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by John Charlton

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(Oct. 5, 2009) — Today Dr. Orly Taitz, esq., will stand before the bench of federal Judge David O. Carter, to plead the right to a hearing on behalf of her clients in the case Captain Pamela Barnett et. al. vs. Obama et. al.

The motion hearing to consider the defense’s claim that the plaintiffs’ action should be dismissed ,will be heard in Federal Court this morning, in Santa Ana, California.

For all who have followed this case’s long docket history — it was originally entitled Keyes et. al. vs. Obama et. al., — it has been a long, nearly 9 month wait.

In August the lead plaintiff in the case was changed to Captain Barnett; ever since there has been much interest in getting to know this courageous Army Captain & woman, whose name will be forever tied to this legal counter-attack by American patriots against the tyrannical usurpation of the U.S. Presidency by the Chicago Mob.

I requested an interview with Captain Barnet some weeks ago, and am publishing it verbatim without editing just before the trial, so that all who are interested in knowing something about the personal story behind her defense of the Constitution, can understand better her motives and patriotism.

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The Post & Email’s Interview with Captain Pamela Barnett, U.S. Army, Ret.

MR. CHARLTON: It is a double honor to have the opportunity to interview you, Captain Barnett; first because you are a plaintiff in a legal action to protect this nation from the crime of usurpation — that of the highest office in the land — and second for your service to the country, in the U.S. Military.  Many of the readers of The Post & Email are familiar with the basics of Dr. Orly Taitz’s action, Barnett et. al. vs. Obama et al., but before I begin our interview, can you tell me something about who Captain Pamela Barnett is, and something about your military service to our great nation?

CPT. BARNETT: First of all, I would like to say that I am thankful for the opportunity as a retired Army Captain to defend the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms it promises to all Americans in the legal action CPT Pamela Barnett v. Barack Hussein Obama et al.  I want to assure any reader of this interview that this is purely a legal action to get to the truth of whether Obama is a legal President under the U.S. Constitution.

I enlisted in the Army in 1990 and became a military journalist/photographer and deployed twice to Southwest Asia on various missions.  I was awarded an active duty scholarship to finish my bachelor degree in Business and earn my military officer commission.  As an officer, I have served in Military Intelligence, Public Affairs, and command positions.

I have always been an inquisitive person and began to investigate Obama’s eligibility when I had read about Philip Berg’s lawsuit against Obama in September, 2008.  The more I researched Obama the more evidence I found (more than 300 pages) that his Constitutional Qualifications (particularly the natural born citizen requirement), were never vetted by anyone in an official capacity.  My year of research has revealed that Congress has Never vetted Obama, Secretaries of State and county election commissions have Never vetted Obama, and the Democrat National Committee has Never vetted Obama.

MR. CHARLTON: For those unfamiliar with the case, can you summarize the chief claims of the plaintiffs, regarding the injustice they have suffered and the necessity of a court action?

CPT. BARNETT: Speaking for myself, I have not been satisfied that Obama meets the Constitutional Qualification of Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 – “No person except a Natural Born Citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” My extensive research reveals that Obama does not meet the natural born citizen requirement.   This is why I am suing Obama.

The majority of plaintiffs are military veterans that swore and oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  For commissioned military officers this oath is forever unless we resign our commissions.  Retired officers and enlisted members still fall under the regulations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice; therefore, we are forever subject to recall to active duty and are obligated to report crimes that fall under the UCMJ.  As acting Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Obama wages war on behalf of the United States and administers the laws of the UCMJ under Article 140.  If he is an unlawful CINC, then any order he issues is unlawful and any military member cannot follow an unlawful military order.

Our lawsuit against Obama is to force discovery of Obama’s vital documents that have NEVER been revealed to the citizens of this country, and have a court rule on whether he meets the qualification of Natural Born Citizen as our founding fathers would have defined it.  We have had to do this federal court action because of the massive failure of our election system, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice, and the military to evaluate the Constitutional qualifications of Obama as well as his alleged fraud crimes.

The Plaintiffs and our attorney, Orly Taitz Esq., have contacted key members of Congress, the Military, the DOJ, and SCOTUS and made them aware of the facts surrounding Obama’s potential lack of eligibility and alleged fraud crimes, and have asked for investigation into what we believe to be the Usurpation of the office of the President.  Up until this point no one has investigated this serious matter so hopefully now we should have standing in Federal Court.  To deny us standing to adjudicate our grave concerns would be to deny our Constitutional rights.

MR. CHARLTON: Initially, this case was named Keyes vs. Obama; why did the name of the case change?

CPT. BARNETT: I have never asked Attorney Taitz why she had done this, but I think she feels that military members may have the best chance of obtaining standing in court.

MR. CHARLTON: Can you tell me when you signed on as a plaintiff in Barnett vs. Obama, and why?

CPT. BARNETT: As soon as Attorney Taitz started expanding the original plaintiff list of Keyes v. Obama, I asked to be included as a plaintiff.  By the way,  I was also a plaintiff on Lightfoot v. Bowen which was filed after Congress confirmed Obama,* but before he was sworn in.  This case was denied a hearing by California Superior Court and then denied a hearing by the U.S. Supreme Court.

MR. CHARLTON: Many citizens are asking on blogs and forums, why is it this case took so long to be heard? Can you explain something about this to us who are not lawyers, and are not familiar with the legal system’s process?

CPT. BARNETT: For our case Orly had served Obama for his actions before he became POTUS.  After months of waiting for a summary judgment, Attorney Taitz was able to get a court date to hear her request for a summary judgment.  The judge did not agree on the manner of service by the plaintiffs, but then allowed Attorney Taitz to re-serve Obama which added another 60 days.

For the other lawsuits, the wheels of justice really do turn extremely slowly as I have found out.  There have been approximately 30 cases related to Obama’s eligibility and not one case has been allowed to go to trial on the merits and not one judge has allowed any of the plaintiffs to have discovery of Obama’s birth and other records that could show him to be a British and or Indonesian citizen well into his college years if not until today.  Phillip Berg, a lifelong Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter filed his first lawsuit against Obama over a year ago.  The courts had denied him standing just like all of the other plaintiffs that have attempted to sue Obama or agencies that should have vetted Obama.    One judge had the audacity to say that Obama’s eligibility had been blogged and “twittered” to death.  Since when are twitters and blogs allowed as evidence in a court of law?

MR. CHARLTON: Were you present in court on Sept. 8, 2009, before Judge Carter?

CPT. BARNETT: No, I was not able to be present.

MR. CHARLTON: What is your impression of the character of Judge David O. Carter?

CPT. BARNETT: According to our attorney Orly Taitz, Esq. and court transcripts, Judge Carter, as a Marine veteran, realized the importance of our lawsuit and alluded to wanting to get to the truth of the matter.  Up until this point, Judge Carter seems to be the only judge to be brought an Obama-eligibility lawsuit that takes his oath to uphold the Constitution seriously.

MR. CHARLTON: What is your sense of the accuracy of reporting in the Main Stream Media, regarding your case?

CPT. BARNETT: The problem with the media in general is that they wanted Obama to win the election and helped him by not exposing the eligibility issue until after Obama was sworn in.  The media continue to be puppets of the Obama administration by regurgitating whatever Obama’s administration says instead of investigating to find out the truth.

Not surprisingly, Obama maniacs from MSNBC and CNN waved around Obama’s forged (according to affidavit filed with court) Hawaii Certification of Live Birth as proof that he was born in Hawaii when the state of Hawaii Never verified that document as being authentic.  There were obvious problems with the Certification of Live Birth documents the Obama camp posted on the internet.  One of the versions did not have the required Hawaii seal and the other one had the wrong seal for the year it was issued.  This is why we need full disclosure of all Hawaii birth documents and policies and procedures.

None of these “news” broadcasters ever investigated the claims that the document is a forgery, or that Hawaii allows for registration of foreign births, delayed births or births only declared by one person without any corroborated facts.  Also, of course the media did not research how our founding fathers would define a Natural Born Citizen.  The media is as ignorant on the definition of natural born citizen as members of Congress who swore an oath to defend the Constitution have proven to be.

The most fair interview I saw was Lou Dobbs interviewing Orly and Alan Keyes.  I am deeply disappointed in Fox News for never broaching the subject seriously when they have two attorneys as talking heads and a frequent Constitutional attorney as a guest.

Instead of being the watch dogs of our government, the media has become the lap dogs of the DNC and the Obama Whitehouse.  This helped to bring us to a point in our country where I believe we have an unlawful POTUS.

MR. CHARLTON: What are the facts that often get omitted or distorted by the press, regarding your case?

CPT. BARNETT: Polarizing racist commentators have tried to label “birthers” as racists.  Ambassador Alan Keyes, our most prestigious, well-known plaintiff is African American.  We also have other plaintiffs of color.  Race is a non-issue. Another big distortion is that the media has no idea of what a natural born citizen is, nor do they care to report the truth.  They repeatedly trumpet that Obama is a “citizen”, completely ignoring the Constitutional qualification of needing to be a Natural Born Citizen.  I have a letter from Senator Diane Feinstein that says Obama is a citizen, but fails to call him a Natural Born Citizen.  Feinstein references the 14th Amendment even though the term Natural Born Citizen is not once mentioned in the Amendment.

MR. CHARLTON: Can you tell the readers something about what America means to you, and what is your notion of patriotism?

CPT. BARNETT: God, America and my family are everything to me.  I can tell you how I feel about America by quoting a Kuwaiti woman whom I met in 1991.  After the United States had freed Kuwait from the Saddam Hussein dictatorship, I was invited to dinner at a Kuwaiti’s home.  I was astonished by the great wealth in the household and I told the young wife, “You are so lucky.  You have such beautiful things.”

She replied to me, “You are the lucky one.  You are free.”  I instantly got a lump in my stomach and got a tear to my eye.  I was very naïve about the rest of the world up until then.

That’s what America is to me – Freedom from oppression, freedom to worship how you like, freedom to make a family with a person of your choosing.  I regret that I lost touch with this woman, but she forever opened my eyes to how important freedom is, and America represents that to me and to the rest of the world as well.

MR. CHARLTON: What does it mean to serve the U.S.A. in the armed forces?  What kind of woman or man ought to consider this?

CPT. BARNETT: It was an honor to serve in the military.  The greatest honor is to be entrusted with the care of American soldiers.  I miss it greatly, but God has other plans for me now.  The love of my fellow soldiers and my country pushes me on to get to the truth of Obama’s eligibility.  I will refrain from saying much else on whether someone should consider the military at this point in time.

MR. CHARLTON: On the other hand kind of man or woman, should the President of the United States of America be, as Commander-in-Chief?

CPT. BARNETT: A person loyal to our country exclusively (not a citizen of the world), a person who will honor the Constitution and defend it to his or her death, and a person of great moral fortitude that also has the wisdom to surround himself with others of great moral fortitude.  If you have these qualities you would be able to carry out the duties of the POTUS and CINC and be able to honor you sworn oath to keep the greatest nation in history strong by protecting the God given rights of each individual citizen of the United States and forever representing a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world.

MR. CHARLTON: What kind of diligence ought the chain of command have for acknowledging legitimate orders, and questioning illegitimate ones?

CPT. BARNETT: Military officers take an oath to only follow lawful orders.  An officer following unlawful orders would be subject to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  Military officers operating outside the United States would not assuredly have the protections of the Geneva Convention operating under an illegitimate Commander-in-Chief.  For example, American soldiers in Afghanistan could possibly be charged with war crimes because they were following the unlawful orders of a Usurper Commander-in-Chief.

MR. CHARLTON: How important to the nation is the “natural born citizen” clause in Article II, Section i, paragraph 5, of the U.S. Constitution?

CPT. BARNETT: I think that is extremely important in ensuring a Commander in Chief only has loyalties to the United States.

Loyalty to the United States and the Constitution dwarfs any other POTUS qualifications.  Our lawsuit asks for the court to evaluate whether Obama would be considered a natural born citizen when according to Obama he was the son of a Kenyan and born with British citizenship and he was also the adopted son of an Indonesian man Lo Lo Soetoro, (according to Ann Dunham, Soetoro divorce records).  Obama has personally been involved in both Kenyan and Indonesian politics as a Senator which potentially go against the Logan Act.

MR. CHARLTON: Who is Barack Hussein Obama?  What kind of a man does he seem to be, in your opinion?

CPT. BARNETT: With a case pending against Obama I will only say that he is suspiciously secretive.

MR. CHARLTON: What is your view on the current national crisis; is it grave; are we in the greatest danger we have ever been as a nation since the Civil War?

CPT. BARNETT: In my opinion our nation is facing the greatest danger since the Civil War.  It is not just because there is a possible Usurper in the Whitehouse; it is also that Congress, state officials, courts and the Department of Justice have failed to safeguard the Constitution and are infringing on citizen’s rights like never before.

MR. CHARLTON: What can average American Citizens do on their own, to respond to this national crisis?

CPT. BARNETT: It seems as if the U.S. Congress and the DOJ don’t care to do anything about the crisis, but it looks as if some citizens are making inroads within their state governments.  There are a couple different states investigating whether Obama should have been on the ballot in the first place.

MR. CHARLTON: How can those who are interested in helping the plaintiffs in Barnett vs. Obama, help out?

CPT. BARNETT: Prayers of protection for those seeking the truth about Obama’s eligibility and prayers that all truths will be revealed and justice will be done.  Also, donations to Orly’s Defend our Freedoms Foundation, because she is doing the case pro bono and incurs a lot of expenses that need to be covered.  Her website is www.orlytaitzesq.com where you can make a donation to her PayPal account. Supporters can also gather at the court house in Santa Ana for the hearing tomorrow morning, Oct. 5.

MR. CHARLTON: Is there anything you wish to add?

CPT. BARNETT: My eyes have been opened greatly to the injustices done to our Constitution by Congress as a whole and by activist judges that create laws that go directly against our Constitution.

I have become more thoughtful of others that have suffered injustices under our legal systems as my own rights have been denied as a military officer and a citizen wanting to defend our Constitution.  I have also become keenly aware of a deep corruption within our government and its systems.  Being a plaintiff in Barnett v. Obama is my contribution toward trying to honor my oath to defend the Constitution.

It has been a very long tiring journey, I pray that on Monday Judge Carter will allow our case to proceed and grant us immediate discovery of all of Obama’s records.



* CPT Barnett has asked the following note to be added (10/07/2009):” Lightfoot v. Bowen was originally filed under Turner v. Bowen in November, 2008.”


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  1. You are a breath of fresh air. Truth v Fiction. Truth v Media BlackOut. Truth v Corruption. Truth v. Lies. Courage v Fear. Courage v Silence. Courage v Corruption.

    I only today discovered your Post & Email when I did a search for the Capt. Pamela Barnett v Obama case. How refreshing to read the long interview with Capt. Pamela Barnett & Dr. Orly Taitz, our current freedom fighters in the courts and to get an accurate & detailed account of what Dr. Orly and Capt. Barnett actually said.

    Thank you Post & Email & Capt. Barnett and Dr. Orly Taitz!!! May God bless you all. !!!

  2. As far as I am concerned, once Obama is finally removed and takes Biden with him (as both were elected wrongfully) and we are harnessed with Pelosi to take their place until McCain/Palen are finally allowed to step in and fill the void (apparently that is the only valid option folks… like it or not), then the next two steps will be to (1) impeach the entire Congress for allowing this joke to happen, Pelosi included, and (2) have what remains of Congress or the Administration form another govenment regulated court or write another bill to rule on overturning and reversing each and every bill passed in Congress with Obama’s illegal signature on it. The last and final step that Congress should then address after that will be to draft a bill granting safe haven and pardons to every person serving in our military after Obama took office and who may have done any perceived harm outside our borders by acting under Obama’s false leadership commands. It will be a difficult task to undo the mess created by CONGRESS (and their counterparts within the 50 states) but it can and should be done to serve as an exampled to anyone from this day forward that the people rule in this country and those who wish to represent us had better get their F-ing acts together when they hold office. PERIOD.

  3. After reading the words of Capt Barnett, every Congressman and member of the Obama administration should hang their heads in shame, at the obvious nobility and loyalty of the Captains words….and the disengenuousness and evasiveness of their own behaviour over their terms of office. Their constant attempts to hair-split the obvious intent of the Constitution and to avoid being held accountable to the intents of the Constitution.

    Any child in any Kindergarten in America has ten times the nobility and honesty over almost any politician I see far and wide in this Country.

    If the Obamaroids continue on this aggressive line to completely rupture our Constitutional Republic, it can only lead to one thing…….

  4. Great interview! As we all wait for Judge Carter to make his ruling, I could not help but wonder if the “Oathkeepers Organization” has read this interview.

    Our nation is blessed with countless patriots with great hearts. Thank God for people like Captain Barnett.

    Judge Carter should be inspired by the reasoning in this interview. Maybe he should listen to Obama’s own words against the Constitution for contrast:

    [snip: Please, no video links, as The P&Em does not have time to review videos before approving your comment]

  5. Hello John –

    Thank you for this interview – what an extraordinary Patriot is Captain Barnett! I have been praying exactly as she requested for some time now.
    I found your website just today – it is awesome! May God bless & keep all those fighting for the truth & for our America!


  6. Carter can either be part of the solution or part of the problem, if he is a true believer of our Constitution. The entire world is waiting patiently to see if he has the balls to right a wrong. God help America.

  7. The wheels of justice are not on run flat tires and they are bald with the belts showing, very low on air pressure and ready to go flat. Personally, if any tire ever needed to get spiked its these and it would save a lot of lives. When this rig gets onto dry pavement it will pick up enough steam to cause one heck of a wreck and nobody will get out unscathed.

  8. Captain Barnett is obviously one of America’s finest. We all need to be like her in our own way. All of us must stand up for the Constitution by contacting our state and U.S. reps constantly. We must let them know that we value the foundation which the Framers gave us and will do whatever is necessary to defend it. That means tea parties, letters, serving on citizens’ grand juries, serving the presentments as Neil Turner is doing today after the hearing, and making every effort to get the matter in front of a sitting grand jury.

    It means standing up for the principles that made this country great: right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, private property rights, a small, limited federal government, states’ rights, and individual liberties. That means voting “no” on candidates who want to raise taxes and take money that one person has earned and give it to another. It means saying “no” to entitlements and government handouts. It means getting people to run for office who are made of integrity and a determination for this country to stay free.

    And right now, it means getting Obama out of the White House if he is a Usurper. And then going after all of those who made it happen.

  9. We are all anxiously awaiting information on this case. Captain Pamela Barnett ,you and the others in this case are standing in the gap for all those who served,been injured and died (including my 19 year old uncle (WWII) for the United States of America.
    May God bless all involved in this case and may the outcome protect our freedom.
    Mr. Charlton replies: I will be publishing everything I get as it happens, at


  10. A very brave retired military officer willing to serve again and protect us. I was particularly interested in the comment that Obama while a Senator violated the Logan Act by involvement in Kenya and Indonesia politics. I recall Obama’s involvement in helping a family member run for office in Kenya, he didn’t win and the result was murder and what could be easily described as a holocaust. Later that family member with Obama’s pressure was given a government post. Obama’s violation of the Act should become a criminal case. Like VP Agnew if Obama is found guilty he will need to resign from his office. The question is who will initiate, conduct the investigation and prosecute?? I don’t expect that the Republicans even have the courage to take on Obama but instead will wait for another election cycle. Who do we turn too???

  11. This was an awesome in depth look inside the mind of U.S. Military loyalty. With the popular media looking on the outside, it was so refreshing to see Captain Barnett revealing what’s on the inside and seeing firsthand the loyalty towards the U.S. Constitution she has. Her story is an example of incredible courage battling seemingly a far stronger force and reminds me of the brave souls who in service to their country’s U.S. Constitutional Standard took the beach at Normandy in the face of a stream of bullets from hornets’ nest and so many falling aside. The courage to continue stepping forward in the face of ridicule, harassment, and a certain mal content from the main stream media biased on the issue, as it pertains to getting to the truth, and in defense of our very foundation is a sobering story of love deserving a salute and honor. Thanks for such a compelling account!

  12. Very insightful and moving interview. What a disgrace that a true patriot like Captain Barnett has been wrongfully subordinated to the command of an illegal C-in-C who is driven by a fundamentally anti-American, foreign ideology. Shame on the Democrat Party forever.

  13. Does anyone know the time of the Judge Carter hearing today? Are people covering it? Will there be a crowd gathering in support as before? Where should we look for the latest as it happens?? Let’s all pray for Truth to prevail and that the Judge be open to continuing to resolve these most important questions and not be influenced by any force of gov.
    Mr. Charlton replies: The Post & Email will be publishing a report as soon as any information becomes available. Check back regularly at our front page.

  14. Thank you so much for the interview, job well done!!

    I placed a link and the text up to:

    All bloggers take notice! This applies to you, even if you would have wanted to cite it. Release is only given to Dr. Orly Taitz’s website, if she desires; as courtesy for the favor of obtaining this interview. Bloggers can summarize in their own words, no citations allowed. Please do give a link, so as to allow your readers to hear what Captain Barnett says.

    On my site, I hope that is OK.

    God bless you for the outstanding work you are doing.

    David Crockett