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by John Charlton

(Oct. 16, 2009) — Even as the Hawaiian Advertiser scrubs its report of January 8, 2006, in which they identified Barack Hussein Obama as born overseas, two more African newssites have come to light which report the former U.S. Senator as “Kenyan-born”.  The present report is a follow-up to The Post & Email’s previous reports of

Oct. 14, 2009 — AP declares Obama “Kenyan-Born”!

Oct. 15, 2009 — Google’s archive shows Obama’s birth story has changed

To forestall any attempt at Internet revisionism, The Post & Email has cached and image captured the pages of each Nigerian paper, featured in this report.

The Nigerian Observer proclaims Obama “Kenyan-born” on Nov. 4, 2008

It’s there for the world to see, at least as of this morning:

The Nigerian Observer declares Obama "Kenyan-born", Nov. 4, 2008
The Nigerian Observer declares Obama "Kenyan-born", Nov. 4, 2008

The report reads as follows:

US Presidential Polls:Obama, McCain slug it out today


WASHINGTON – Americans will today go to the polls to elect their next President with Democratic Party candidate, Senator Barack Obama largely favoured to win.

The Kenyan-born Senator will, however, face a stiff competition from his Republican counterpart, John McCain who has taken the presidential battle to the finishing line with vigorous campaign strategies.

The date of the report, Nov. 4, 2008, can be read in the URL of the page.  The report cites News Agencies as its source.

The Newspage Weekly of Nigeria proclaims Obama “Kenyan-born”

In a piece written after the national conventions of each party had chosen their candidates, that it, at about the  beginning of October, 2008: the Newspage Weekly published this article:

Nigeria's Newspage declares Obama "Kenyan-born", October, 2008
Nigeria's Newspage declares Obama "Kenya-born", October, 2008

The Newspage article is served from a database and so has no intrinsic dating.

It reads in part:

Barak Obama is a politician who grew up with differing ideas probably due to his background. Someone who believes in the ability to unite people around a politics of purposes, the Illinois Senator has been known for working with both Democrats and Republicans to help working families get ahead of creating programs like the state earned income tax credit. In three years, the said project provided over $100 million in tax cuts to families across the state. The Kenya-born Senator, who is being considered by some of his admirers as the “New Kennedy” also pushed through an expansion of early childhood education. In another development, after a number of inmates on death row were found innocent, he worked with law enforcement officials to require the videotaping of interrogations and confessions in all capital offence cases.

No other campaign in memory has had such an issue with news stories nationally and internationally which can’t get “the facts straight” about the birth and origin of their man.  Seeing that the Campaign was the first and ultimate source of information about Obama, what does that say about their consistency with the press?  Seeing that the Obama Campaign has in the last year been so efficient in getting anomalous reports quietly scrubbed from the net; how is it that these discrepancies occured in the first place?

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  1. Well, lookey here! Do we see the plot getting thicker and thicker? When will someone say once and for all that the world has been hoodwinked. I mean REALLY bamboozled!
    America has been duped into thinking the cold war against communism had ended. But now we know it never ended, was never won, and in fact is now being waged within our shores and through out the so called free world relentlessly and placing our very freedom in dire peril.
    The socialiasts have joined hands with the radical Islamic
    supremacists and Jihadists thinking they can dissuade them from pursuing Al-Qaeda-style terrorism by reaching out in a gesture of appeasment. Nice try but in reality totally futile. Need proof? Check these out:

    Long live FREEDOM!

  2. Here’s yet another web page on Obama’s Kenyan birth – this appears to be a site like Feed the Children where poor children get sponsored by a foreigner for a fixed monthly amount and in exchange the kids get food and clothing- http://www.plan-uk.org/involved/schools/obamaelection/.

    The piece has been up there for a long time without any alterations – have been checking it for several months now. It treats Obama’s Kenyan birth as assumed knowledge in the UK.

    These news items from these African websites need to be faxed to all 535 Congressmen and senators with an explanation from each of them as to why the deafening silence on Obama. Bottom line, all signs point to an African “leading” America.
    Mr. Charlton replies: It seems to be a page excerpted directly from an original BBC article at


    Note that the BBC has evidently been contacted about this, because at the bottom of their page, they disclaim what is printed on other sites about this story. Did the BBC at one time put out that Obama was born in Kenya?

  3. Well! Having read this information, I would hope Judge Carter reads this website! I can’t IMAGE a single case in USA HISTORY that DEMANDS an IMMEDIATE JUDGMENT ON THE PLEADINGS (SUMMARY JUDGMENT)!! NOT NOV., NOT DEC., NOT JAN…BUT NOW!! FORTHWITH!! The REASON this Marxist usurper is SHOVING healtcare, cap and trade and taking our rights is in the HOPE that it will STICK…BEFORE he’s judged!! MY GOD, PEOPLE!! Has this painted a CLEAR ENOUGH PICTURE for you? BARRY SOTERO AND HIS (HE/SHE) MICHELLE MUST GO NOW!! TRIAL FOR TREASON and FRAUD should ALSO COMMENCE IMMEDIATELY! JUDGE CARTER: I sure hope this is enough PROOF for you!


  4. Citizen attorney Leo Donofrio has opined that “Kenyan born” relates to someone born of a Kenyan father, ala Obama. If he was actually born in Kenya then the statement would have been “Kenya born”. What say you?
    Mr. Charlton replies: Well when you say, “American born” you don’t mean that your father was an American; you mean that you were born in America, no? One of the Nigerian papers does say, “Kenya-born” by the way.

    It’s like “natural born citizen”; by “natural born” you don’t mean “born of nature”, but “born according to the laws of nature”; American born, American made, etc. are adjectives which serve as genitives of place; this is an ancient linguistic custom in English. Let’s not change the rules of English for politican concerns.

  5. It is my understanding that until the Kenyans wised up, they were planning to put up a plaque honoring their native son at his place of birth. Now they know better and are complicit in Obuma’s fraud.

    And if Obuma were U.S.-born, where, pray tell, should we put up the plaque–at which hospital or house? Nobody can say, which says a lot.

  6. Can’t this stuff be used by Orly Taitz to CRUSH Judge Land’s penalty against her — doesn’t seem her case is so “frivolous” as stated by Judge Land!; at least this is evidence (for discovery), TO SAY NOTHING OF ITS COMPLETE RELEVENCE to Orly’s Judge Carter case (where the Govt. and Team Obama should not be permitted to further delay, especially since it is now shown that evidence is being scrubbed off the internet in the interim)!

  7. This moves the timeline from 2004 to around election day last year…less than 12 months ago…seems like they know something we refuse to look at…

  8. There are many other sources claiming Obama was born in Kenya besides the ones you have cited at this blog.

    Here are a few others:
    Screengrab of a Headline from another source for a seperate story. 2008
    Scroll down to the 13th post.
    Otunnu on Luo Tribe Member Being Elected President, Oct. 25, 2008
    Olara Otunnu (Harvard Law, 1978) relating the remark of Kenyan historian Ali Mazrui on the oddity that a member of Kenya’s Luo tribe (Barack Obama, a Kenyan citizen and Luo tribe member from birth) may become president of the United States before a Luo tribe member becomes president of Kenya. “Town Hall Forum: An Examination of Race, Age, Gender & Religion in the 2008 Election,” Harvard Law School Reunions, Oct. 25, 2008, 9:15 a.m. (Austin Hall, 1st Floor, West), at 60:17 mark.

    Otunnu Remembers Barack Obama Sr., Oct. 25, 2008
    “Olara Otunnu (Harvard Law, 1978) remembers Barack Obama, Sr., and comments on the similarities between father and son. “Town Hall Forum: An Examination of Race, Age, Gender & Religion in the 2008 Election,” Harvard Law School Reunions, Oct. 25, 2008, 9:15 a.m. (Austin Hall, 1st Floor, West), at 64:13 mark.”