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Reported in person by Vivian Rixen

Dr. Orly Taitz, esq.
Dr. Orly Taitz, esq.

(Sept. 8, 2009:  Santa Ana, California) — In a case watched intensely throughout America, Federal District Judge David. O. Carter, of the Southern Division, held a Motion hearing for the case Pamela Barnett, et al., vs. Barack H. Obama, et al., pleaded by Attorney Orly Taitz, esq., and the U.S. Attorney General, CA District, respectively.

The hearing finally took place about 11 A.M., local time, due to a change in rooms, ordered by Judge Carter to accomodate the large numbers of visitors.

Carter appears to want the case to ‘play out’.  He said that the American people are surrounded by rumors of their President and should not have to live with this… Additionally, the military who are risking their lives deserve to know they have a legitimate Commander-In-Chief. Carter repeated this about 3 times during the circa 60 minute hearing.

Judge Carter also went on to say that this case should not be dragged out for months or years and people deserve to know, to which the audience responded with rounds of applause.

Dr. Taitz attempted to have Lucas Daniel Smith heard by the judge, and have his testimony on record.  Dr. Taitz flew him out for the hearing, and told the court that he was receiving death threats.  In addition she mentioned to the court that another person with information about the case was found dead.  Judge Carter, however, who wanted to follow proper procedures recommended his deposition be taken this week instead.

To this the U.S. Attorneys objected.   To which Judge Carter responded, saying, “Why would you have a problem with his deposition taken while he’s in town, I would think you would like to know where you stand on this, to know what your dealing with…!” (Carter said this about 3 times to the Gov attorneys).

The Government Attorneys, from Los Angeles, had no real excuse for not wanting to take his deposition, they simply did not want to take the deposition of the guy who submitted the Kenya BC !

Dr. Taitz insisted on a prompt deposition, out of fear for the life of Mr. Smith. Members of the audience, later speculated, that it appeared the U.S. Attorneys wanted as much time as necessary for those who would want to harm Mr. Smith.

Then Judge Carter mentioned he had a mafia drug trial in December and wanted to get the Obama case over quickly as the America people and military deserve an answer!  So he scheduled a January-February pre-trial?

Taitz’s supporters showed surprise and gratitude when they heard Carter schedule the trial for January.  Contrariwise, the Gov. attorneys were almost speechless.  And then voiced an objection to the date of the trial, to which Judge Carter responded:  “I can be here at 7 AM or have court at 6 PM or 7 PM; I will make myself available ‘at any hour of the day’ and read motions on the weekends, I have no problem with that.”

The Government attorneys had filed a Motion to Dismiss, based on rule 12B, on Friday, September 4th.  During the hearing, today, the US Attorneys attempted to present the Motion for hearing; but the judge refused, saying that they had to observe proper procedures, and file it downstairs (in the Federal Court House), for it to be be logged in, so as for it to be forwarded to him upstairs in the proper manner.

Judge Carter showed noticeable annoyance at the US Attorneys for filing a Motion to Dismiss in such proximity to this hearing; and ruled that this Motion would be heard on Oct 5th.. However, Carter said that 12B Motions for Dismissal are not always effected, and that he did not expect that such a motion would result in dismissal of this case, though he would follow proper procedure and hear it.

Judge Carter also asked Dr. Taitz to reduce the number of individuals cited as defendants; and seemingly indicated to Taitz that Barack Hussein Obama would be sufficient.

No parties for defense were there.  Cameras were not allowed in the Court Room.

It remains to be seen, with the fairness of Judge Carter so evident, whether the US Attorneys will move for a change of venue, to get the case put in the hands of a Judge more amenable to the Obama Administration.

As one American citizen in the audience later remarked:  “Carter has given me and probably millions of us little American’s a restored faith in America and our Justice System/Judges.”


John Charlton assisted in the write up of this report.

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  1. If I was on top the world like BO is I would just sit back at my desk and relax because I have nothing to hide. I would just light a big cigar ,prop my feet up on desk and whip out that Hawaii Birth Certificate and show all those stupid Republicans and “Birthers” how dumb they look!
    BUT HE DOESN’T ! So I certainly hope the good Judge reads this and uses it to rule…… “Silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to speak or where an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading.” United States v Prudder, 424 F. 2d 1021(5thCir. 1970),cert. denied, 400 U.S. 831 (1970)

  2. It is incredible that a person can achieve a seat in the US Senate without establishing his identity with these documents; let alone the presidency.
    I can’t even get a driver’s license without them! (without resorting ti illegal measures)

  3. Finally, a fair judge who will HEAR the case which will be heard around the world. I was in the courtroom with the monitor as the court needed to move to a larger room because of the size of the overflow audience. The above report is accurate. Judge Carter, I believe, will bring justice in the decision.

    Perhaps it will be revealed in this case that we have been suffering under the first person ever to be “acting” as our president who may be someone like a Trojan horse who got in by pretending to be an American citizen, but who may actually be a well- trained Muslim socialist, communist plant who knows the plans & stragedy of long standing terrorists, but does not know our US Constitution nor love this country. And, it may take yet another lawsuit to determine and explore whether or not many other high ranking people were parties to the deception.

    One who spent his childhood school years in Indonesia under the teaching of the Koran would be very different from one who grew up in America. As the twig is bent, so the tree inclines.