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by John Charlton

(Sept. 19, 200) — In a stunning series of events, the Federal Court in Columbus, GA has been the target of criminals engaging in fraud and forgery, in the matter of the so-called Letter of Connie Rhodes, asking Judge Land not to accept any motions in her favor, submitted by her counsel Dr. Orly Taitz.

The Post & Email held off on this story until the letter could be authenticated or reasonably disproven as a forgery.

Now Larry Sinclair, a long time foe of Barack Obama, has outed the scam at his blog.

His simple tools of investigation:  the Internet, and picking up the phone.

What he discovered can be read at his blog in detail.  Basically, Office Max denies that the fax was ever sent from the their store, which actually does have a fax with that number.  Second, the signature on the alleged letter is not that of Captain Connie Rhodes, M.D., US Army, according to Sinclair. 

To forge a false phone number on a fax is wire fraud.  To submit a forgery to a Federal Court is a felony.  To forge such a letter and sign it is the crime of fraud in all states.  Since the letter is ostensibly defamatory, the crime of defamation also aggravates each charge.

The clerk of Judge Land’s court is going to look foolish now, esp. since the letter attributes to him giving counsel to the author of the letter.  If the author was the forger, then the clerk unwittingly allowed himself to be manipulated, at the very least; esp. since the letter has been entered into the official docket of the case.

How this letter was entered into the docket by the clerk, without the signature of a notary attesting to Rhodes’ signature, seems inexplicable.  It is a matter of court proceedure that without a notarized signature, no such letter can be accepted on face value. It also seems inexplicable that the clerk should believe a phone call from an anonymous person (presumably a woman) to be a plaintiff in such a high level case, and accept a letter from her for the docket, without verifying her identity.

The Post & Email will cover this story, in future reports, as it unfolds. It should be noted, however, that forgery implies someone else wrote and published the letter; such a forgery does not necessarily require that Rhodes did not ask this other to do this.  This latter contention has yet to be proven:  and Rhodes herself must publicly speak out to confirm this story or deny it.

UPDATE 9/22/2009:  Sinclair has tweaked his investigation’s findings:  he is indicating that a Mr. Parton, a (past?) boyfriend of Rhodes, contacted the assistant Clerk at the Federal Court and convinced the latter to allow him to submit the letter.  It seems that the court won’t accept it as authentic without a confirmation by Rhodes; and that Parton may have faxed it from Office Max. — The letter is thus proven to contain a falsehood, to wit that Rhodes herself talked with the clerk; evidently the letter’s author felt justified in assuming the persona of Rhodes, when writing the letter.  All of this puts the credibility of the Court in accepting and determining the authenticity of evidence in further doubt.


If readers of The Post & Email have any verifiable information linking Judge Clay D. Land to any politically associated group, which is “anti-birther”, please let us know.

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  1. If Judge Land accepts another false document, along with the Annenberg Foundation’s COLB (Obama was chairman for years of the Annenberg Chicago Challenge), he should be impeached.

  2. Excellent reporting all ! Whoever the perp was is going to be sorry. Playing games with a Federal Judge, not a good idea. An example needs to be made of this forger.

  3. Assuming the root of all of this hide and seek is a coverup of Obama’s ineligibility to serve as POTUS, what legal recourse is open to the American public if he is, in fact, exposed?

    If he was not duly elected, was possibly not legally sworn in, and may, in fact, not be a U.S. citizen, impeachment does not appear to be an option.

    It would appear that the US Supreme court would have jurisdiction over the violation of the constitution, but if adequate evidence is uncovered to indict him of the crime of fraud, what court would consider the case?

    And who would enforce the law? Who would arrest him? Where would he be held for trail? And where would he be in carcerated if convicted?

    And what about those who aided in the coverup? (DNC, MSM, etc.) Would they be charged? By whom? With what?

    If Obama is convicted and incarcerated or deported, would we have another election? Who would lead the country in the interim?

    Would Biden legally be VP since he would have been a part of a fraudulentl election? Who would be Commander in Chief? Would Hillary’s appointment stand? If not, who would be our representative to other countries? What about the rest of the cabinet?

    Would Bush, as a result of not having been legally replaced, but having reached the maximum number of terms of office return to the Presidency?

    What about all the executive orders and the legislation not signed by a duly elected official?

    Good grief, this is a MESS!

  4. Remember how the Supreme Court clerk – I’m sure someone remembers that fool’s name – did ALL KINDS of things to thwart Dr. Taitz’s efforts? I believe he did that in collusion with the SCROTUS (I didn’t make that hilarious term up, but “borrowed” it from someone at Citizen Wells).

    This cover-up/attempted coup is so gigantic, it’s mind-boggling! And, in the spirit of carrying Obama’s water for him and enabling this takeover of America, “Clay Feet” Land, who came across as such a lame brain in both of his filings, might just have encouraged or overlooked his clerk’s unscrupulous actions, in an attempt to discourage Orly.

    It won’t work. She is too determined to save America and its people from Marxism.