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by John Charlton

(Sept. 27, 2009) — The Post & Email has received yesterday evening a declassified FBI report admitted in evidence in the case brought against W. Mark Felt and Edward S. Miller by President Jimmy Carter’s U.S. Attorney General, Mr. Griffin B. Bell. This document was consigned to The Post & Email by an American citizen, who wished to remain anonymous.

The Post & Email decided to publish a transcription of the document for the sake of exposing communist networks in the United States and for the ease of bloggers who can cut and paste parts of the text in future citations.

The first half of this document was published by The Post & Email yesterday.  See that report for introductory information.

In this report, The Post & Email will continue its publication of a transcription of the FBI document, which continues six pages later, on p. 20, discussing the events of the tumultuous 1968 Democratic National Convention:

Near the end of the Democratic National Convention, Hayden reportedly went around to various leaders including Rennie Davis and Bobby Seale and asked that when they returned to their home states they continue what began in Chicago.

The Bureau summarized the activity at the Democratic National Convention as follows.

“. . . Rarely has any city been threatened all at one time with an invasion of 100 to 200 thousand dissidents; plots to assassinate governmental dignitaries and prominent individuals; intentions to instigate major riots in varied ways; widespread sabotage of communication, transportation and electrical systems proposals to pour hallucinogenic drugs into the water supply; clandestine shipments of arms and ammunition into the city for use in sniper activities; and myriad forms of guerrilla warfare.”

Following the Democratic National Convention, approximately twenty-eight Americans including nine individuals who had participated in the Chicago demonstrations traveled to Budapest, Hungary for a conference (Bernardine Dohrn who had departed for a month-long trip to various countries earlier also attended this conference:) They met for five days with five Vietcong and North Vietnamese representatives.  The Americans and the Vietnamese discussed the Paris Peace Talks and the Americans discussed the demonstrations at the Democratic Convention as well as their plains for anti-war demonstrations in the Fall.  the Vietnamese, according to one account of the meetings, discussed anti-war strategy, and furthering draft unrest among American G.I’s.  After the conference, the NLF officials, according to Dohrn, were to fly to Moscow, Peking, Hanoi and back to South Vietnam.  Dohrn also indicated that two of the five NLF representatives specialized in working with American G.I.’s in Saigon in attempting to obtain information from them.  Future Weathermen members John Davis (Rennie Davis’ brother), and Howard Emmer also attended the Budapest conference.

(Emmer’s parents were former CPUSA members.  His mother later reportedly joined the Weathermen and contributed financial support. When the Weathermen went underground, the Emmer residence was used by Weathermen members for meetings and as a “message drop”.  The FBI believed that the Emmer’s telephone number was a nationwide check point for underground Weathermen and Weathermen fugitives. Weathermen Rudd, Hadelsman, Smith and Fuerst all stayed at the Emmer residence while fugitives.)

SDS members, later to become Weathermen, traveled abroad and participated in foreign demonstrations in front of American embassies to express anti-American sentiments and solidarity with the Viet Cong.  Radical foreign student groups also expressed solidarity with New Left groups including SDS.

The objectives of the Students for Democratic Society (SDS) were stated by Dohrn in 1968:

During a National Council meeting of SDS in December, 1968 Bernardine Dohrn stated:  “We are building a working class revolutionary movement to overthrow the capitalists, and the imperialist structure of the United States and the world.”  She stressed the importance of an international alliance with the “third word” in order to “smash American imperialism”, and advocated the creation of an international revolutionary consciousness. Dohrn also reported on the development of SDS from its former position of protest, to a position of resistance, to its present revolutionary position.  Rudd also spoke at this convention and advocated more organizing within the military.  Following the convention, Ed Boorstein, the former economic advisor to Che Gueverra, gave a presentation on Cuba, concluding with the statement that U.S. imperialism had to be smashed throughout the world. Rennie Davis also attended this meeting.

It was also in 1968 that the groundwork was laid for the creation of the Venceremos Brigade (VB). Carl Davidson had received the VB plan from Cuban officials during one of his trips to Cuba.  The plan called for 150 members of the New Left to travel to Cuba to assist in Cuba’s sugar can harvest.  The arrangements for the VB were made by future Weathermen Julie Nichamin and Bernardine Dohrn who had numerous contacts with officials at the CMUN, including officials who were suspected members of the DGI.  In early 1968, Nichamin had stated that her contact was first Secretary Jimenez, a DGI officer whom the State Department refused to allow back in the United States, in effect declaring that he was persona non grata as a result of his contacts with radical American youth.  Jiminez was a principle link between the Cuban government and leaders of black extremist and New Left student groups in the United States.  He gave advice and counsel to such leaders, furnished Cuban propaganda materials to them and arranged visits to Cuba for unknown purposes by many of them.

Alberto Boza Hedalgo Gato, another First Secretary of the CMUN also operated as a Cuban intelligence officer.  He also acted as a clearing agent for American citizens who traveled to Cuba and associated with individuals in black extremist and New Left groups. The Bureau became aware that export of the Cuban revolution was the fundamental principle of Cuba’s foreign policy.  (The CMUN had also received a new First Secretary in September, 1968. He was an intelligence officer (DGI).  He worked, at times, in conjunction with Soviet Intelligence personnel (KGB).

Future Weatherman Julie Nichamin was in Cuba from December, 1968 through April, 1969.  After talks with party people in Cuba about the selection procedure of Cuban Party members, she sent a letter to Bernardine Dohrn in January, 1969 setting out how people for the VB should be selected.  Nichamin said it was important to select those who had a fairly high degree of commitment and involvement in the Movement, as this was especially important to the Cubans who were looking toward the future contribution these people could make to the movement.  Nichamin further commented that if help was needed Jimenez of the CMUN should be contacted, and he was.

International conferences were held in Tokyo in 1968 and 1969.  The Communist League, a Japanese communist organization, was one of the promoters of these international conferences.  One of the objectives of these conferences was to establish a worldwide vanguard party to promulgate revolution by the working classes.  The SDS was invited to . . .

The Report then omits p. 23, and continues with p. 24, discussing the international connections of the SDS, and its infiltration by communist intelligence agencies through future Weather Underground members...

In early 1969, CPUSA leaders urged Party members to give time and money to New Left demonstrations and causes.

A person known by the FBI to be maintaining a covert relationship with the Soviet Intelligence Service (SIS) was active in the SDS in 1969. This person acted as a spotter for SIS.  An influential figure in this person’s life was a former CPUSA member who also maintained a similar covert relationship with SIS.

In early 1969, Bernardine Dohrn was to be in contact with various groups on the West Coast, including the BPP.  Rennie Davis traveled to Paris with several other Americans to contact the North Vietnamese delegation in connection wtih an international conference of organizations interested in peace during this time.

Liebel Bergman saw the Vietnam War and third world struggle as the primary forces behind revolution.  He had widespread and extensive contacts with militant extremists.  The FBI was aware that leaders of the International New Left as well as SDS had met at Bergman’s San Francisco apartment in obvious strategy conferences.  The conversations in Bergman’s apartment (which he shared with Lincoln and Arlene) were almost exclusively devoted to tactical, ideological and organizational matters relating to the RU and its attempts to expand its influence with other revolutionary groups and individuals.  The FBI believed that Bergman wanted control over SDS and radical black militants to accomplish his goal of revolution.  Leibel claimed at this time that he had control over his son, Lincoln. (Members of the RU, founded by Bergman, were known to be engaging in firearms and guerrilla training.)

In January, 1969, Leibel Bergman met with Ken Cloke. (Cloke besides being a future Weatherman was also a leader of the RU collective in Los Angeles.)  Thereafter, from late January through the first week of February, Leibel covertly traveled to Europe. He later commented that he had been in touch with the Chinese in Paris.  Shortly after his return from Europe, Leibel wrote an anti-PLP paper.  Bergman viewed the PLP as a competing pro-Chicom organization at the outset and he ….

Here the FBI report skips to p. 28….

Dohrn’s trip to Paris in August, 1968, to breif Viet Cong representatives on plans for the Democratic National Convention.) Bergman was pleased with the contacts Clayton Van Lydegraf had assisted him in making.

In April, Arlene Bergman sent a letter to Bernardine Dohrn and others concerning the Venceremos Brigade.  She also sent Bernardine RU0s Statement of Principles and indicated that her father-in-law, Leibel, as well as RU member Hamilton would be visiting her soon.  Leibel Bergman expected a showdown fight with the PLP at the June, 1969 SDS National Convention in Chicago.  Bergman traveled to Chicago for strategy meetings with SDS leaders and to straighten out two SDS collective there prior to the Spring SDS meeting.  During this time, Bergman was also meeting with SDS National Secretary Michael Klonsky to line up BPP support to go along with RU support to prevent the PLP from gaining control at the upcoming SDS convention.

In the Spring of 1969, the RU partially surfaced, having operated for over a year in an underground fashion.  Leibel, who demonstrated his dedication and patience when he said he would overthrow the U.S. Government if it took five (5) or fifty (50) yeas, chose to operate as the “covert” leader of RU avoiding active participation in daily RU activities and operating in clandestine fashion even after RU partially surfaced.

The FBI commented in April, 1969 that members of the New Left were attending guerrilla training schools in Cuba, having repeated contacts with KGB officials in East Berlin, contacts with Soviet officials in other countries and that there had been continual cooperation with the NLP of South Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of Vietam.

During April a cable was received at SDS headquarters in Chicago from the NLP Mission in Prague, Czechoslovakia, requesting that Bernardine Dohrn or another representative of SDS be sent on short notice to Prague for discussions.  At or about the same time, the NLP requested thaat Steve Halliwell, soon to become a Weatherman, attend the discussions.  Michael Klonsky, National Secretary of SDS, wired a response to the . ..

Here the FBI report jumps again, omitting pages, and resumed at p. 40…

On October 1, Bernardine Dohrn advised Ted Gold that she planned on meeting Jose Viera, First Secretary of the CMUN who had been identified as an officer of the Cuban Intelligence Service.  The CMUN served as the focal point of Cuban intelligence in this country.  Many of the Cubans assigned to the Mission had intelligence assignments. Two of Cuba’s intelligence objectives in this country were to support groups which foment societal disorders including racial strife, student disorders and catalytic violent acts designed to create new revolutionaries.  Jesus Jimenez Escobar, CMUN First Secretary, was a known Cuban Intelligence Service (DGI) officer involved in carrying out these objectives and was not allowed to return to the United States because of these activities.

Jimenez and other DGI intelligence officers at the CMUN had extensive contact with representatives of revolutionary groups in this country, including the SDS/Weathermen.  Cuban Intelligence Service officers were known to support such revolutionary groups by furnishing advice, logistical and/or monetary support.  The CMUN, through its intelligence officers, also provided the New Left revolutionary groups opportunities for guerrilla training in addition to serving as a clandestine communications link among New Left leaders. New Left leaders (including but not limited to Michael Spiegel, Bernardine Dohrn, Martin Kenner, Mark Rudd, Julie Nichamin, Karen Koonan, Kathy Boudin, Gerry Long, Karen Ashley, Jeff Jones and Jennifer Dohrn) discussed the activities with DGI officers attached to the CMUN and received advice and in some instances instructions from them.  DGI officers also collaborated with New Left revolutionary groups by arranging for and encouraging travel to Cuba by members of these groups to further the objectives set forth above.  According to a Cuban in the Cuban Government in 1969, SDS was the group the Cubans concentrated on.  They radicalized it, gave it form and every leader came and left with new ideas.

The FBI report then jumps to p. 59….

…was found in the rubble.  After the townhouse explosion, Weathermen Ronald Fleigelman who had purchased 100 pounds of dynamite and explosive devices, a. .38 caliber Colt automatic, a holster and nine boxes of shells reportedly moved his arsenal on the same day as the explosion to Philadelphia.

A source who had furnished reliable information in the past reported that there was a strong rumor that after the townhouse explosion, Wilkerson and Boudin obtained money from the Cuban consul in Canada and left for Cuba. Additional inquiry disclosed that the families of Wilkerson and Boudin got the necessary money together to get both of them out of the country.  The money was provided to the Ambassador of Kuwait and was forwarded by the Ambassador via diplomatic pouch to either a Cuban Consulate or an anti-war group in Canada and subsequently delivered to the subjects, who according to unconfirmed reports were in Canada during this time.  Boudin and Wilkerson thereafter were harbored by a group in Cuba.

Radical individuals or groups in this country received monetary and logistical support from the CMUN.  The CMUN included a substantial number of Cuban Intelligence Officers (DGI).  Individuals in the Untied States were meeting clandestinely with these DGI officers.  New Left Leaders contacted the CMUN for the purpose of arranging guidance, assistance and refuge.

Weatherman Kalom, Hathaway, Lerner and Tanner had traveled to Cuba with the second VB in February, 1970.  The Cubans were aware that these four were the Weatherman leaders for this VB.  These leadership arrangements had been made for the trip by Mark Rudd and John Jacobs. While in Cuba, the four were notified of the townhouse explosion killing three Weatherman.  The Cubans sent these four Weatherman leaders — because they feared warrants were outstanding for them — to Prague, Czechoslovakia where they were met by a Cuban representative.  All expenses were paid by the Cuban Government. (Upon the arrival of Kalom, Hathaway, Lerner and Tanner in the United States, they established an underground foco in New York.).

The FBI report then jumps to p. 61….

Dohrn, Donghi, Jaffe, Spiegel and Klafter has been in the apartment.  The dynamite was identical in make and manufacture to the dynamite found earlier in Detroit.

On March 18, 1970 the New York FBI Office was apprised that a reporter had reportedly gone to Columbia University where he had spoke to three students who said they were members of the Weathermen.  These three Weathermen told the reporter that the WUO was going to kill the President, the Vice President, the Attorney General and Governor Rockefeller. During this same period of time, the FBI was in receipt of information that a Weatherman member had claimed that one of the next acts of the organization would be to bomb passenger airplanes.

Also in March, the Research Center of Case Western University was firebomed.  The FBI had information that Weatherman fugitive Bill Ayers made the plans for this bombing which was carried out by John Fuerst and others. (Indeed, between September, 1968 and March, 1970 approximately 110 bombings and/or arsons had been reported to the Bureau which appeared to have New Left or black extremist motivation or connotations.)

In March and April, 1970, Kathy Boudin, Judith Clark, Bernardine Bohrn, Linda Evans, John Fuerst, Leonard Handelsman, Cathy Wilkerson and others became federal fugitives based on their failure to appear for trial in connection with the charges stemming from the “Days of Rage”. Lawrence Weiss had earlier been declared a federal fugitive.

The Weathermen also continued their travel to foreign countries. Weatherman Nancy Kuschner, common-law wife of YIP leader Jerry Rubin and Judith Hemblen attended the Fifth Stockholm Conference held in Sweden in late March of 1970, where they were to confer with revolutionary leaders from North Viet Nam.  They went as representatives of YIP, the NMC, and the Chicago Conspiracy Right.  They announced their travel at a press conference called by Martin Kenner.  (During this time, an individual resembling fugitive Larry Weiss was reportedly seen in front of the apartment building in which Martin Kenner resided.) Judith …

The FBI report then jumps to p. 64, and discusses activites of the Venceremos Brigade (the “We shall conquer” Brigade)…

… oriented toward violence, and believed that VB members would likewise be more effective activists, dissidents and revolutionaries against the U.S. Government upon their return.

The FBI was also aware that the Cuban Government ran a guerrilla training school and based on available information they believed VB members would receive indoctrination in Cuba and might come to the attention of hostile intelligence services.

The Bureau also observed that the commitment on the part of the VB participants to make the trip to Cuba to aid the revolutionary struggle there, by cutting cane, at least suggested sympathy to violent Marxist/Leninist revolution and a willingness to participate in that revolution.

All Cuban officials who dealt with the VB both in Cuba and at the CMUN were members of the DGI.  The DGI considered recruitment form the VB as a primary means of collecting intelligence about the United States.  The DGI provided training in clandestine intelligence tradecraft to a few VB members, and to very limited number, training in guerrilla warfare techniques including use of arms and explosives.

VB participants have also traveled covertly to hostile communist countries including the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, North Vietnam and Eastern Europe countries and reportedly received espionage training.  VB participants have been known to act as couriers and accommodation addresses between persons in the United States and some  of the above countries.  There was reason to assume that several members from each contingent had been recruited for espionage.

The VB participants except for four Weathermen who had gone to Prague, Czechoslovakia returned from Cuba in April .  Upon their return, many expressed an interest in attending the demonstrations to be held in support of the Black Panther trial.  These demonstrations were being planned by Martin Kenner and the Committee to Defend the Panthers. (Many Weathermen in New York participated in earlier demonstrations in support of the Panther 21 trial along with Martin Kenner

The FBI report then jumps to p. 90, discussing the organization of the Weathermen….

…during an attempted armed robbery of a Catholic Church.  During the arrest, Riddel fired a sawed-off shotgun at the police officers.  Others arrested with him were armed and all were using fake identifications. Searches of two apartments were conducted as a result of the arrests during which notes on the [Weather] underground were uncovered. From this information it ws determined that the underground was divided into regions, sectors and cadres (cells) in a loosely structured system throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Key cities were considered bases and served as a center for the activities in the region.  Both short and long range goals of the bases were outlines in the notes.  The short-rang goals consisted of the formation of “rap” groups and securing hideouts for those under pressure.  The long-range goals consisted of acquiring supplies, printing facilities, locksmith and training, weapons and explosives.  Also uncovered as a list of needed items which included a typewriter and non-traceable paper for statements, a vehicle for issuing statements, breaking and entering tools, explosives, small arms and shotguns, disguises and new identifications.  In addition, written communications between members and different cities were to be coded and post office boxes used whenever possible.  Public telephones were not to be used except in emergency situations with specific arrangements pre-arranged.  Members were instructed to assume that all phones were bugged.

The FBI knew that Cuban officials provided a communications link for the Weathermen after they went underground.  The Weathermen had several Canadian telephone numbers through which they could contact on another.  If contact could not be made through these numbers, the instructions were for the caller to phone the Cuban Embassy in Canada and by use of a Weatherman code, leave his name, whom he wanted to contact and where he could be reaches. The Weatherman code as simply to use the true first name but always to use the alias Delgado for the last name.

Just from a casual reading of this extensive report some questions arise, as to the possibile motivations for Barack Hussein Obama inserting hundreds of new agents into the FBI, his investigation and denegration of the CIA, his biographies apparently written by Bill Ayers (Weatherman), and his policies which emulate Weatherman goals.

That the Weathermen were closely allied to Black radical groups, shows further, that they were open to collaborating with and recruiting Black social radicals such as those among whom Barack Obama openly professes associations during his formative years.

Finally for the readers of The Post & Email who wish to further investigate the Communist inflitration of the U.S.A, they can view online an early organizational chart, with names and photos, of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) which was the Communist seedbed for many of Obama’s associates.  Seeing that SDS comprised a membership of 400,000 at its hey day, a great number of Communists may have by now inflitrated the highest levels of State and Federal Government, Courts, and Legislatures.

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