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News summary by John Charlton

(Sept. 12, 2009) — In the greatest demonstration of the American Patriotic Spirit, more than 1.8 million citizens stormed Washington, D. C., this morning, and marched down Pennsylvania Avenue, for a rally on the West side of the U.S. Capital building.

Young, old, taxpayers, veterans, children, men and women, voters of all political persuasions, flooded the streets in a seemingly endless river of American humanity.

Flicker DC Teaparty

Carrying a variety of patriotic, colonial, and state flags, hand held signs, homemade placards, bed-sheets turned into banners, the peacefully displayed what makes this nation great, its resiliency in the face of threats to the National Well-being.

Such were the crowds, that at noon it was reported that more than 80 bus-loads of patriots still were attempting to enter the Capitol, as expressways and roads leading into the city, were jammed with traffic.

In his closing speech at the Rally, Robert Levy, of the Cato Institute, echoed the sentiments of many, when he said, “It is time to restore Constitutional Government!”

This public manifestation is a veritable American People’s Revolution, aimed at the outrageous policies being implemented by the Democratic super-majority, lead by Barack Hussein Obama, who to this day has never proven his eligibility to hold the office of the U.S. Presidency.

The D.C. Tea Party of 2009 is clearly a thunderous political stroke against the Obama regime, and for American liberty.


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