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by John Charlton

(Sept. 17, 2009) — In an utterly cynical maneuver Obama has replaced his manufacturing Czar, Van Jones, with a man just as radical.

According to Mr. Trevor Loudon, the now famous New Zealand researcher, who outed Jones, Ron Bloom was recruited, trained, promoted and advanced by the  members or affiliates of the Democratic Socialist Party of America.

Loudon’s latest report, details the history of Bloom’s connections with socialism:

— he was raised in Habonim, “a progressive Labor Zionist youth movement that emphasizes cultural Judaism, socialism and social justice”;

— after graduating from college he went to work for SEIU, the now famous service workers union, whose members have acted out against Obama opponents, like Hitler’s Brownshirts in prewar Germany;

— later, after working for unions, he even wrote an article for the Fall 2006 edition of Democratic Socialists of America’s journal the “Democratic Left.

Loudon’s report also details the views of Bloom on a variety of issues from labor to health care; and his numerous connections to other prominent Socialists in the U.S.A..


This report was followed up by another, higlighting Loudon’s research: Socialists Proliferate in Obama Administration

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  1. Face it, folks, this formerly great, freedom-loving Christian nation has been duped into electing a socialist/communist pseudo-president, and he is doing his best to put his kind of people in charge of us and to centralize power in his own deceitful hands.

    Obama is an illegal Commander-in-Chief, who was born with foreign allegiance and was subject to foreign influence and associations and anti-American radical ideology throughout his life. He played Black Privilege for all it was worth, and even now anyone who resists his collectivist program is threatened with the “racist” label.

    The BOGUS POTUS must be removed before he removes our identity as a free people.

  2. Does Glenn Beck know this? Please so inform him.

    Mr. Charlton replies: Its for the readers of The Post & Email to advocate the issues that they believe in: as a news site, its the Post & Email’s duty to get the news out.