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by John Charlton

(Oct. 8, 2009) — On March 3, 1901, the U.S. Congress passed the law which established the Quo Warranto chapter of the current 1940 version of the D. C. Code.  The District of Columbia Code is the official registry of laws pertaining to legal actions within the District, which according to the Constitution is subject to the U.S. Congress.  The D. C. Courts are under Congressional authority, like all Federal District Courts, since they are established in existence by Congressional authority.

One little known provision of the Quo Warranto provisions in the D. C. Code reads as follows:

SEC. 1541. RELATOR CLAIMING OFFICE . — When such proceeding is against a person for usurping an office, on the relation of a person claiming the same office, the relator shall set forth in his petition the facts upon which he claims to be entitled to the office.

Now if one were to forge a conspiracy to get an ineligible candidate in office, as President of the United States, and were considering how to eliminate any possible legal challenge to this usurpation, it is obvious that one would have to carefully examine the D. C. Code, which has specific provisions for challenges regarding usurpation.

That is why this little know provision, of Section 1541, quoted from the acts of the 56th Congress, p. 1420, is so important.

If the candidate who ran for the other major party was eligible for office, then he could as relator immediately bring action in D.C. court against the usurper, on the eventuality that the Joint Session of Congress would unconstitutionally confirm the usurper as President.

But if the opposition candidate was also not eligible by the same requirement in Article II, Section i, paragraph 5, of the U.S. Constitution, then he could not challenge his opponent with this statute, since he would have the same defect in law.

Other requirements for such a hypothetical conspiracy are as follows:

1. Collusion of the Main Stream Media, to run flak against discussion of natural born citizen requirement.

2. Collusion of members of Congress to disregard requirements of Article II, Section i, paragraph 5 of the U.S. Constitution.

3. Collusion of Electors not to be unfaithful to unqualified usurper-to-be.

4. Collusion, at least passively, of all State Secretaries of State not to question ineligibility.

It is clear that only a joint action from the centers of power of both parties could have managed such a conspiracy. And that means that citizens should be investigating the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee actions prior to 2008.

Linda A. Melin, a citizen-researcher who blogs at Constitutionally Speaking, has gathered evidence to prove n. 2, in the above listing. The Post & Email wishes to publically praise Linda Melin for her excellent work documenting the conspiracy in this matter.

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  1. Yes….numero uno cheerleader…mmm..mmm..mmm.
    Linda Melin broke it down brilliantly….she answered all my questions regarding the “whys” of such a massive coverup, bashing the “birthers” as right wing crazies and why no one…not even conservatives are touching this with a ten foot pole.
    WE THE PEOPLE must take our country back, it is in our hands.

  2. Re Linda Melin’s research into collusion among congresspersons to subvert Article 2, note the central role played by Senator Claire McCaskill (Missouri), who was Obama’s champion during the election, who is his champion now, and who is a champion cover-upper of Obama’s fraud.