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by John Charlton

(Sept. 26, 2009) — The Post & Email has received tonight a declassified FBI report admitted in evidence in the case brought against W. Mark Felt and Edward S. Miller by President Jimmy Carter’s U.S. Attorney General, Mr. Griffin B. Bell. This document was consigned to The Post & Email by an American citizen, who wished to remain anonymous.

Mr. W. Mark  Felt is none other than the informant who spoke with reporters from the Washington Post, exposing the Watergate Scandal:  who went by the name “Deep Throat” a fact that points to his political neutrality in American politics.

What is not know about Mr. Felt is that he was prosecuted by the Carter Administration for civil rights violations against members of the Weather Underground, the radical marxist terrorist organization founded by Bill Ayers and company.  Mr. Felt had authorized break-ins without a warrent, an act declared a violation of 4th  Amendment rights by the Supreme Court in United States v. U.S. District Court, 407 U.S. 297 (1972).  Many agents, consequently, were subsequently prosecuted.

The detailed information contained on communist activities is dumbfounding.  The report details the early connections between the Weathermen and international Marxist organizations, and shows their relationships. The report begins thus:

The FBI (aslo referred to herein as “the Bureau”) has the responsibility of uncovering and neutralizing intelligence activities of foreign countries in the United States.  In the U.S. this function is solely the responsibility of the Bureau.

Historically, the United States has been the target of subversive efforts direcetd by the international comunist movement to foment disorder and disruption in a revolutionary vein.  These efforts were channeled into this country through the activities of communist-bloc diplomatic establishmens and old-line communist groups and organizations working to advance international communist objectives. These old-line comunist groups included the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), the Progressive Labor Party (PLP), and the Socialist Worker’s Party (SWP).

The emergence of the New Left and black exremist movements in our society drastically altered the situation posed by old-line communist organizations.  They evolved mostly out of social reform movements which were transformed into hard-core revolutionary movements dedicated to the total destruction of our democratic traditions and our society.  They produced a new breed of revolutionaries whose main preoccupation with communism was that it produced men like Mao Tse-tung, Ho Chi Minh, and Che Guevarra, whom they hoped to emulate in the overthrow of system they deemed oppressive.

The FBI report then names names, and exposes key members of the Communist network in the U.S.A., who had ties to Ayers:

For example, Kathy Boudin’s father was a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and a registered Cuban agent. He was named in a prepared briefing on espinage and subversive activity given to President Eisenhower and others at a National Security Council meeting in 1956.  In 1964, Kathy Boudin was invited by the Cuban Mission to the United Nations (CMUN) to attend a Cuban July 26th celebration.  She spent her senior year of college at Moscow University, Moscow, USSR (1964-65).  Boudin went to the USSR on her own and not through any special sutent program.  While in the USSR she receieved 75 rubles per month from the Russian government as a stipend.  Her father also sent her materials on the Amreican Youth Festival which was to be held in Algeria while she was in Russia, and told her that while in Prague he was told that if she wanted to attend as an itnerpreter, it could be arranged. In the course of attempting to arrage a meeting in the United States with Kathy Boudin, a Soviet official contacter her ftaher, Leonard Boudin.  Thereafter, Kathy Boudin was observed entering the Soviety Embassy. IN 1967, she traveled back to the Soviet Union.  Kathy Boudin became a member of SDS and later became a Weatherman.

SDS is the abbreviation for Students for a Democratic Society founded in 1962, from which the Weatherman terrorist organization sprouted, and in which Bill Ayers and many associates were members.  The FBI report continues:

The April 17, 1965 demonstrations sponsored by SDS, were participated in by communist-dominated organizations including the CPUSA, the CPUSA youth group Web Dubola Club of America (DCA), and the Socialist Workers Party (SWP).  Lincoln Bergman, later to become a Weatherman, was one of the coordinators of this demonstration.  Lincoln had participated in communist organizations and activities prior to this time.

Gus Hall, General Secretary for CPUSA, claimed that CPUSA officials and members had taken part in the leadership, planning and initiation of these demonstrations and he told the CPUSA Secretariate that the peace struggle was one of the main projects of the Party and would be pushed on a full-time basis.  Communist and other subversive organizations thereafter were extremely active in demonstrations …

Here the report omits 9 pages of evidence, and continues

… a coalition of groups which would include radical SDA elements and militant black radicals.  Leibel did not want Lincoln or Arlene to join the RU.  He believed that they could more effectively operate among New Left as a “Movement” people without formal RU memberships.  It was his view that Arlene and Lincoln should use their contacts with New Left people through “The Movement”, which was run by them ad viewed as the voice of SDS, to develop information for him on potential RU recruits.  Articles in “The Movment” dealt with such topics as the German students’ struggle against imperialism, demonstrations against the draft, interviews with leaders of the Cuban Communist Party, and favorable reports of activities in the Cuban Government.  “The Movement” also distrubuted Cuban Communist propaganda received through the Communist news agengy (Prensa Latina).

Through his son and daughter-in-law, Liebel Bergman had the opportunity to meet SDS members and guide their activity. Based on the groups with which Leibel was in contact, including “JOIN”, an SDS organization, and the fact that Lincoln and Arlene worked for “The Movement”, the FBI speculated that Leibel intended to operate within the framework of already established militant leftist groups and would use Lincoln and Arlene as a means of meeting members of these organizations and guiding their activity.  The FBI proceeded to conduct its investigative activity on this premise.  Indeed, the FBI had information that throughout 1968, Arlene was in almost daily contact with her father-in-law, obviously working with him and/or accepting his counsel.

SDS was an important subject within the CPUSA in early 1968.  The Party decied to fight for CP ideology within SDS; to include articles on SDS in its publications; and to begin to put many more CP youth (cadre) directly into SDS and into the SDS national office in order to get direct access to the SDS leadership.  The ned and possibility for greater communist participation in SDS, and the possibilities for CPUSA recruitment from SDS, were emphasized.  Rennie Davis at this time associated with Don Hamerquist of the CPUSA National Committe who was working with the New Left to formulate a program for a communist movement in the US.

The FBI report then details the Communist ties of future Weathermen:

The first known trip of significance to Cuba occured in January, 1968 when Carl Davidson, Todd Gitlin, Gerry Long, Susan Sutheim and Tom Hayden traveled to Cuba to attend the International Culterual Congress (Long and Sutheim later became Weatherman). David Dellinger of the NMC also attended this conference, as did many communists and revolutionaries from around the world.  The announced purpose of this conference was to obtain unity of action in Cuban anti-imperialism fights and to spread revolution and hatred of the U.S.  The theme was the “Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism.”  At this conference delegates condemned the U.S. fr what the communists alleged was U.S. aggression, and support was pledged to North Vietanam.  The delegates also pledged to promote violence against the United States whenever it was deemed necessarsy.  The attendees also met with representatives of Red China, North Korea and North Vietnam and visited the National Liberation Front (NLF) Mission in Havana. During this three and one half week trip, Davidson finalized arrangement for a visit of twenty SDS members to travel to Cuba.

Thereafter, in February, 1968, a group of approximately twenty-two people including futuer Weatherman Mark Rudd and approximately nineteen other SDS/Weathermen members, and two Cuban Government officials with diplomatic status traveled to Cuba via Mexico City at the request of the Cuban Government, which paid all of the expenses.  On of the Cuban Government officials in the gorup was the former First Secretary at the Cuban Mission to the United Nations (CMUN) who was also a Cuban Intelligence Officer.  While in Mexico City, the group stayed at the Cuban Consulate.  Several of the SDS members had previously traveled to other foreign countries friendly to Cuba.  The group was destined to the Instituto Cubano para Amistad entre lso Pueblos (ICAO-Cuban Institute for Friendship between Peoples).  Although the ICAP operated as a cultural exchange organization on the surface, it was in fact the Cuban Governement’s School for Ideological Indoctrination and their chief instrumentality for providing training to foreign radicals in revolutionary and guerrilla tactics.  Rudd and others visited the ICAP on thsi trip.  During their four-week visit, SDS members also talked with representatives of the NLP (the politcial arm of the Viet Cong) and with individuals from North Korea.

Upon his return from Cuba, Mark Rudd was elected Chairman of the SDS Chapter at Columbia University and became a leader of violent disturbances. (It was believed by the FBI that such distrubances were planned in Cuba and that the visitors to Cuba received specific instruction from Cuban officials in regard to the demonstrations.) At Columbia Rudd led the largest student strike in the United States.  Although there had been various demonstrations in prior years, the main fearure of the Spring 1968 strike that distinguished it from earlier demonstrations was Rudd’s brand of confrontational poltiics which involved physical confrontation, including the take over of buildings and the ransacking of offices.  By the end of April , 1968, 700 to 1000 studens had taken over five university buildings and eventually had to be removed by a force of 1000 policemen.  In addition to Rudd, a number of others involved in the leadership of the Columbia strike later played prominent roles in the Weatherman.  They included Ted Gold, John Jacobs, Robert Roth, Martin Kenner and Jonah Raskin.  Rudd was later interviews about the Columbia riots by the Cuban publication, Prensa Latina.

SDS member Carl Davidson again visited Cuba in March.  He and others had a three hour discussion with Fidel Castro, and reportedly met with representatives of North Korea, North Vietnam and Commnist China.  During the militant Labor Forum, held in April, Davidson reported on his meeting with Castro, stating that Castro now belieed that a socialist revolution was possible in the U.S.

During April, SDS activist Steven Halliwell visited North Vietnam. Ken Cloke later to become a Weatherman and RU member also met with a North Vietnamese delegation during this time in Sweden.

Perhaps it  is only a coincidence, but Judge Jerome B. Simandle, before whose court the Kerchner case is languishing, also studied in Sweeden just a few years later. Sweden was notorious during the Cold War for meetings between western subversives and KGB and other commnist agents; and not a few westerners were formally recruited as KGB agents during their stay in Sweden.

The FBI report continues:

At the 1968 June SDS National Convention meeting it was decided that SDS shoudl align itself with students from other countries.  The convention adopted resolutoins of solidarity with the students of Germany and France and with the Iranian Student Association.  The resolution dealing with Iran stated in part:

“To besend by telegram to the Iranian Student Association. SDS expresses its solidarity with your continuing fight against the dictatorship wich oppresses your homeland . . . Your fight against the Shah, the fight of the Germand SDS aginst Kiesinger, of the French against deGaulle, of the Japanese against Sato — these are a few of teh curernt fronts of a single war.  WE are your allies and brothers.”

Members of the CPUSA, DCA, RLP, SWP and the SWP youth group Young Student Alliance (YSA) attended the convention.  Karen Wald also attended and was working at the SDS national office as of this time.  (She was also a mbmer of the editorial group of “The Movement”, and previously associated with the YSA.  A year earlier, Wald has traveld to Cuba.)  Bernardine Dohrn was elected Interogranizational Secretary, and stated that she considered herself a revolutionary communist.  Mike Klonsky, elected SDS National Secretary, also publically identified himself as a revolutionary communist. (Klonsky’s father was the former Organizational Secreatary of the Eastern Pennsylvania-Deleware District of the CPUSA.  His mother was also a form CPUSA member.)

At the convention, a workshop on sabotage and explosives was held. Eariler in the year, a pamphelt bearing the inscriptin “An Argument for Sabotage as the Next Logical Step Toward Obstruction and Disruption of the U.S. War Machine” was mailed from Toronto, Canada to over 300 antiwar groups throughout the U.S.  The document urged the use of incendiary devices and included detailed instruction and diagrams.  The illegal and clandestine nature of such violent activity was emphasized.  Also, it was during this convention that Naomi Jaffe, later to become a Weatherman, claimed to have shot down an American figher plane with an anti-aircraft gun and to have asistend in the capture of an American pilot during her earlier trip to Hanoi. She wore a small . . .

The Post & Email will continue its transcription of the remaining half of this important document tomorrow.

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  1. It is apparent with proof now that Organizer Obama is the fruition of 40 years of Marxist Socialist Communist infiltration into U.S. politics and the Federal gov’t. The only question remains if it will require an armed response to push them out- it well may. . . Its obvious they wom’t leave voluntarily- better to not ignore the inevitable- Free Americans will not walk away either.

  2. When Sean Hannity does man on the street interviews he often asks if they agree to “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” and most of the time the idiots on the streets agree. He even tells them that Marx said that.

  3. We released this document many months ago. It was released not through the FOIA but through a court proceeding in this case. You can find the original at http://www.usasurvival.org/docs/Declassified_docs.pdf We have many original documents on the Weather Underground.
    Mr. Charlton replies: My source consigned this document to me through a third party; therefore I had no knowledge of how it came to be in a PDF file. It seems that your electronic file is the same. I personally have never heard of your group or site before.

  4. The longstanding goal of a socialist takeover of the United States is the reason Obama has had the dedicated support of the Democratic Socialist Party and the Communist Party USA and other far-left groups.

    Here’s a taste of a call to action from the CPUSA last month (08-10-2009): “Within our country, the Obamajority is needed to take to the streets in support of health care with a public option paid for by reversing the obscene tax giveaways to the super rich during the Bush years. If health care reform fails, it will be a giant step backwards for the Obama administration and for working people, the labor movement, African American, Latino, Asian-Pacific Island communities, women and youth on every issue including the economy, peace and democracy.”

    Obama is a socialist/communist-trained revolutionary foreigner trying to impose a foreign, collectivist ideology on this country.