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[UPDATE 10/27/2009:  The Post & Email has published a supplementary report on Velamoor’s connections to the progressivist agenda.]

by John Charlton

(Oct. 17, 2009) — In a stunning blow to the impartiality of the American Judicial system, Federal Judge David O. Carter, who is hearing the case Barnett vs. Obama, in the Central District, Southern Division Court at Santa Ana, California, has just hired a lawyer who works for a law firm where Robert F. Bauer, one of Obama’s top lawyers is a partner. And that, just days before the Oct. 5, 2009 hearing on the Motion to Dismiss, in which his demeanor radically changed, according to Dr. Orly Taitz, esq., lead counsel for the Plaintiffs.

Siddharth Velamoor is the lawyer chosen by Carter to serve as one of his two official clerks, from Oct. 1, 2009, till Sept. 30, 2010, according to Wikipedia. Velamoor is listed as an associate with Perkins Coie, LLP’s office in Seattle, Washington. It is not clear if he has broken his relations with the firm. Perkins Coie, LLP did represent Obama in a previous case litigated by Dr. Orly Taitz last winter. Velamoor is also listed as a clerk for Judge Carter in an official court document.

Robert F. Bauer, is a partner of Perkins Coie, LLP’s office in Washington, D.C.. His bio at the company identifies him as holding the Chair of the Political Law group at the firm; general counsel to Obama’s Campaign for America and general counsel to the Democratic National Committee.

Mr. Bauer’s wife is none other than Anita Dunn, the White House’s Communication’s Director.

Mr. Bauer, who represented Obama in a case challenging his eligibility in the spring, wrote a letter on April 3, threatening a citizen if he should continue to seek justice in the courts. You can read more about that case and letter here.

Since it appears that Siddharth Velamoor could be influenced by Perkins Coie, if the case did not go Obama’s way; his presence in Judge Carter’s chambers clearly impugns the integrity of the court, and will be the cause of dismay among the general public.  Indeed since Velamoor will in the near future need a job reference from Perkins Coie, he will always have to be careful not to offend them politically.

This appearance of grave impropriety, leads the objective observer to ask (1) whether Velamoor has separated his ties with the firm; (2) who suggested to him to apply for a clerkship with Carter; (3) was this before or after the case Barnett vs. Obama was filed in February; and (4) did Carter know of the relations between Velamoor, Perkins Coie, and Bauer.

For more information about Velamoor, see “Just Citizens Making Ethical Statements” Blog.


UPDATE 10/17/2009 8:30 pm EDLST:  A Wikipedia user scrubbed their article on Carter, removing the names of lawclerks, citing as a reason for this change an attack on its webpage (“attack” here cannot mean too many requests for the page from you readers, because the stats at WordPress list less than 500 hits through this page to their page); the previous information regarding law clerks is still visible here, however; dispite the crude attempt of someone to erase the page.)

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  1. What is the total on the number of cases dismissed to date?
    Does anyone know?

    The number of cases filed and dismissed at this point should make all Americans wonder why.

    I would like to suggest that the time has come that “we”, the millions of us, who believe that Barack Obama is ineligible to be the President of the United States, come together under ONE umbrella to begin to push his impeachment among the American public.
    Which umbrella? resistnet.com? grassfire.org? freedomworks.org? The floor is open to suggestions.

  2. Like many others at this posting, I too read the Bible. And, have done so many times over. Above all, I believe Jesus is the Son of God, sent to save us. I believe in and plead by His Blood. I believe the Old T. and the New T. are the inspired Word of the Father. I follow Jesus. My faith, thus far, not shaken by the things of this world. I thank the Spirit of our living God for this. That being said: I will never support pacifism in His Name. We are seeing this all over the country, in the church pulpit and across denomination. I firmly believe our Constitution is a gift to each of us born under it, or legally accepted to be citizens by it. This is a Christian nation, from the Father; history indicates to all that the founding fathers received and ACTED upon inspired revelation [by the Holy Spirit], with the outcome being the Constitution, its writing and its standing. As such, it is our responsibility to guard and protect it, much like we are called upon by Him to guard and protect our children, here again, doing so according to His Word. We are a nation of Laws. Yet those same Laws have now failed us. The Bible says a house divided shall fall. The Bible says that house, not built upon the Rock, shall cease to be. The Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. The Bible says Stand, and therefore Stand. The Bible points our paths to Seasons. There are seasons for everything under the Son. Being in this world [not of this world], my maturity in the Word has taught me to expect there will be times of war. I don’t believe our Father gifted us with the Constitution just to then hand it over to the communists or any other anti-Christian enemy, or to accept slavery under the enemy. History indicates communism is by and of the enemy. Yes we all must pray. This is a given. The Bible tells there is a time and season for extraordinary prayer. Then, this precious Bible shows us: to rise and take action. It is each one’s choice to take the Word put forth by the Bible as a whole, or to be blind to the whole, and pick and choose [as a convenience to hide] to run and live in the “TV bubble [propaganda] land known as this modern day United States”. I know this conclusion is harsh. But I am struck by the utter lack of men or courage stepping forth to save and protect their wives, children, mothers, fathers, or their Constitution. I am struck and shocked by it all. I am sad to see thousands of these same men every Saturday and Sunday loaded up in full stadiums all across the country, living it up watching football [as if nothing has changed], but then only to see a small [comparatively speaking] number of men show up to a rally or town hall to stand against what has been an unmistakable breach of the Constitution in order to take this government from its people, most all, being Christians. What happened to: “the few, the proud, the Marines”? Judge Carter: who are you? Judge Carter: where are you? Judge Carter: what and whom do you Stand For? Your honor: God help you!

  3. I attended the hearing October 5th. John Charlton gets the credit for breaking this story. Using a Facebook link to Siddharth Velamoor, I recognized another clerk Lindsay Lutz.

    We need to know the identity and BIOs of the other two clerks. We need to be damn-sure of our facts before alleging Carter has willfully and knowingly compromised his own case and career.

    This is a win-win tactic for the administration. Anita Dunn will leave office at the end of the year; thus she can be used to throw political hand-grenades at Fox News and engage in tactics like court-tampering via her husband with complete cover.

    If these actions result in the delay of the case– they win. If this results in Carter recusing himself, they win. If it results in a an appeal by the government, they win.
    Mr. Charlton replies: I did not break the story. But if Carter recuses himself, I don’t think that means the Government wins, it would be a blow to Obama, because it would admit that Carter was comprimised by the government, even if it was without his personal knowledge.

  4. We have a God who has told us how to overcome. The word of God through Jesus says to love your enemies and do good to them. Pray for our leaders. The president and his administration need repentance and so do we. Forgive and you shall be forgiven.

    Revelation 21:7, 8 “He that overcomes shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be My son. :8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolater, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death.”

    Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

    Let these scriptures be our weapons; mail them to President Obama. When we promote guns even for our protection, and talk of weapons to overcome this government, we give them power over us, to call us radical, fanatics, screwballs, possibly violent and dangerous. They will fear us and fight us. “That which you fear shall come upon you.” That is God’s law.

    “We fight not against flesh and blood, but wickedness in high places.” We have freedom of speech, ability to comment on news etc. opposing anti-God policies. Use the words “God has a better way or solution.” Kindly show why their system is wrong etc. Stay out of the world system of debt, interest, insurance, seeking riches and honors (colleges), attend church, pay your tithe, help your neighbors, and trust God for your healings, stop running to doctors like they are God. “That which you fear shall come upon you.” You will prove faith and God’s system is better and overcome the oppressive employment lifestyle we have created. Do not be attached to your belongings or even opposing family. We must be willing to leave it all, to die in the wilderness if we must. We have a God who promises to provide all our needs. He proved it for believing children of Israel and He gave destruction to those who rejected His ways (whoever they were.)

    See http://www.divine-way.com for dangers to be overcome and how to overcome them.

    send. Judge Carter hires Obama lawyer http://thepostnemail.wordpress.com/2009/10/17/carter-shows-his-ethics-hires-obama-lawyer-as-clerk-oct-1st/

  5. All one has to do is read the information presented on this excellent site by Mr. Charlton to easily see clearly, and fully understand, the need for organized rejection of this government by the people who own it. The problem is clear. We can continue all of the various investigations, but they won’t change what has taken place, and continues. The question is how to gain the attention of the majority.

  6. Has anyone checked to see if Judge Carter’s family has been threatened? The Chicago mob has taken over the federal government and that is how the mob works.

  7. No question that this is a disturbing and outrageous new revelation, but it is also not surprising. About mid-July I was the last submitter of a brief, and so far, undisputed commentary quite relevant to this current situation at http://conservativemeanderings.wordpress.com/2009/07/16/updated-weird-things-are-happening-in-the-obama-birth-certificate-saga/. That being said, as alluded to by Orly Taitz herself at her webpage, “In re to the clerk, who worked for Bob Bauer, Obama’s lawyer and now someone got this person position with judge Carter,” it may just be that Siddharth Velamoor was “appointed” to be Judge Carter’s clerk.

    The Obama team must be getting nervous and desperate – something akin to a cornered or wounded animal – like a tiger, and just as dangerous, from at least a legal perspective. This is also analogous to what is little reported about staffers who work for Congress and Senate members – provided by lobbyist organizations – who keep close tabs on the activities of the officials we elect – and are deeply involved with the writing of congressional legislation.

    One final tidbit of information about Judge Carter. There’s a link, for the Federal Judicial Center (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Judicial_Center), at the bottom of Judge Carter’s Wikipedia page. He’s on the Federal Judicial Center’s board of directors, which is governed by the Federal Judicial Center Foundation. You can read more about the Foundation here: http://www.fjc.gov/fjcfoundation/fjcboard.html.

    Lastly, for all readers, I invite everyone to visit this National Archives link, http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/slurp_file.php?fileref=3, where you can see the actual parchment Constitution. The Constitution’s We the People preamble language identifies and refers to itself as “this Constitution for the United States of America”, not the ubiquitous and shorter Constitution of the United States. This difference, for rather than of, is legally significant.

  8. Quo Warranto may be a red herring.

    Orly’s case vis a vis Alan Keyes is a tort case in fraud against Candidate Obama — and the US Govt. is not a party to THAT case, nor does Alan Keyes necessarily seek removal of Obama, just recovery for the fraud!

    Once Candidate Obama is shown (proven) in Judge Carter’s court to be a fraud, Congress will make Obama leave office under tremendous political pressure to do just that (and then, of course, the Congress votes on/selects Hillary Clinton as the President — who will then be the best Democrat to face Sarah Palin in 2012).

    I’m assuming Hillary is aware this is coming; and remember that Judge Carter was a Bill Clinton appointee.

  9. Some are saying that the courts are not doing their job because they are afraid of “riots in the street” if they expose the usurper.

    If they continue to ignore the Constitution, We The People will be marching on Washington–this time packing more than signs. And it will be more than the 1.7 million they seem to have ignored or pretended to ignore.

    The American people have just about had it!

  10. Send an e-mail into the Sean Hannity show and demand that he cover this story…maybe Hannity will finally show some spine! This move by Carter stinks to high heaven!

    I have a feeling he is being told what to do but the theory mentioned in a previous post suggesting he may be following the credo of “keeping your enemies closer” may also be in play. I would like to believe this but…

  11. Something else MAY be going on here, that is, by Judge Carter’s hiring of Siddharth Velamoor (from the law firm representing and closely connected to Obama) as his law clerk 4 days before the Oct 5 hearing.

    It’s simply too obvious. I’m assuming Judge Carter would surely know this would be relevant — and be grounds for Motion for Recusal by Orly of Judge Carter

  12. PLEASE do not disparage Judge Carter. He is a Marine and a man of honor. He served our country valiantly and with distinction. He does not deserve to be destroyed when he is doing everything possible to solve these issues. I desperately want Obama and his crowd gone but feel we should all be praying hard for Judge Carter for wisdom and strength in these troubling times. Who among us would want to trade places with him during such a dark and lonely passage we now have before us. I beg us all to be supportive of Judge Carter – he needs our help, not our scorn.

  13. Well, the answer at last. Carter? Man of Courage=NO. Coward=Probably. Corrupt=ABSOLUTELY. Get a clue folks, no other way to call this one. This is like spitting on you. Its arrogant. There is NOT ONE honest man or woman in this government. Sink the ship and get it over with- the slow drowning is just too much to be a part of. May God help those remaining that are not a part of these horrible acts of treason.

  14. CORRECTION: Anita Dunn is married to Robert Bauer. It may as well be one and the same though. This administration has proven itself corrupt to the end of it’s tentacles.

  15. Someone needs to check out this guy(the clerk) more… to see if he got a large payday lately… It is ironic that he is connected to Robert Bauer (obam’s personal lawyer) which is married to Anita Dunn… One must now ask why doesn’t she use her husband’s last name Bauer?? But more importantly is WHY is there a connection to a clerk connected to obama’s lawyer Bauer into Orly’s case, especially right before the hearing? humm

    If true… then it stinks all the way back to obama… there is positively something not right.

  16. John,

    Just a thought here and trust me I share your fear around the timing of this appointment and where it comes from, there is another way to look at this…one thing that I would think most judges fear is providing grounds for a decision to be reversed on appeal…it seems that it’s one of those professional slaps in the face within that profession…anyway, this may be Judge Carter making a move such as this where no one could possibly claim or prove some kind of bias in his court…the nightmare is that Judge Carter is under tremendous pressure and is going thru the steps and will dismiss the case where it will never go to trial…

    I would think hw would have ruled one way or the other by now on the dismissal filing…is he receiving the same information somehow over the last week about the news stories out of Kenya, Obama saying he’s not a natural born citizen in Keyes vs. Obama debate #2, and all the other stuff that you’ve been reporting on this week alone…I would hope so, my God, someone would have to be willfully blind to not see how this rises to the highest level of endangerment to our national security and our republic…

    thx and all Americans appreciate what you and others are working everyday to do…

  17. John:

    If you’d like another really closely-tied Obama lead, check out the name and background of Bauer’s wife and you’ll see even closer ties!

    The whole system seems rife with self-dealing just as the founders warned us it might get to be. I think they were qite correct – and we’re there now!!

  18. It looks as if “we the people” are going to have to deal with this on our own. I had hoped that Judge Carter was a man true to his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. While I will not write him off entirely, it clearly looks as if there is a conflict of interest in the hiring of the new law clerk.

    It’s not as if the clerk is fresh out of college or law school; as noted above, he already has a background steeped in Democrat politics and is clearly an Obama supporter. Either Judge Carter hired him to go overboard in showing that he is not prejudiced against Obama, or he was pressured or coerced.

    Our entire government is full of criminals. We must convene citizens’ grand juries to investigate all public officials. We have a huge job ahead of us.

  19. This is an absolute disgrace to the judiciary system and our Republic. People need to write to these Judges and tell them what they think of all this. TheBirthers.org has called for that and provided the addresses of this judge and others involved with key cases. Addresses at the bottom of this linked page. Here is the link:



  20. It’s getting to the point where I think the only way we’ll ever get to the truth is if there is an “accidental” disclosure or leak of the files at the Hawaii DOH.

    It just keeps looking like everyone in any official capacity that has an obligation to help legit requests is doing their level best to stymie our efforts.

  21. Hopefully Siddharth Velamoor will stay honest and not try to sabatoge Orly’s case like Supreme Court Clerk Danny Bickle is alleged to have done.

    And not feed information to Perkins Coie or anyone else.

    This is, at best, a very unwise hiring choice by Judge Carter.

  22. So what are “we the people” to do about this…..this is an outrage…..so what you are saying is Carter actually is in the FRAUD’S pocket too????? This is more than an outrage….this is not justice and the American people are not going to stand for this much longer!!!