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by John Charlton

(October 1, 2009) — It has long been speculated that the Kenyan Government has some sort of agreement with the Obama campaign to bolster his claims regarding his birth and parentage.

The Post & Email can confirm this morning that this is not speculation.  The evidence is the refusal of the Kenyan Ambassador in Rome, to admit to the parentage of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.. The request made to the Ambassador is contained in a letter, a copy of which was consigned to The Post & Email by its author this week.

On July 20, 2009, a concerned citizen of the Republic of Italy inquired as to the parentage of Obama Jr., by sending  the following letter by surface mail to the Kenyan Ambassador at Rome:

July 20, 2009

H.E. Mrs. Ann B. Nyikuli,
Ambassador of Kenya to the Italian Republic
Embassy of the Republic of Kenya,
Via Archimede, 164
00197  ROMA

Dear Ambassador,

I am a citizen of the Republic of Italy, but writing to you regarding a question I have about the most famous son of Kenya, the U.S. President Barrack Hussein Obama.

My American friends are telling me that there is a controversy over whether President Obama is the son of Barrack Obama, of the Lulo tribe, in Kenya, or whether he is the son of an American Black civil rights activist, Frank Marshall Davis, in the USA, who resided in Hawaii.

My question is this:  Can you confirm for me that the Government of Kenya has documents of its own which testify to the paternity of Barrack Obama, of the Lulo Tribe, as being the biological father of the U.S.President, Barrack Hussein Obama? And if you can confirm this, what kind of documents are these (adoption, registration of birth, birth certificate, medical records).  I do not want the documents, I only want your confirmation that Kenya has some documents of its own, to claim Obama as a son of the soil.

Please respond in writing, so I can have something solid to refute these silly ideas of my American friends!

Thank you,

[Name and Address redacted]

As of this morning, October 1st, Mrs. Ann B. Nyikuli has refused to respond to the Italian citizen, after more than 10 weeks.

This studied silence of the Ambassador seems to signify that the Kenyan Government has directed its Foreign Ministry to instruct all its Ambassadors, worldwide, not to respond to questions regarding Barack Obama’s birth story.

This appears to be a reasonable conclusion, since an Internet search of Italian websites indicates that Italians are generally unaware of controversy regarding Obama’s eligibility and origins — apart from those with American contacts in Rome, at Nato installations and military bases etc.; and that thus, there is no reasonable motive for Mrs. Nyikuli  to have a policy of not to replying to inquiries such as contained in the above quoted letter, especially since it speaks so highly of their most famous “Son of the soil”.

Considering that the Kenyan Parliament, in Nov. 2008, openly praised Obama as having Kenyan roots, the Ambassador’s silence is even more incomprehensible.

If the Kenyan Government has such an international policy, in regard to simple questions, which the national interest of Kenya ought to move their Ambassadors to respond to, it can only mean one of the following possibilities is true:

1) Either the Kenyan Government has such documents establishing the paternity of Obama Jr.

2) Or the Kenyan Government has no such documents.

In either case, the silence of the Kenyan Ambassador at Rome raises questions.

In the first case, if the Kenyan Government does not have any documents establishing Barrack Hussein Obama, Snr. as Obama’s father, admitting such would in no way damage Kenya’s reputation, nor that of Obama Jr., because it would simply indicate that his father never registered his son as a Kenyan or British subject, that he was never born in Kenya, and that his birth was wholly governed by the laws of another nation, as regards the documentation thereof.  This would affirm what Obama Jr. is claiming.  In such a case, Kenya should admit it has no documents.

In the second case, if the Kenyan Government does have documents establishing Barrack H. Obama Snr. as Obama Jr.’s father, admitting such would also confirm what Obama Jr. claims about himself. In such a case, Kenya should admit it has such documents.

The only evident and reasonable motive for silence in the face of such a request is that Kenya has documents which in some manner do not support the claims of parentage, birth place, or citizenship made by Barack Hussein Obama Jr., and that in admitting that they have any documentation regarding his  paternity would lead ultimately to the revelation of such inconsistencies in his birth story.

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  1. http://naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com/

    Read the entire research attorney Donofrio has done on behalf of his client TerriK……Let it be known that the truth will be uncovered sooner or later and we shall see many heads roll when it is!!!!
    Pass this important information far and wide!
    TerriK INVESTIGATION, Part 3: Hawaii AG Mark Bennett Approved Fukino’s Natural-Born Citizen Statement; All Records Should Be Made Public According To Law.

  2. This article is full of speculative garbage. [snip]
    Mr. Charlton replies: When a commentor uses an email from a lawfirm such as Mayer Brown, which has donated more than $50,000 to the Obama campaign


    and has had several of its attorneys tapped by obama


    he really has no ethical standing to criticize The Post & Email for being partisan, now does he?

    I have no idea who you are; but I encourage you to be ethical and not use an email address to post here, that would impugn someone else’s reputation. This goes for all posters.