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A Philosophical Sketch by John Charlton

In "The Ship of Fools", Hieronymous Bosch (c. 1490) mocked the foolish indulgence of those reputed wise in his own age.
In "The Ship of Fools", Hieronymous Bosch (c. 1490) mocked the foolish indulgence of those reputed wise in his own age.

(Oct. 6, 2009) — In the last 9 months there have been numerous complaints and expressions of outrage, anger, disgust, despair, dismay, disdain and utter incomprehension at how many elected and non elected officials, how many judges and writers, and lawyers, and military brass, CEOs, bankers and leading talk-radio or talk-show hosts have failed to notice the obvious:

That Barack Hussein Obama has usurped the Presidency, not being a natural born citizen of the USA.

How elites can so persuade themselves of normalcy in a situation where the “King is not wearing any clothes” seems inexplicable to many; and of course, no one author’s opinion can give a complete explanation.

However, some recurrent themes can be traced back to underlying problems in American society, especially in the erroneous notions which have rooted themselves in the centers of learning, the halls of politics and the court rooms of justice; which errors explain why so many allegedly bright individuals, are blind and insensitive to the greatest of crimes.


So let’s make a forensic list of the 10 most influential ideological errors afoot today in America, and explain briefly their origin, nature and effects. I will omit related errors, which are motives behind this usurpation such as Socialism, Marxism, and Racism.


This is not your granddad’s attitude to get things done and not fuss about side issues.  This is the moral theory that in all human endeavors, there is no good other than utility, that is, than what is useful.  In a word, if it is useful it is justified.  By itself it does not seem dangerous to the public order, until you ask the question, “What is useful?”


This has nothing to do with a state of matter.  Materialism is the philosophical theory that there are no absolutes, ideals, or spiritual realities, and that all there is, are tangibles and what procure tangibles:  being materialistic then is to live for things solely attainable in this world, such as money, power and riches.


This has nothing to do with human liberty, though many Libertarians think so.  This is the philosophical error which says a human individual is only and entirely what he is for himself; and that he should live for nothing but himself.  Taken to extremes all followers of this theory would seek to destroy government and return to the stone age.


This is not the movement in art or architecture. This is the philosophical theory, which arose in the mid. 19th century, which holds that there is no true religion, because all attachment to religion is merely the expression of a subjective interior religious sense. Therefore according to this theory, religion and its moral values, should have no say or place in public life or in civil order or legislation.


This has nothing to do with being positive, or having a positive outlook on life.  This is the philosophical theory that there is nothing just or true but what human society has declared to be such.  The disciples of this theory in law, say crazy things like, “there is no controlling authority”; “it’s not a crime until it is criminalized”; there is no justice but what the written law declares as such.


This is the philosophical theory that man’s purpose in life is carnal pleasure.  It’s a derivative of the error of Materialism. It has the obvious effect of leading its adherents to become addicted to sex, drugs, or intemperance of other kinds.


This is a buzz word for the religious error of known a century ago as Unitarianism, which is not confided to the Unitarian Churches; but which is the theory that the only social good or religious good consists in that set of beliefs in which all are united and all agree.  Since man by his present state of nature always is in disagreement with some other man about at least something, sometimes; Unitarianism leads to agreeing not to believe; and hence is called secular humanism, which is a fancy name for believing in nothing but man; whatever than means.


This is a derivative of Modernism, but very different from it.  Neo-Modernism is a philosophical error which arose in the 30’s, which holds that truth is not the right relation between the knower and the known, but rather is the ever evolving concept in the mind of the knower to suit whatever purpose or goal he finds expedient in the present.  Neo-Modernism thus can also be traced back to Utilitarianism.


This is the philosophical theory of Spencer (yes, Darwin did not invent it), which holds that outside of human affairs nothing acts for a purpose or goal, but things happen by chance and are fundamentally inexplicable.  While evolutionism has been accepted by many biologists to explain away God’s role in the origin of life, most other scientists realize its utter bunk, because if it were true, all scientific investigation would merely be the expression of our own mind’s view of reality upon reality, rather than the discovery of the truth of what is studied.  Evolutionism, by necessity, admits that all consequences are progressive; and that change is always for the better.


This has nothing to do with patriotism as an American.  It is a philosophical error which arose in the U.S. about a century ago, which holds that the only true form of Christianity is that which is an exercise of social justice, activism, and working to better the living conditions of the general public.  As such it is a derivative of Materialism and Modernism. It denies that prayer, the pursuit of interior conversion and sanctification, and the contemplation of divine things are of any importance to man or the Christian.


The results of these many errors explain why so many do so little about the greatest political crisis in the nation.  They are mentally numbed by these errors to make excuses not to act, if they see the problem; to make excuses not to admit the problem, if they see the facts; and to make excuses not to admit the facts, if they believe these might lead to a consideration of the problem.

This line of thinking works like this:

First, the individual lives only for himself (Individualism), seeks only his own pleasure (Hedonism), and makes decisions which lead only to immediate usefulness (Pragmatism) and which regard tangibles (Materialism); never considering whether there is anything like justice or truth or virtue apart from the law (Positivism).

Since truth is always changing (Neo-Modernism) and since there are no fixed values that have a place in the public forum (Modernism) by which to make a decision or recognize a problem, the events of history, lawful or not, interpret reality, and thus they admit a constant change and name this progress (Evolutionism).  Thus since appeals to other endeavors other than solving the economic crisis ought not be considered as a basis for action (Americanism), we should accept what is commonly promoted by the general outlets of the Mass Media and concentrate on being united under this umbrella of propaganda for the sake of unity (Secular Humanism).

Since only someone who is afflicted with a lousy but extensive education can succumb to so many philosophical errors at once without realizing it, you find greater stupidity of this kind in Eastern or urban centers of the nation (Democratic Strongholds).  However through the “boob tube” several generations of Americans have been spoon fed these errors through silly sit-coms and secularized dramas; until the virility and masculinity of the nation is nearly completely extinguished. (Just take a look at today’s youth: the girls dress like sluts, and the boys like cartoon characters!)

Now being a person of integrity means that you worry about dotting i’s and crossing t’s, while the Federal government is overthrown and the national treasure is ransacked by thieves.

And because these 10 errors are interlocked in the mind of many of the ruling class in America, you cannot easily dislodge one error, without the other 9 working to restore it; likewise you cannot awaken these folk with a merely citation of Vattel’s definition of what a natural born citizen is, for the same reason.

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  1. What a brilliant analysis — so cogently expressed and covering every single aspect succintly and clearly.

    This definitely deserves a wider audience, Mr Charlton! Inspired work. This should go viral.

  2. Excellent. This is the best analogy of our downfall I have ever read. Kudos. AND…….Now we know what the parasites were that killed our old friend……Common Sense.

    Will you give me permission to print and mail this to a few of our Congressmen, please?

    Thank you and God Bless.

  3. In an earlier time, one of the standards for defining evil was an over inflated ego (your ‘INDIVIDUALISM’) – if you’ve ever read the Father Brown mystery stories you’ll know what I mean – yes, they are rather boring but…

    Basically I believe this still holds true, for just about everything you mention can be shown to be a result of an overweening ego that refuses to acknowledge a higher authority in anything except for those who can provide support to indulge in whatever is desired.

    Of such are socio-paths and Dr. Spock kiddies made and now days they out number former so called ‘normal’ people which is why the White House and our government are full of freaks and frauds and criminals and imbeciles.

    btw: thanks for the Lincoln interview.