around and risking jail time to steal (or “remove”) the memo even then — after much of the world had forgotten about what was headline news way back in the 1950s? . . .

And Vernon continues:

Also mysteriously missing are two dozen other documents “from the State Department related to security matters,” the author reports. The long laundry list of stolen Archive files includes “the names of eighty loyalty/security suspects at State and elsewhere,” and a letter from the head of the CIA concerning one of the eighty on that list; another listing of 12 other suspects for inquiry; and papers from McCarthy’s own investigating subcommittee which he chaired 1953-1955.

And it’s not only Government records which have disappeared, even the archives of a West Virginia Paper have magically vanished:

McCarthy’s first speech on the Communist issue was delivered in Wheeling, West Virginia, on February 9, 1950. There was a lot of controversy about what the previously little-known Wisconsin senator did and did not say in that speech. So Evans spent some time in Wheeling in an attempt to peruse records of the Wheeling Intelligencer, now stored at the local public library there.

Surely that file would preserve for posterity news of the events that took place during this history-making event in Wheeling, would it not?

Wrong. All editions going back to the 19th Century were microfilmed and in their places — except for two months in well over a century’s worth of cataloguing — January and February, 1950. Those two months included what are probably the period where Wheeling, W. Va., made the biggest national news in its history, and they just happen to be the two months where the local newspaper’s back issues are missing. What was reported in that daily newspaper that would inspire someone to wipe out the record as if it never happened?

And even the Library of Congress:

Evans then figured not to worry. He would simply go to the Library of Congress which keeps records of newspapers and other publications from around the country. The library had issues of the Wheeling Intelligencer, but none prior to August, 1952.

And the whitewash of history, was not confined the Clinton years, the Democrats in Congress were up to it even in McCarthy’s day:

Again, the Tydings committee — formally charged with investigating McCarthy’s charges of the State Department cover-up — in reality, was charged by the Senate’s then-Democrat majority with putting the lid on the whole thing.

When the committee issued its final report, one of the Republican members, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, noted that 35 pages of stenographic record in the final hearing were missing. Not included (surprise!) were Senator Lodge’s comments toward the end of the hearings that many significant topics had not been covered or had been swept under the rug in Tydings’ “probe.” The New England Republican outlined a series of questions that had not been answered.

When Lodge indignantly took his complaint to the Senate floor, all hell broke loose.

Exhibiting as much anger as his Boston blue-blood upbringing would allow, Senator Lodge charged the disappearance “obviously wasn’t accidental” and that “[s]omebody had surgically removed” the 35 pages because the last pages in the transcript, including the part about adjournment, were tacked on to give the false impression of a complete record.

The Amerasia Affair & Coverup

One very important case regarding Communist infiltration and theft of top-secret documents during these years was the Amerasia Magazine, run by the Institute for Pacific Relations and funded in part by the Rockefeller Foundation; the FBI found  1,800 stolen documents in the magazine’s offices, and evidence that these were being passed on to the Communists in China.

The Democratic Leadership squashed the investigation and tried to hide it away:

When the agents entered the Amerasia offices in the middle of the night, they recovered 1800 documents, stolen from the secret files of many government agencies involved in national security, including secret information on the position of the armies of the then pro-Western government of China. Naturally, these were of great interest to the Chinese Communist military revolutionaries then seeking to overthrow (ultimately with success) that American-friendly government.

After the break-in, the bureau arrested Philip Jaffe, Kate Mitchell, Mark Gayn, Andrew Roth, John Stewart Service, and Emanuel Larson — the latter two from the State Department. All six — connected in one way or another with the magazine — had Communist or pro-Communist backgrounds.

The case garnered a brief whirlwind of publicity at the time, but not much beyond that. In relatively short order, all six escaped jail time, some of them paying light fines or other slaps on the wrist or getting off scot-free.

Service — a diplomat who spent much of World War II in China, where he set about deriding the pro-Western Chinese government and praising the Communists as “simple agrarian reformers” — was able to avoid indictment in part because his position at the State Department provided him with ample “connections.” He slipped through the loose jaws of justice, notwithstanding that he was caught by the FBI passing secret documents to Jaffe (Amerasia’s editor) — the latter described by Evans as “a zealous Marxist” and “one of the more unusual characters in the murky byways of subversion.” Service would later become one of McCarthy’s listed State Department cases. Jaffe would also be mentioned, as well as Owen Lattimore (about whom more below).

Stan Evans has unearthed an FBI report on a Service/Jaffe meeting here in Washington where Service warned (while the FBI recorders were surreptitiously taking it all in) that “what I said about the military plans, of course, is very secret.” The two held several such clandestine (or so they thought) meetings.

Vernon then summarizes what follows:

Shortly after the Amerasia case was wiped off the national radar, some lawmakers, including Congressman George Dondero (R-Mich.), demanded to know how such an important and far-reaching case could crumble so quickly. Democrats (then in control of Congress) held a hearing on the matter behind closed doors and without putting anyone under oath. Justice Department prosecutor Robert Hitchcock described the whole thing as nothing more than “teacup gossip.”

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover went “ballistic” (Evans reports in “Blacklisted by History”). After all, the FBI had wiretaps and other documentation on the whole conspiracy. At the time of the arrests, Hoover had reportedly described it as “a 100 percent airtight case,” only to see it covered up soon thereafter at the highest levels.

“Tommy the Cork”

Not until the late nineties was it publicly known that a major string-puller in the Amerasia cover-up of a half century ago was a veteran “Mr. Fixit,” Thomas “Tommy the Cork” Corcoran. He had lived in the White House at President Roosevelt’s side and later became a Washington lawyer.

“Tommy the Cork,” so nicknamed by FDR, was not regarded with the same degree of affection at the White House after Harry Truman became president. “The new President,” according to Evans’ book on Joe McCarthy, “had certain suspicions about the New Deal wheelhorse,” and put the FBI on his trail. There they found him up to his ears “in the Amerasia quagmire,” working with pro-Soviet FDR aide Laughlin Currie (John Stewart Service’s mentor) to make sure Service was not indicted. As a result, reports the author, “Service would walk free and clear from any legal sanctions. Not one of the people being [wire]tapped, according to Bureau records, dissented from this felonious project.”

Samples of the wiretapped conversations in the cover-up

Corcoran: What I want to do is get this guy [Service] out. These other fellows want to make a Dreyfus case out of it.

Currie: Yeah, but the important thing is to get him out.


Corcoran (to Service): I talked to the Attorney General [Tom Clark, later elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court] and … l did want you to know that I’d gone right to the top on this damn thing, and I’m quite sure I’ll get it cut out [i.e., spare your name from going to the Grand Jury]


In the last year, U.S. Citizens who have questioned the ascendency of Barack Hussein Obama have been attack publicly and privately, in the press, on TV, and in Internet forums and blogs, as being conspiracy theorists.  Yet the facts of history prove that it is the liberal media, the Democratic Party, and known Marxists, Communists, and Socialists at the highest levels of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of the Federal Government who have entered into a conspiracy to whitewash history to advance the careers of known Marxist sympathizers.

The scrubbing of history in the McCarthy accusations Affair, had this purpose: to conceal the infiltrators the KGB was moving up to positions of power and influence in America.  Indeed, with the fall of Communism in Russia and the publication of KGB files, it has been found that nearly 95% of those accused by Senator McCarthy were either KGB agents, informants, or collaborators.

The bitter fruit of this 70 effort and infiltration and history theft, is the Communist takeover of government which occurred at the last national election.  And unless America rises up against this takeover, it may very well have been the last national election.

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  1. Sad but true. My grown, college-educated children think McCarthy was a great villain, although I have told them McCarthy was right about Communist infiltration. Of course, that just makes me a villain, too, in their eyes. It’s sad that truth is so often turned on its head by lies.

  2. This is great!! I’m going to get this book when I have the opportunity. It’s good to know there is an honest accounting of McCarthy’s work.

    I wish our Congress was filled with men/women like McCarthy… men willing to stop the evils of Communism, Fascism… men willing to protect our Freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution.

    I always knew the Marxist media and government had twisted the legacy of McCarthy. Look forward to getting to the truth.