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by John Charlton

(Sept. 23, 2009) — Former Alaskan Governor, Mrs. Sarah Palin, who entered the national spotlight to the acclaim of social and economic conservatives in the last general election — as Senator John McCain’s VP choice — spoke today at an elite economic forum in Hong Kong, organized by international financiers connected to NWO elitists, with ties to Rothschilds.

The economic forum was organized by “CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, the regional brokerage unit of Paris-based Credit Agricole SA” (Yahoo News: Bloomberg). Jonathan Sloan, the CEO of CLSA, which appears from reports to have payed Palin handsomely for the talk, is said to have been delighted with Palin’s speech.  Slone is a member with several Rothschilds in the Clinton Global Initiative.

What most Americans don’t know is that CLSA is also a Rothschild alley or satellite.

Credit Agricole Group, the parent of Credit Agricole SA, is an international financial services conglomerate, whose past Equity Capital Markets Manager, Vincent Huber,  entered into a partnership at AMN Amro Rothschild; his second move after leaving J. P. Morgan in the USA. Furthermore, Credit Agricole Group is involved in numerous financing operations in conjunction with Rothschild’s controlled entities (see here, here, and here).

The Rothschild Family is the acclaimed Ashkenazi Family from Germany, which built an international banking/financial empire on the allegedly ill-gotten gains of the Napoleonic wars.  They are cited as having attempted numerous times to gain control of the Bank of the United States and the Federal Reserve Bank, and to be the movers and shakers behind modern Zionism and the Israel State.

George Soros, the billionaire behind Barack Hussein Obama, is also a Rothschild ally according to published reports in Europe.

For American voters who put their hopes in Palin being a likely and successful opponent of Obama in 2012, they should be aware that the same money is behind both politicians: Internationalists who want to do away with U.S. sovereignty.

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  1. If “most Americans don’t know” that Rothchild-related interests were behind the venue, it seems unfair to assume that Palin knew, especially since she is so new to the game. Nothing here anywhere near comparable to career-making Marxist connections of Obama.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the heads up.