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by John Charlton

(Oct. 3, 2009) — Much about Obama is still not known; but much about Obama has been uncovered and clarified.

It’s is now time to look back in history to see just how wrong the Main Stream Media was during the election of 2008, regarding the facts of Obama’s birth story.

One glaring example is an article published by the Honolulu Advertiser on Sunday Nov. 9, 2008, which as of the publishing of this article, was still available on the net: “Obama’s boyhood homes drawing gawkers“.

Here is a list of errors contained in that article:

1. The claim that Nani Smethurst built and owned the home at 6085 Kalanianaole Highway , in 1948, and has owned it ever since.

Disproven by Jerome Corsi, writing for World Net Daily,  who dug up the Title to the property: it was purchased by Orland Scott Lefforge in 1958.

2. The claim that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barrack Hussein Obama Sr. lived together in the cottage in the back yard.

Unsubstantiated. It does cite that Obama Sr. had another address. There is no evidence that he lived elsewhere.

3. The claim that he met and later married Stanley Ann Dunham, 18.

Partially incorrect: If Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, his parents had to meet at least around Nov. 4, 1960.  Stanley Ann Dunham was born on Nov. 28, 1942, therefore she was 17 when they met; that means she was legally a minor.

4. The claim that Obama Sr. separated from Dunham in 1962.

Disproven by Jerome Corsi, who dug up the Polk Title Almanac for 1960-1, which lists Dunham resident in Washington State that year.  It was Stanley Ann who separated from Obama Sr., and it was in 1961, not 1962.

5. No mention that Stanley Ann Dunham went to Washington State to study for the year 1961-62.

It was proven by Jerome Corsi that she did attend college courses in WA during this period.

6. No mention that on account of Barrack Obama Sr. not being a U.S. Citizen, that Obama Jr. was not constitutionally eligible for the office of President, even though it was public news as of Nov. 2, that Attorney Leo Donofrio had filed suit in New Jersey arguing this point of law.

The Honolulu Advertiser story does contain a colorful graphic depicting the diverse locations in which Obama Jr. may have lived.  And even Wikipedia, as of today, still will not admit that Dunham studied in WA in the fall of 1961.

Yet, it seems that the Advertiser is either inept or intended to present a story other that the historical truth. Their coverage deftly turns attention of the reader away from questioning whether,

1) Obama was conceived out of wedlock.

2) Whether Obama Sr. committed the crime of having relations with a minor.

3) Whether Dunham left Obama.

4) Whether the marriage was one merely to protect the honor of Dunham.

5) Whether Obama jr. was legally a bastard, that is an illegitimate child.

6) Whether Dunham had relations with Obama Sr. voluntarily.

Considering that this article by the Advertiser was published at the time of the election; it appears the paper engaged in misrepresentation of the facts, to make his background seem cleaner than it was, and thus to promote Obama’s campaign victory.

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