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  1. Joy looked like an ignorant old fool, which obviously she is on this subject!
    For a President who pledged an open Presidency, he sure falls short, when he won’t even end the ongoing argument by bringing out his actual birth certificate! It would be so simple!
    I want so badly to believe he was born in Hawaii, but his behavior says “there’s something rotten in Denmark”, as the saying goes here in the North.
    Even if some people think, “so what?” his mother was a citizen and what’s the big deal, it IS a big deal, because he is lying, and this says everything about his character.

  2. Joy really showed her stupidity when she said: The child born of two illegals born in the U.S. could become President because the child is a citizen.

    Joy showed that she has NO CLUE what the arguement is about. No clue about what the difference is between NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and CITIZEN.

    Perhaps Joy should be a contestant on Smarter than a 5th Grader? maybe she can learn something.

    Joy Behar, a deer caught in the headlights of Taitz’s wisdom.

  3. First Joy refused to call Orly Dr or acknowledge her as an atty. Shouldn’t at the very least Ms. Taitz?!
    Orly did great at knocking down with FACTS everything that Joy tried throwing at her. Even though Joy’s over speaking her through the whole thing.
    Joy kept saying that nobody cares, hum, maybe a few emails and letters are in order to her!

  4. I thought Orly handled herself really well. She has had to become very poised in the wake of these Obama shills trying to corner her with lies.

    Behar had no evidence to back up her statements that Hawaii’s governor backed Obama’s claims of being born in Hawaii. At the end, when she said, “Thanks for coming on ANYWAY,” she was attempting to belittle Orly and have the last word. That statement made Behar look like a fool, because she was patronizing Orly.

    I didn’t even know that Joy Behar had her own show. That broadcast is the most biased I think I’ve ever seen. CNN was founded for a good reason by a sound journalist, but it has drifted very far to the left. They don’t even approach real reporting and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    The publicity the issue is getting, however, is positive. Orly was able to show a detailed Hawaiian birth certificate and compare it to that which Obama has shown. Any dummy can see that there is a huge difference. And Behar’s argument that Orly should have gone after Bush for invading Afghanistan was specious at best.

    One more for our side.

  5. Good job Orly! I hope the world doesn’t judge all women by Joy Behar. She is the most brainless woman on TV. You have to be brain dead to want an usurper to take over your country and trash it like Obama is trashing it. How dumb can you be!!!But Joy has an excuse, she is a communist. The Bible says”It is a fool that says in his heart there is no God.”

  6. Joy (what an inappropriate name for her, by the way) stated:

    Obama’s mother placed ads in the two newspapers—-LIE

    Hawaii’s gov (Lingle) confirmed Obama birth cert—-LIE

    I stopped watching at that point. How much can a person take?

  7. Joy Behar only had stupid comments when confronted with facts by Orly. She should just shut up or learn to debate intelligently. Good job Orly! YOu made her look like the liberal moron that she is.